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The maid working at that time who referred to Alyssa’s words and visited her was Lira.

“I’m going to bury my bones in this mansion.”

The maid smiled a little.

Not only Lira, but the number of people who wanted to do so was increasing.

The more Alyssa gave, the more respect for her grew, which led to her loyalty in Cambridge.

The maid chief once again reflected on herself in the past, who hated Alyssa.

‘By the way.’

Alyssa said she wanted to prepare Kendrick’s death anniversary food herself.

She had to have a deep conversation with the chef about it.

She needed to help her with care so that the Madam never noticed.

So that she can be satisfied.

“I think it worked out well, right”

“Of course, madam.”

Sasha nodded her head.

Alyssa writes down the details in her journal and raises her body.

It must have been uncomfortable because she sat there listening to Lira’s story for a long time.

Alyssa’s world was wide.

She had no unread books thanks to the queen’s obsessive education, and Alyssa learned a lot from the papers.

For her, such a thing belonged to nothing.

Alyssa’s way of thinking that there are people on the road has been slowly accumulated over the past 20 years.

As long as money can save people.

Alyssa opened her desk drawer.

It was a manuscript today.

Every day, she strained her chest and was writing the manuscript without the knowledge of others.

Alyssa had to write exactly what she wanted to convey so that the readers could understand the meaning of it.

This is just beginning to recognize the necessity of the royal family, so she still has a long way to go.

It will still take a long time to gather their will, rebel against the royal family, and unite with the temple.

‘Someone is going to have to come forward first…’

Alyssa sighed a long sigh.

Who could play that role… If Alyssa came out, it was evident that the people wouldn’t follow, calling it deceitful.

They’ll be pointing fingers at her, saying there must be something else behind her.

It was even more so because of her surname, Avery.

“…Shall I send the manuscript”

Sasha knew that Alyssa was doing something through writing, even though she wasn’t sure exactly what she was thinking.


Alyssa handed out the manuscript.

The heavy manuscript left her hand.

Alyssa couldn’t take her gaze away from Sasha’s for a long time.

Hopefully, at the end of this novel, Alyssa will be able to achieve what she wants.


As they are watching the royal family, reports come to Seidrick whenever they move.

Even the most minor things like Cruno went hunting to the royal hunting ground, and Norfe had a conversation with the queen.

What does this mean with Gerald

Don’t they know how much pain Kendrick’s death brought to Cambridge Or maybe the royals are crazy.


“Why, what’s wrong”

“It’s regrettable that this royal family governs our country.”


First of all, I will keep an eye on the movement of the royal family.

By the way, what is the reason for the king to pour his money on heresy faith”

Seidrick pulled his lips up bitterly.

“The king is afraid of dying.

It is said that that faith can enable believers to have eternal life.

That is why the number of temples is increasing.

Because he doesn’t want to die.”


“Apparently, if you build more than a few temples, God will finally look down on you, so you don’t die.”

“Well, are you saying he believes in it”

Seidrick nodded his head.

He was sure of this.

Whoever has spoken with the king will know.

The reason the king is crazy about faith.

He used a strangely brainwashed tone and often tried to attract nobles to the religion.

‘You know that the death of others on such a subject is ridiculous.’

That’s why the king doesn’t have many regrets with his children.

He believes that he will live eternal life.


Really… They’re crazy.”

Then Pauline closed her mouth and looked around.

It was royal blasphemy if anyone else listened to it.


No one is sane.”

“But why are they all still standing”

“Because that madman is the king of this country.”


Pauline agreed.

She added that there was no answer.

The queen’s telegram flew into Gerald County.

After Kendrick’s incident, Dania was the first to check the queen’s telegram in the quiet mansion.

“Are they crazy”

Dania rubbed her lips.

Of course, it is Alyssa that she hates most.

And she hated her even more that she was part of the freaking royal family.

It was not enough to take away her beloved Kendrick, and they drove him to death.

But now, a telegram was sent blaming her, blaming all of it on Alyssa.

Besides, the queen was snugly putting the fault on Cambridge.

They did all this because they were blinded by greed.

So she was saying that Gerald and the royal family should join forces and bring Cambridge down.


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