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Chapter 21: Love Rivals

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Song Ci subconsciously dodged. At the same time, the other partys hand was firmly grabbed.

Lu Gan leaned back in his wheelchair. His expression was calm. It was as if he was holding a struggling insect. Even when he was sitting, he still emitted an impressive aura.

“Stay away from her.”

Ma Lei was furious. He wanted to speak, but the pain caused to his wrist was increasing.

Lu Gan was still as calm as ever, not showing even the slightest hint of ruthlessness toward his subordinate. Finally, he let go of Ma Leis hand and threw him aside. Then, he asked the restaurants manager for a napkin and slowly wiped his hands.

“Shes my fiancée.”

Ma Lei showed a shocked expression but at the same time, he was pleasantly surprised.

“You actually have a fiancée”

Song Ci felt that everyone was staring at her. She slowly raised the corner of her lips and revealed a warm smile.

“Yes, dont you Maybe not, since you have such an ugly face!”

Suddenly, a pleasant voice could be heard from afar.

“Brother Gan, why are you here”

Song Ci looked toward the source of the voice and saw a woman. She appeared to be very charming and there were dimples on her face when she smiled.


The woman walked in front of Lu Gan and said cheerfully, “Youre finally willing to go out.”

Lu Gan said calmly, “Yes. I want to have lunch with Song Ci.”

Upon hearing that, the woman immediately stopped smiling. She just noticed that Song Ci was standing behind Lu Gans wheelchair.

“Ru Ling, the two of you havent been introduced, right” said Ma Lei. He added, “Lu Gan said that she is his fiancée.”

When Su Ru Ling heard that, her eyes were filled with shock and disbelief. She looked at Song Ci as if she wanted the latter to deny it. Song Ci merely curled the corners of her lips and replied softly, “Yes, were about to get married.”

Su Ru Lings eyes were filled with tears. She cried like a fragile little flower. This caused Ma Lei to become anxious. He wanted to protect her.

After that, Su Ru Ling carefully sized up Song Ci. Her hands trembled as she looked at Lu Gan.

“Really Brother Gan...”

Lu Gan was clearly annoyed. He directly turned to Song Ci and said, “Youre hungry, right Lets just leave.”

His tone was soft and gentle. Su Ru Ling felt like she was being pricked by needles.

“Is she really your fiancée”

“Are you deaf or something”


Lu Gan was getting impatient.

Ma Lei could not hold it in any longer. He said angrily, “How can you talk to Ru Ling like that She cares about you!”

Lu Gan ignored him. He looked at Song Ci again and said, “Lets go.”

Song Ci still wanted to watch the show, but she complied and pushed Lu Gans wheelchair forward.

Su Ru Ling could only look at Gans back. She did not move for a long time. This sight caused Ma Leis heart to ache terribly.

Just as he was about to console her, Su Ru Ling chased after Song Ci.

“I havent eaten yet either. Why dont we have lunch together”

As she said that, Su Ru Ling pulled out a chair and sat down.

Lu Gan said coldly, “Im trying to spend some time with my fiancée. What does it have to do with you guys”

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Song Ci sat down quietly and continued to watch the show. Her eyes lit up.

Ma Lei advised, “Ru Ling, we should go. Whats the point of eating with a person like her”

However, Su Ru Ling did not want to leave. She looked straight at Lu Gan and asked, “Why Are you scared”

Song Ci silently exclaimed in her heart. This show was getting more interesting. Unexpectedly, Lu Gan simply put down the menu and looked at her with a smile.

Song Cis hand subconsciously trembled. Lu Gan showed her the menu.

“So, what do you want to eat”

Song Ci took a look and noticed that all the dishes were something that she had never eaten before.

“You should order. Youre more familiar with this place.”

Lu Gan nodded and said a few words to the manager.

Su Ru Ling looked at Lu Gan. He was taking such good care of that woman. In fact, she had never seen him smile like that before. He acted as if there was no one else around. In the end, she turned around and walked out of the restaurant.

Ma Lei hurriedly chased after her.

When Song Ci saw them leave, she thought,Is there no hope now

“She likes me.”

Lu Gan said calmly.

Song Ci immediately raised her head and looked at him curiously.

“Her name is Su Ru Ling. I dont reciprocate her feelings, so you have nothing to be worried about.”

Song Ci thought to herself,Im not worried at all. I was just curious. This scenario is so different from what happened back at the house..

Hence, Song Ci continued to look at the man with inquisitive eyes.

“What kind of look is that” asked Lu Gan. “Are you interested”


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