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Chapter 22 (Now it’s Asrazan turn)

Asrazan’s upper body curse purging hasn’t been completed yet, it seems he doesn’t want to go somewhere for a swim.

The same was true of hot springs, the sea, festivals, and night markets.

Not only is it unreasonable to go now, and he is reluctant to go to places where there are many people, so there is no way he would like it.

So what can we do today Lariette groaned and searched the list more diligently.

And soon she found one useful thing and lifted her head.

“How about cooking together I wanted to try this with my lover!”

Cooking with your lover! It was something I had to do before I died.

Just imagining Asrazan’s appearance with an apron was so cute and sexy.


“Yes! You don’t like it Huh”

Lariette poked her face in front of him as if to show her cuteness.

Embarrassed by this, Asrazan blushed and unknowingly blocked her approach with his hand.

As a large hand covered her face, Lariette gave a force to her head as if dissatisfied.

But no matter how hard he pushed, his hand didn’t move.

‘Uh-huh, are you going to stop me by force’

Lariette snorted with excitement at his movements.

Then, she frantically touched his palm and kissed him.


“So you don’t like it”

Asrazan hurriedly took off his hand, turning his face red.

The palms were as hot as a fire.

Lariette laughed brazenly and urged his answer.

And, of course, there was only one answer he could give.

“No, that’s fine.”

* * *

Halstein completed all the preparations in a short time like a capable butler.

When Lariette and Asrazan entered the kitchen, the appearance of ‘perfect kitchen for sweet cooking time for lovers’ was already completed.

“The pancake ingredients are ready! Shall we do this”


Seeing the materials and tools prepared so perfectly, Asrazan briefly exclaimed in admiration for Halstein in his heart.

He said, ‘Master! The reward is heirs!’ seemed to be glaring in his eyes.

“Asrazan, wearing this first!”

Twinkling eyes fell on Asrazan.

Lariette was handing an apron to Asrazan.

The design was too cute for Asrazan to wear.

There was a lot of white lace, and a cute ribbon was also decorated in the center.

“… I don’t think it’s my size.”

Asrazan quickly leaned back.

I got goosebumps on my back when I imagined him wearing that apron.

Never, I don’t want to wear it no matter what.

He thought firmly.

“Still, I think it’ll be cute….”

Lariette muttered in a voice that was full of regret.

A handsome man with big muscles wearing a cute little apron.

Isn’t it so good

I thought it would be more perfect if he wore an apron without a shirt.

However, she did not recommend it further because she herself recognized that this was a very insidious idea.

I vowed to make him wear it someday when the relationship deepens.

Lariette also had such a cute design as a specification.

In the end, the apron was moved into a corner without being worn by anyone.

Soon the cooking time began.

Lariette began to stir the ingredients such as flour, milk, and eggs, which had already been measured, in a large bowl.

It was stiffer than I expected, so it put a lot of force on my arms.

“Asrazan, stir this up.

My arm hurts.”

“Yes, I understand.”

Asrazan smiled softly at the cute look with her eyebrows drooping down and asking for it.

In fact, it was a dough that stirred so easily when he tried it.

On the other hand, Asrazan was replaying the scene where Lariette kissed his hand earlier in his head.

It was just a few hours ago that he decided to go at a slow pace, but the stimulation was so intense.

He had already noticed Lariette’s temper, who only went forward without hesitation, so he thought that he had to convince her somehow.

However, it was too embarrassing to say directly, ‘I’m afraid you’ll get tired of me, so please do it slowly’.

And, my pride was hurt to say, ‘My body is ugly and terrible, so I’m afraid to even touch you’.

Asrazan was stirring the pancake batter vigorously and glanced at Lariette.

The Duke of Kandel is noticing his lover because he is embarrassed to ask for a slow pace.

It was something no one would believe.



“I have a favor to ask.”

Asrazan swallowed dry saliva and hesitated to speak for a moment.

It was because he was even more embarrassed when he remembered the figure of himself who said that he would not be able to bear it if she stimulated him more in the future.

He picked his words slowly to convey, at least indirectly, his intentions.

“We are a little… How about taking it slow”


Are you talking about cooking Lariette tilted her head.

Asrazan was embarrassed to put words such as touch, contact, and intensity in his mouth, so he licked his lips for a moment.

And then he found another word.

