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Chapter 24: What I Cant Get Always Gets Better

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Song Cis reply was always timely.

[ Packing my luggage. ]

[ Is it a lot Ill get the chauffeur to pick you up tomorrow. ]

[ No, and thank you! ]

[ Youre welcome. ]

Another thunder could be heard. It irked Lu Gan. To get rid of his annoyance, he decided to give Song Ci a video call.

This surprised Song Ci. After thinking for a while, she sat on her bed and answered.

Lu Gans face was a little pale. He leaned against his wheelchair and put on a lazy expression.

This was the first time Song Ci had seen him like this. He was totally different from usual.

After pondering for a moment, Lu Gan asked hesitantly, “Do you want me to use a beauty filter when chatting with you”

Was it really necessary

“In my eyes, youre already very handsome. In fact, youre the most handsome man in this world. Theres no need for filters,” said Song Ci.

Lu Gan never expected to hear something like this. He immediately laughed.


Song Ci was puzzled.

“What are you laughing at Am I wrong”

Lu Gan nodded. He looked at Song Ci and said gently, “Youre absolutely right. I dont need filters when video chatting with you. Otherwise, you would also want to use it for yourself.”

Song Ci felt that he was really thinking too much.

However, she was relieved to see him smile.

Normally, Lu Gan was confident and cheerful in front of her.

Hence, she instinctively hoped that he would always be happy.

Just like now, he had returned to his usual self.

“Im not going to turn on a filter. Im also beautiful. Why would I need it” said Song Ci proudly. Then, she asked, “Why did you suddenly look for me to video chat”

Lu Gan replied calmly, “Theres thunder outside.”


Song Ci smiled and teased, “It cant be that someone as proud as you is actually afraid of thunder, right”

Upon hearing that, Lu Gan slowly raised the corners of his lips.

“No, I just thought of something.”


“I was just wondering how much it takes to satisfy you... Seven times in one night... A strong man… True happiness... There are many things that I dont quite understand. Can you explain them to me”

Song Ci lowered her head in shame and anger.

Your fiancée had gone offline!

Song Ci hung up the video call without saying anything.

At the same time, Lu Gan no longer felt pent up.

He smiled happily and sent Song Ci another video call invitation. However, Song Ci declined without any hesitation.

Lu Gan could only continue to send messages.

[ What are you doing The man that youve been secretly in love with for so many years has sent you a video call. Yet, you declined ]

Song Ci felt that maybe she should fall for another man. Possibly Di Zhongyang


[ Perhaps it would have been better if my feelings for you remained as a crush. ]

Lu Gan raised his eyebrows.

[ Is that so ]

[ Maybe the man I had a crush on was just my imagination. It might not be the real you. After all, what I cant get always gets better! ]

[ Maybe I made you unable to stop. But strictly speaking, you havent won me over yet… ]


How could he say that

Clearly, he just wanted to anger her to death!

[ Be good, answer the video call. ]

After Lu Gan sent that message, he requested another video call.

Song Ci answered it helplessly. She pursed her lips as she looked at him.

Lu Gan saw her puffy cheeks. She really looked like a pufferfish. He smiled and said, “Dont worry, I wont tease you anymore.”

“Youre aware of your actions”

Lu Gan nodded.



He dared nod!

“Youre just teasing me because I like you!”

Lu Gan confessed, “Yes.”


“Thats the truth.”

Lu Gan laughed.

“Dont worry, your man isnt a narcissist.”

Song Ci snorted coldly.

“How are you not a narcissist Youre clearly acting like one!”

Lu Gan chuckled softly.

“You flatter me.”

Song Ci reached out to cover her face and did not want to say anything. She was no match for him!

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Lu Gan smiled.

“Alright, Ill stop. Lets get down to business.”

“What is it”

Song Ci asked doubtfully.

“Im going to contact Sunlight Medias manager in a few days. Youll be signing under her name.”

Song Ci did not expect Lu Gan to keep that part of his words.

“My current contract hasnt expired yet.”

“Ill get Sunlight Media to help you pay the penalty.”

Obviously, Lu Gan was very wealthy.

“Thats not very appropriate,” said Song Ci with a frown.

“So you want to stay with your current company”

Lu Gan scowled.


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