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Chapter 20: Shameless

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Song Ci lowered her head. Why did she say such a thing It was unsightly. She just wanted to anger those two girls to death!

Just as she was feeling embarrassed, she heard a low voice beside her ear along with the other partys breath.

“I heard it all...”

Song Ci turned her head and saw that Lu Gan had moved closer to her. His beautiful phoenix-like eyes were slightly raised.

“Seven times in one night I didnt know that you were so looking forward to it...”

Song Cis face immediately turned red.

“I was just speaking nonsense.”

“I wasnt. In fact, I think I can do it.”


“If I knew you were so eager, I would have done it that day.”

Song Ci covered her face and stiffly turned away. Wow, the scenery outside was really beautiful.

Lu Gan looked at her blushing ears and decided to stop teasing. He leaned back into his original position.

After Song Ci had regained her composure, he said, “Come here.”


Song Ci turned to look at him. Her eyes were filled with suspicion.

Lu Gan waved his hand.

“I wont tease you.”

“What is it” asked Song Ci as she leaned closer.

Lu Gan raised his hand to pinch her ears and smiled.

“Your ears are red.”


He tilted his head and asked, “Is it because you like me so much Youre so h*rny.”


Didnt you say that youll stop teasing me!

Song Ci was so angry that she pushed Lu Gan and moved further away.

Lu Gan could not help but laugh softly.

When Song Ci heard his laughter, she became even angrier. She turned her head around and continued to look at the scenery outside the window.

“Come here.”

Lu Gan said again.

Song Ci ignored him.

Lu Gan leaned against the back of his chair and said gently, “The senior that youve been secretly in love with for many years is right here. Do you think its appropriate for you to sit so far away”


“Where are your affections”

Song Ci silently moved further again.

“Its hard to control your emotions”

Song Ci moved even further.

Lu Gan chuckled.


“Whats it like to have an uncontrollable crush”

Those were the words Song Ci used to trick Lu Gan when she first transmigrated. He actually remembered it!

Song Ci helplessly moved to Lu Gans side, but she turned her head away from him.

Lu Gan used his trump card.

“Do you still want to marry me”

Song Ci snorted.

“Yes, but thats only because I like you.”

Lu Gan was not ashamed at all.



How could he still put on a straight face Was he shameless

Lu Gan looked at the shock in Song Cis eyes. She was so angry that she looked like a little pufferfish. He smiled happily.

Although he did not know why Song Ci was so different from the investigation results, he had to admit that she was quite interesting.

With her, things might turn out differently in the future, right

Lu Gans car stopped in front of a western restaurant.

This did not surprise Song Ci. Moreover, she was hungry. So, she did not say anything as they entered the restaurant.

At this time, there were not many people in the restaurant. The manager saw them and hurried over. He spoke to Lu Gan politely.

Song Ci had been hungry since the afternoon. After smelling the aroma coming from the kitchen, she felt even hungrier.

She began thinking about what to eat. All of a sudden, she heard a voice.

“Hey, isnt that the second Young Master Lu”

Song Ci raised her head and saw a man with a buzz cut walking toward them.

There were also two men beside him. Upon seeing Lu Gan, they smiled politely.

Lu Gan ignored them, so Song Ci did not stop pushing his wheelchair.

The man with the buzz cut spoke again, “Why is Young Master Lu in a wheelchair”

After he said that, he suddenly remembered something.

“Oh right, our Young Master Lu is a cripple now.”

Song Ci thought to herself,This man is really talkative.

Out of nowhere, the man moved closer to her.

“Who is this Did Young Master Lu hire a nurse Or is her job to please you in bed”

Song Ci rolled her eyes. She could not be bothered with him.

“The young nurse has a bad temper”

Song Ci smiled slightly.

“It appears that you dont have a working brain.”

“What did you say”

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The other partys expression instantly changed.

Song Ci continued to smile at him.

“I said that you dont have a working brain. Maybe youre retarded. Its a pity that no one kept you in check. Letting you out like this is really irresponsible.”


As the man spoke, he raised his hand and was about to hit Song Ci.


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