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Chapter 15: Are You Going to Die

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“What do you want to eat Sweet and sour pork tenderloin Would you like that”

Upon hearing Song Cis voice, Song Yujin snapped out of his thoughts and nodded.

“Egg yolk baked pumpkin”

Song Yujin nodded again.

“Pineapple and pork chops”

Song Yujin still nodded.

Song Ci closed the menu and laughed.

“Usually, you have a straight face like an adult. Now, youre a little cutie.”

Song Yujin turned his head and looked out the window. He did not want to say anything and could only sigh. Song Ci had really changed. Many possibilities went through his mind. In the end, he raised his head and asked Song Ci in a serious tone, “Are you dying”

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What How could a beautiful young lady like her be dying

Even though Song Yujin did not like Song Ci, she was still his guardian. He would not know what to do if Song Ci just suddenly died.

A child could not grow up alone. He would be sent to an orphanage or worse, kidnapped. Therefore, he needed Song Ci until he became an adult.


“Why did you ask that”

Song Ci felt a chill in her heart. Was the male lead going to kill her now

“Mom died from an illness. You are her daughter so you might also be sick. Are you going to die”

Song Ci gripped her chest and thought about the childs careless words. Then, she said calmly, “Everyone dies at a different time. I wont die now if you love me.”

“When will you die”

“Around 80 or 90 years old.”

Song Ci thought to herself,As long as you dont send me to the mental hospital and Lu Suo does not exact his revenge, I should be able to live a long life.

Song Yujin nodded. He hoped that Song Ci would not die until he grew up.

After that, the little boy ignored her and ate quietly. No matter what Song Ci said, he remained silent.

When the two of them reached the door of their apartment, Song Ci and Song Yujin were shocked.

There was a woman who looked like a grocery store in front of them. Why was she described that way Well, her long hair was tied up and she was wearing more than a dozen jadeite pearls. There were also several pearl necklaces around her neck and a watch on her wrist. Additionally, there were two jade bangles and multiple luxury silver bracelets.

Suddenly, some memories of the original Song Ci flashed into her mind. The woman in front of her was none other than their fathers mistress, Pang Xiaohui!

Before she could speak, Pang Xiaohui suddenly dashed toward her and shouted, “Little Ci!”

Song Ci turned her body slightly. Pang Xiaohui lost her balance and fell to the ground.


There was the sound of something shattering.

“Ah! My pearl necklace, my bracelet...”

Song Ci and Song Yujin looked at each other. Neither of them cared. They opened the door and entered the apartment.

When Pang Xiaohui saw Song Ci and Song Yujins indifferent behavior, she became filled with hatred. However, she had to prioritize the purpose of her visit. She put away the broken necklace and bracelet. After getting up while gritting her teeth, she entered the apartment.

Song Ci knew why Pang Xiaohui was here. After all, it was because of her provocation that “Song Ci” had rushed to the Lu familys house and insulted Lu Gan. There was only one reason why she was here. She wanted her to replace Song Peihan and marry the disabled man.

Song Ci did not reject her visit. She said politely, “Have a seat.”

Following that, she turned around and patted Song Yujins head, indicating for him to return to his room.

Song Yujin knew about Pang Xiaohui, but he was not bothered by her or Song Cis issues. Hence, he turned around and left. Despite that, after returning to his room, he left a tiny crack open and quietly eavesdropped.

Pang Xiaohui saw the siblings attitude toward her. Clearly, they were not brought up properly.Regardless, she hid those thoughts. That was because Song Ci was still useful to her.

“Little Ci, auntie came here today to tell you about something great,” said Pang Xiaohui with a gentle smile on her face.

“Oh, what is it Do you have cancer Or is Song He getting married again”

When Pang Xiaohui heard this, she was furious. Nevertheless, she suppressed her anger.

“What are you saying Im talking about your marriage. Your father has already agreed to let you marry Lu Gan. The Lu family is wealthy and noble. Little Ci, your future is secured!”


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