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Chapter 2: I Was Deliberately Provoking You

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In the book, Lu Gan got into an accident and his legs were crippled. Originally, he was supposed to marry her half-sister, Song Peihan. However, due to the incident, “Song Ci” was to replace her instead and she mercilessly humiliated Lu Gan.

Even though Lu Gan died, his son, Lu Suo, held a grudge against “Song Ci”. After he gained power, he executed his vengeance against her.

Song Ci felt very flustered.

She thought about how Lu Suo took his revenge.

A handsome man with slightly long hair. He blinked and his long eyelashes concealed the malice in his eyes. His tone was still gentle as ever. Then, he raised his hand and took a puff of his cigarette while narrowing his phoenix-like eyes. After that, he smiled.

“Back then, Miss Song wore a red dress and humiliated my father. I didnt forget a single word you said. Now that Ive grown up, I thought that I should fulfill your wish and help you hold a grand wedding! These are the men that Ive carefully selected for you from the street. I guarantee that youll be satisfied.”

Song Ci raised her head in shock. Her body, which had already been electrocuted, was on the verge of collapsing. She looked at the filthy, yellow-toothed homeless men beside Lu Suo and was scared out of her wits. All she could do was apologize to Lu Suo nonstop.

Despite that, Lu Suo refused to listen. He turned around and was about to leave but suddenly, he thought of something. Lu Suo turned around and smiled innocently, “Oh, right. How can this be a wedding without the blessings of family and friends Dont worry, Miss Song. Ill definitely invite them over. I wont forget even a single person! If someone cant make it, Ill broadcast it live for them. Itll be perfect. Everyone in the world would be able to see the former superstars current condition.”

Upon hearing his words, Song Cis face instantly turned pale. She knelt in front of Lu Suo and kept begging him while crying out that she was wrong.

Unfortunately, Lu Suo refused to listen. He glanced at the men who were drooling and said, “What a pity. My dad died early and wont be able to see such a joyous occasion. Well, it doesnt matter, Ill watch in his stead.”

Song Ci dared not recall what followed. At this moment, her face was as white as a sheet. Nonetheless, she forced a smile, trying to save her future.

“I think theres a misunderstanding between us.”

Song Cis tone was very gentle.


Lu Gans expression was as if he had just heard a joke.

“Miss Song, you really know how to jest. What misunderstanding could there be between us Im just a toad that wants to eat swan meat. A cripple that dares to act high and mighty. Im shameless. I should take a good look at myself. How can a piece of trash like me be worthy of you Anyway, I promise you that we wont meet again.”

Song Ci could not help but curse in her heart.


So, the original Song Ci had already uttered these harsh words

Was her tragic death already on the way

Song Ci shook her head and rushed to Lu Gans side. She grabbed his arm tightly and said, “How can you say that about yourself I forbid it! You cant belittle yourself!”

Lu Gan looked at her coldly and pushed her hands away.

“Im sorry, I didnt say that about myself. You did.”

Song Ci did not give up and grabbed Lu Gans hand again. This time, she threw away all her reservations and put on her best act. With a troubled expression, she said, “I did that on purpose to anger you. Why did you take it seriously”

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“On purpose to anger me”

Lu Gan had already sneered countless times today.

“Then you did a good job.”

“It wasnt my original intention.”

Song Ci looked at him and began frantically thinking of a countermeasure. She needed an excuse for her reckless words.

“Since we were about to get married, I wanted to test your temper and character. Hence, I deliberately said those inappropriate words.”

Lu Gan did not respond, but it was obvious that he wanted to hear what Song Ci would say next.

The corners of Song Cis mouth curved into a smile and she did her best to act shy.

“You may not know me, but Ive known you for a long time. Back when I was in school, everyone said that you had a bad temper. I was afraid. What if I made you unhappy Would you hit me With my small stature, I wont be able to defend myself. Thats why I was testing to see if there was any possibility of domestic violence.”

She was right. Song Ci and Lu Gan were classmates. This part of the plot was briefly described in the book. Regardless, it did not affect Song Cis tragic death.


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