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Alyssa took a deep breath and then moved on.


Then, the cosmos colony she encountered was much more beautiful than she thought.

The sunlight poured into the excited Alyssas dilated pupils.

Even the pretty stalks of cosmos and the bright flowers that bloom at the end seemed to be dancing in the sky.

It made Alyssas heart flutter once again.


The flowers seemed to wave at Alyssa.

‘Hello, hello, nice to meet you.

For the first time, she found something that welcomes her in this mansion.

No, she doesnt know what the flowers are whispering to Alyssa.

But because they were silent, Alyssa was relieved.

Alyssa stretched out her hand, biting her lips tightly.

The soft petals were touched.

It was rewarding to come this far.

If she can see this landscape forever, maybe life here is not so hell-like.

Wherever she goes, shell be better than the royal family.

Alyssa stayed there for a while.


Seidrick stopped by the gardeners house, put down his equipment, and returned to the mansion with a basket full of fruit.

Ophelia, who was waiting for him, leaned her chin against the railing and ran down.



Seidrick took Ophelia in one arm and hugged her, but soon she fell off with a frown.

“Oh, smelly.

Have you been landscaping again”


Leons, here.”

Seidrick pushed Ophelia out and handed the basket to Leons.

Ophelia pouted her lips and wandered around him.

“There are a lot of fruits.

Youve been in the garden all day.”

“Even if Cambridge fell, I will still be able to eat and live as a gardener.”

Seidrick laughed a little and took off his dirty boots and pushed it to the side.

Only after changing to the shoes brought by the attendants, did he straighten his back.

“Take care of my mother and…”

Seidrick blinked.

“Take care of Princess Alyssa too.”

Ophelia, who was struck by Seidricks words, raised her head.

“What, brother! Why give me that girl Dont give me anything, Leons, Im gonna get mad!”


Seidrick sternly told Ophelia.

“Why Princess Alyssa has Averys blood.

Why should I be nice to her Theyre the ones who killed our eldest brother!”

“Shh, Ophelia.

Protect the princess image.”


“Come on.”

Seidrick sighed and gestured to Leons.

After lowering his head, he picked up the basket and saw Leons moving away.

He grabbed his sisters wrist and stepped forward.

Ophelia had to be warned before anything big happens.

If the noble princess cannot overcome the persecution she received from Ophelia and go to the royal family, this is trouble.

“Oh, brother.

It smells from you!”

“Okay, okay.”

Seidrick, who returned to the bedroom with his grim sister, let her go.

“Why do you do that.”

Ophelia sticks out her lips

He flopped down on the chair.

“Dont do that to Princess Alyssa.”

Seidrick groaned, loosening the button on his shirt.

“Why Do you like Princess Alyssa No way, brother you…”


Going so far again.

Thats your problem.

Why dont you listen till the end of the story.”

Ophelia frowned at Seidrick.

Unlike Kendrick, who has always said that everything she does is pretty.

She knew that all of his words were correct, but it was annoying.

Ophelia turned her head around.

“Listen up, Ophelia.”

Seidrick clicked his tongue and said.

“Dont you want to see Kendrick again”


Ophelia turned her head with trembling eyes.

She was sensitive and picky, but she wasnt a bad kid by nature.

Its actually simpler than thought.

Thats why Seidricks chosen shock therapy seemed to work.

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“Wh, why cant I see Kendrick Because my brother married the princess… Cant I see him if I go with my brother”

“Do you think its that easy We hated the royal family.

The royal family always had the power to block us from entering.

But what if you behave like that to Princess Alyssa”

Ophelias lips trembled.

As if tears were pouring out soon, water droplets formed in the big eyes.

“Well, no way… Are you saying Alyssa wont let us go You cant even see your dead brother, Kendrick How much more will the royal family be cruel to us…!!! Ugh….”

“Ophelia, dont cry.”


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