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Chapter 26: Lu Suos World

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Song Yujin could not describe his feelings with words. He felt like a dandelion. Whenever the wind blew, he would be off. He had no roots and could only follow the direction of the wind.

The little boy blinked and lowered his head. Then, he changed into his new sports shoes and walked out with Song Ci.

Meanwhile, Lu Suo was in a good mood.

He drank some milk and asked, “Will Auntie Song and her brother move in today”

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“Yes. Song Yujin will come after school.”

Lu Gan explained.

“Song Yujin is Auntie Songs younger brother. Hes just one year older than you. You should call him little uncle.”

Lu Suo smiled and nodded.

“I know.”

Lu Gan smiled as well. He raised his hand to pat Lu Suos head and said gently, “When Auntie Song is here, you have to behave.”

Lu Suo blinked.

“Ive always behaved.”

“Thats true.”


Lu Gan suddenly thought of something and continued, “If something unpleasant happened during your time together, you have to tell daddy, understand”

His tone was soft and his eyes were very caring.

Lu Suo looked at him. For some reason, he felt a little sad.

Lu Gan would not act like this in the past. This was more of his fathers appearance.

In fact, he almost forgot the original Lu Gans personality.

Lu Suo racked his brain for a long time. Finally, a memory flashed through his mind. In the past, Lu Gan was like an older brother who would take him out to play. The former would also help him escape when his father wanted to reprimand him.

Every time, his father would helplessly say, “Dont spoil him. He hasnt done his homework yet...”

Lu Gan would smile very magnanimously and say, “Lu Suo is smart. His homework is not important. Once he learns something, he doesnt have to practice anymore.”

The two of them would high-five in places his father could not see. Lu Gan would also secretly buy him ice cream that his father did not want him to eat.

Basically, Lu Gan was like a big child. He would take the role of an older brother and play with him. They liked to tease his father and see the latters helpless and indulgent smile.

However, after the car accident, Lu Gan changed. He became like his father and began caring for him.

Of course, Lu Suo knew this was not Lu Gans original personality.

He just took on the responsibility of being his father.


Lu Suo did not know if he would be happy like this, but he prioritized Lu Gans well-being. So, he did not oppose the latters marriage.

Marriage was a good thing.

His father had mentioned that the happiest thing in his life was to marry his mother. Now, his uncle was about to get married. He should be very happy too, right

Lu Suo looked at Lu Gan with his innocent and beautiful face.

“Auntie Song is moving in and the two of you are getting married. Do you like her Are you happy”

Lu Gan smiled.

“Dont ask so many questions!”

Lu Suo pouted.

“Are you happy or not”

Lu Gan nodded and pinched his face.

“Hurry up and eat. The driver is waiting to take you to school.”


As long as Lu Gan was happy, Lu Suo would also be happy. Hence, he welcomed Song Cis arrival and promised to be good.

After all, he only had one family member left. Lu Gans happiness was important to him.

Lu Suo would always remember that day.

The ward was very noisy. When he opened his eyes, his grandfather said that his parents had left.

“Where did they go” asked Lu Suo in confusion.

His grandfather sighed and said in a low and hoarse voice, “Lu Suo, your parents died. The doctors could not save them...”

Lu Suo finally understood that his parents were never coming back. He lay on the bed in silence and tears automatically flowed out of his eyes. That night, the little boy cried for a long time.

His grandfather told him, “You still have me. Dont be afraid.”

“Wheres my uncle”

Lu Suo remembered the second before he lost consciousness that Lu Gan was protecting him.

“Hes injured and hasnt woken up yet. When he wakes up, Ill bring you to see him.”

Lu Suo did not care. He lifted the blanket and was about to get out of bed.

No one could stop him. In the end, they could only carry him to Lu Gans ward.

Lu Gan was wearing a hospital gown. His face was pale as he lay on the hospital bed.

Lu Suo looked at him and slowly pull the blanket away. Then, he crawled onto the bed without uttering a word. He only quietly hugged Lu Gan.

It was a sad and helpless sight.

Lu Suo waited for a day before Lu Gan woke up. The latter anxiously asked, “Are you okay”


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