“I mean progress.”

And, unless you read his thoughts, it was impossible to understand immediately.

Asrazan, who is a beginner in dating, misunderstood that words like this would be understandable enough.

Lariette looked at his serious eyes and shook her head to interpret the meaning of the words.

Then she nodded as if zhe knew immediately.

“Yes! We can take it slow.”

“Thank you for your understanding.”

“What, with something like this.”

Lariette lightly tapped Asrazan’s shoulder and smiled.

Asrazan was also relieved and smiled face to face.

‘This is my first time cooking, so I’m going to start slowly, right’

However, contrary to expectations, it was completely misunderstood.

It was in the middle of cooking, so it was not unreasonable to misunderstand.

She smiled mischievously, not even imagining that the progress would tell the progress of the skinship.

Soon, Asrazan began to focus on cooking again.

On the table was a pancake recipe that Halstein had just prepared.

“Would you like to try it yourself”

“Yes, I’ll do it first!”

Lariette put the dough on the heated pan with a grim face.

A fragrant smell began to come out with a chirping sound.

There was no problem as far as putting the dough on it.

I put it on too big though.

However, I was not confident in turning over.

There was another thing I saw somewhere, so I wanted to turn the pancakes over with a hand technique rather than a flipper.

Lariette raised the frying pan without hesitation, believing that it would not be too difficult.


And the pancakes left her like that.

Soaring into the sky, towards the floor.

Lariette opened her mouth wide as she watched the afterimage of the pancakes passing by her.

I couldn’t show a pathetic image like this in front of him.

She snapped her fingers faster than any other moment in her life.

At that moment, a gentle breeze blew between Asrazan and Lariette.

It gently wrapped a pancake that was cooked on one side only and then landed it on the frying pan.


The sound of the other half being cooked resounded through the silence.

It was just a magic trick to keep the pancakes from dropping.


Lariette was embarrassed, but she said with an exaggerated smile, pretending to be okay.

In the end, Asrazan could not stand it and burst into laughter.


It was an uncharacteristically cheerful smile with only a blunt expression.

Laliette stuck out his lips and grumbled,

“Now Asrahan should do it.”

And Asrazan, who must have been cooking for the first time, baked pancakes so perfectly.

Lariette slipped his hip to the Irish table, feeling deprived.

Then, I was quite at eye level with Asrazan.

She looked around slowly, very satisfied.

Asrazan laughed at him, so he himself found something to make fun of her.

Maple syrup, chocolate sauce, and whipped cream to put on top of the pancake caught my eye.

The fruits were also very varied.

“As, maple syrup or whipped cream, which one do you like better Or chocolate”

“If I had to choose… Chocolate would be better.”

“Then ah- I do!”

Lariette smiled softly and dipped a strawberry into the chocolate sauce and brought it close to his mouth.

Asrazan looked at her with a very bewildered face.

He looked like he didn’t know whether to open his mouth or not.

Lariette poked his lips with a strawberry as if chasing him.

The thick chocolate sauce stuck to the red lips.

In the end, Asrazan meekly opened his mouth and ate the strawberry.

The bittersweet chocolate and the sweet and sour strawberry pulp harmonized in his mouth.

“Oh, it’s on my lips.”

At Lariette’s point, Asrazan raised his hand and tried to wipe the dirt off.

But Lariette quickly grabbed her hand and stopped him from moving.

At that, Asrazan looked at her with skeptical eyes, and Lariette smiled softly and slowly approached him.

“Originally, this kind of thing is cleaned by a lover.”

After Lariette finished speaking, she moved her body without hesitation.

Her arms grabbed the back of his neck and pulled him closer to her, and her face moved closer.

A little closer.

Along with the unfamiliar sound, a moist touch touched Asrazan’s lips.

Lariette licked the chocolate off his lips.


Asrazan’s heart pounded as if it had been hit with a bat.

He looked at her sitting at the table with his pupils shaking in disbelief.

I wanted to believe that what I had seen and heard was an illusion.

She agreed to skinship a little while ago, and there was no way she could have done such a shameful thing like this.

To make matters worse, Lariette brutally dipped her finger into chocolate and rubbed it over her lips.

Sticky chocolate smeared on her lips.

“Come on, now it’s Asrazan’s turn.”

Lariette smiled cruelly as she messed up her pink hair. 



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