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Alyssa drank the fine red liquid that was filling the glass.

The scent of sweet and sour fruit has a scent of alcohol wrapped in it.

You get drunk on the scent and get drunk on the alcohol, so that’s why you drink.

Mona held back Alyssa from filling the empty cup by herself.

“I’ll pour it for you.”

“Friends are really good…”

Alyssa clattered her lips and emptied the cup one after another.

Seidrick, who was watching her all the time, muttered.


Wasn’t I your first friend”

It was a very dissatisfied tone.

However, Alyssa, who had a lot of alcohol, did not notice.

She said, blinking her eyes.

“Of course, Sid is my first friend.

Sid… When I first came here, I was really, really lonely… The cosmos bloomed beautifully, and there was no one to watch it with…”

And how was it again Alyssa pinched her fingers one by one into her drunken face.

“But then Sid appeared with a dreamy look.

At that time, I thought Sid was a gift from heaven to me.

He appeared when I was very lonely… That’s why I was very embarrassed, but you suddenly started talking to me.”

It was a story from a different perspective than Seidrick remembers.

Alyssa of that day was dazzling from her eyes, but it seems that her insides were strewn with tension.

She was drunk, and she smiled beautifully as she laid out her heart.

“But Sid said he is going to be my friend too.

Whenever it was really hard, Sid was in the garden.”

Seidrick silently listened to Alyssa’s story.

When he returned to the mansion, he would put his feet in the garden first.

While he was away from the estate, he used to worry about Alyssa dying alone.

That was his true intention.

When Ophelia asked about the garden,

‘Alyssa comes to the garden often.’

‘I know.

That’s why I don’t go if I can… Then did you also see Alyssa’

‘I did.’

‘Alyssa behaves like she’s never seen Seidrick.’

‘Because I hid my identity.

I introduced myself as a gardener named Sid.’

‘Is she fooled by that’


‘Oh my gosh.

Since Alyssa is kind… I can’t let her go anywhere in the future alone.

This, this… She’ll even fall for a con man outside.’

Ophelia’s voice rattled, ringing his ears.

She is the younger sister who, for some reason, came to the garden where Seidrick was alone.

This was the first time since Kendrick died…

It seemed like she didn’t even care that she was talking about Alyssa with Seidrick.

‘How long are you going to lie’

‘…Until I’m okay, and Alyssa’s okay.’

‘When the hell is it’

‘Not now.

Alyssa seems desperate for a friend named Sid.’


‘Because if I just leave it, she will dry up like an old tree.’

Ophelia, after thinking about it for a while, promised to join Seidrick’s doing.

Rather, she often helped.

She coordinated the time Alyssa and Seidrick went to the garden.

She had even told Alyssa that they had a gardener named Sid.

Seidrick stared at Alyssa with his sunken eyes.

Her face, covered with bright platinum hair, was pensive even when she was smiling.

Does Alyssa know how to just laugh happily Why is her life so tough

Alyssa laughed.

“It was really, really fortunate… because Sid is like magic…”

Then Alyssa, who was sipping her liquor, hit her head on the table.

If it weren’t for Seidrick, who quickly reached out his hand and caught her, she might have had a pretty painful bruise.

“Oh… she fell asleep.”

“Mona, Gilbert, I think we should call it a day.”

Seidrick said after confirming that Alyssa was completely asleep.

“Yes, sir.

You have to go back.

By the way, madam…”

“I’ll carry her.”

Mona helped Seidrick carry Alyssa.

After a brief greeting, he turned to the mansion.

Mona looked at him until his back disappeared, and she said in an anxious voice.

“Would they both be okay”


They are strong people.”

“But, their wounds are deep.

I can’t even dare to comfort her.”

“…I hope that time will fix it.”

Still, it would be okay to see her leaning on Seidrick’s sturdy back.

Alyssa’s small body was wholly immersed in the darkness.

“I wish her a good night’s sleep today.

God can be careless too.”

Gilbert hugged Mona’s shoulder with a bitter smile.

“I don’t know what the high-ranking people are thinking, but… The royal family seems to be people who don’t really want to share with each other.

Don’t you think so”


When I see her, I feel like that.”

“Hoo… I don’t know what the royal family is doing.

Let’s go in first.”

The two also went away.

Only the sound of the wind remained in the empty garden.


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