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“Mother, the royal family must be crazy!”

Dania exclaimed hysterically.

She had vowed not to turn her head toward the royal family.

However, the queen sent this blatantly well-thought-out letter to her.

“Why is there a royal family!”

A flame rose in Dania’s eyes.

Even in history and in its numerous liberal arts books.

There was no book written about royal behavior as it is now.

Everyone has described that the royal family exists for and by the people.

So, is there a saying that books are of no use

Dania’s thoughts were revolving around Alyssa.

“Mother, I…”

“But you can’t completely go against the will of the royal family, Dania.

Even if the royal family is not functioning properly as you say, they are still alive and can do many harm to us.”

“Even countries without a royal family can exist.”


She bit her lips firmly at the voice of the stern countess.

However, she wouldn’t have known it if she hadn’t encountered the Clemore novels already serialized in Dandelion.

The novel, written by an anonymous author, seemed to deal with Clemore’s free love, accusing reality and suggesting a way to go forward.

She doesn’t know who the anonymous author is, but they must have been a great person.

Those whose thoughts were awake were already in motion.

That was the point of the novel.

That she is talking about what she has never thought of as “possible.”

That alone was worth the novel.

And obviously, others think the same thing besides Dania.

“…First of all, I will have no choice but to accept the request of the royal family.

Prince Cruno’s marriage is coming soon, and… Huh, Dania.”

“Yes, mother.”

“When the royal family disappears, the status system will be shaken.

Can you give up what you have enjoyed so far”

Dania paused to the Countess’ question, but she nodded steadfastly.

As she saw her daughter, Countess Gerald swallowed her sigh.

Her head was dazzling for fear of the upcoming upheaval.

“Shall we talk about this later I have to go to the royal family right now for the job.”

With an unpleasant face, Dania nodded her head.

She can’t help it right now.

* * *

Meanwhile, the cruel slaughter was in full swing on the royal hunting grounds.

It is to drive and kill deer or animals that are easy to hunt in the hunting ground.

Cruno wiped the hot blood from his cheeks with the back of his hand.


Cruno, who cut the deer with strength, rose from the ground.

The dead deer’s eyes reminded him of something.

Those who knelt in front of Cruno’s authority obediently looked like that.

At first, those talking with open mouths about unfairness would also shut their mouths in front of the royal authority, except for one person.

Kendrick Cambridge.

It was possible to guess why the king was so anxious to devour Cambridge.

Those eyes.

Kendrick was killed for revealing what he shouldn’t, and Cambridge was shaking every day.

Seidrick, who is now in charge of Cambridge, also used to look similar to Kendrick.

‘Foolish thing.’

Cruno frowned.

He dreamed that someday Seidrick’s eyes would die like this deer’s.

He felt like he could do anything for that day.

One of the nobles who helped him and participated in the hunt approached Cruno, who smiled grimly.

“You’ve caught the largest stag.”

“Tomorrow, I’m thinking of bringing in Cambridge’s Duke Seidrick and hunting together.”

“Is he in the capital”

“That’s right.

I’m curious about the hunting skills of my sister Alyssa’s husband.”


In fact, he can’t even remember Alyssa’s face.

Except for the fact that she just resembled her mother.

However, Cruno was ready to pull out Kendrick’s death if necessary.

“It’s not bad.”

This is Seidrick, who has never participated in hunting before.

He was curious about how Seidrick would react to this invitation.

Since the moment he heard reports that Seidrick would stay in the capital for a while, he has been dreaming of it.

As long as Alyssa and Cruno’s veins are mixed, Seidrick will not be able to reject his offer.

Not long after they were married, Cambridge made Norfe miserable and separated the king and the queen.

He wondered what kind of face he would be facing.

Of course, even if Alyssa was deeply involved in all of the affairs, what sort of influence might she have had

It’s probably Seidrick’s doing.

Cruno rubbed his chin.

The day won’t be too long to make Cambridge look like a dead stag.

The throne is just around the corner.


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