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Seidrick, who could not overcome Cruno’s obsession, eventually got on the carriage.

Initially, an appointment had been made between the sailboat designer with the largest business in the kingdom, which Pauline had to entrust.

Avery people are like this.

They believe that anything they want and force will come true.

Norfe and Cruno sometimes visit the mansion and make a fuss.

There was no difference.

Seidrick, who crushed the swear words with his teeth, sighed and pressed the hat he used to hunt.

His small face was shrouded in the shade of his hat, giving off a gloomy atmosphere.

“Be careful, sir.”

“You too.”

“Well… I just need to sit in front of the table and coordinate and write a report.

No one can guarantee what the crown prince will do.

You should take two more plain-clothed knights…”


Three is enough.”

Seidrick grinned reluctantly.

Then he quickly got off the stopped wagon.

Plain-clothed knights followed him, dragging Seidrick’s orders.


Oh, he’s really disillusioned.

Pauline sighed and knocked on the wall leading to the coachman.

Seidrick is Seidrick, but she also had to go quickly to the place of her appointment.

It was necessary to arrive earlier than others and understand the situation.

She can’t believe Seidrick’s missing such an essential appointment.

‘That damn prince…’

Pauline, trying to chew swear words, shut her mouth.

Oops, working with Seidrick has led to swearing and awkwardness.

Pauline scratched his cheek and opened the magazine she brought between the documents.

Today was the day the Clemore story was published.

As a passionate subscriber who subscribes every day, it was an episode that was essential.

Clemore was a fascinating and capable woman.

She seeks to remain single and sprinkles scandals with countless men.

However, Clemore’s roots were much more profound and twisted.

It was because she was hiding her identity as the last princess of the fallen royal family.

Clemore was drawing a new political system with her gaze after the royal family collapsed.

That twisting gap added flavor to the novel.

“Ah… what can’t our writer do…”

Pauline’s cheek rose brightly.

Alyssa had the courage to confront the royal family with her beautiful face and the warm heart that took care of the people below her.

Is that all that She writes well in novels.

Pauline devoted herself to reading the novel.

Like all those who follow the writer Criminal and move along the magazines like migratory birds.

Pauline read the novel published today twice and then hugged the magazine.


She was delighted.

She’s living close to a writer who writes such a novel.

It was one of the best things, but it was a great pity not to be able to boast even if she had a mouth.

* * *


Alyssa dropped her spoon.

Without even having a single drink of the soup Sasha prepared that was said to be good to relieve hangovers.

“What Where did Lord Seidrick go”

“Prince Cruno called, and he went to the hunting ground.

It’s a royal hunting ground.”

Alyssa grabbed her quilt with a restless face.

During her fluttering dreams, she had a hangover and started in the morning later than usual.

She couldn’t stop him.

The royal hunting ground was used only by Cruno.

There, Cruno was like a bit of a tyrant, and there was nothing he couldn’t do.

It was heard that Cruno dragged a person he didn’t like to the hunting ground and killed him cruelly.

She clearly remembered what the queen had done to dismiss the rumors.

She had to set off three infidelity scandals that the royal family had been aware of.

The queen often used that way to dig up the privacy of other people for her royal image.

Thanks to this, the case was buried, but Alyssa was convinced that Cruno had killed the man.

Otherwise, the queen wouldn’t have gone so far.

Alyssa woke up with an anxious face.

She should meet Juliana and Ophelia right away to discuss this.


Sasha followed Alyssa and put a gown on her shoulder.

Although she did not even know her husband’s face, she could not let him die in vain.

Also, he shouldn’t.

Sasha also ran after Alyssa, who was running away.

“Madam! Please don’t run!”

She cried desperately, but she seemed inaudible to Alyssa.

Alyssa, who stumbled as she was going to fall, was cleared the way by the employees.

The door of Juliana’s parlor opened in the distance as if she could hear Sasha’s voice.

“Oh! Alyssa!”

Maybe she was with Juliana; Ophelia embraced Alyssa with a surprised face.

“Oh my gosh.

What’s wrong”

“…Lord, Lord Seidrick is in danger.”

Alyssa grabbed Ophelia’s arm with her trembling hand.


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