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Chapter 28: Lu Suos Sugar-Coated Bomb

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Song Ci noticed that Song Yujin was indifferent. She became even more worried. If they had been together since young, they would not fight so heavily in the future, right

After patting Song Yujins head, Song Ci pressed the doorbell. A joyful face appeared in front of her. He asked sweetly, “Auntie Song Come in. Ive been waiting for you for a long time!”

Song Ci was speechless for a moment. Finally, she hesitantly uttered, “You are...”

At the same time, Song Ci began thinking to herself,This is definitely not Lu Suo!

“Im Lu Suo!”

Lu Suo answered quickly. He was smiling like a little angel.

“Auntie Song, You can just call me Little Suo!”

Song Ci held Song Yujins hand tightly.

Lu Suo continued, “Auntie Song, quickly come in. Ill bring you to my dad.”

Song Ci nodded as if she was in a daze.

Clearly, she was shocked. This Lu Suo was completely different from the original. Song Ci needed some time to adapt.

Lu Suo noticed Song Yujin by the side. He did not really care about him.

The main priority was Song Ci because she was the person who could make his father happy. Therefore, he deliberately pretended to be obedient and kind. He wanted Song Ci to like him. Her little brother was just an extra. Hence, he did not really pay any attention to Song Yujin.


Regardless, Lu Suo revealed a sweet smile and said in a childish voice, “Hello, little uncle.”

Song Yujin had heard so many warnings from Song Ci about Lu Suo being a fierce child. However, when he saw the friendly child in front of him, Song Yujin could not help but stare at Song Ci. It was as if he was saying, “This is it Fierce Bullying Hes obviously very cute!”


Song Yujin replied politely.

After revealing a shy smile, Lu Suo looked directly at Song Ci.

“Lets go in and meet my dad.”


Song Ci followed the little boy.

“My dads legs are injured, so we have an elevator at home. I dont usually take it, but since youve brought so many things today, we should for conveniences sake.”

Lu Suo was very thoughtful. Song Ci could not help but cry out in her heart,What happened How did this little cutie turn into such a pervert

“Thank you, Little Suo.”

Song Ci said with a smile.

Lu Suo looked at Song Ci and said in an especially sweet voice, “When my dad sees you, hell surely be very happy. Hes been waiting for you all this while. He told me that he likes you. In fact, he even chose a room specifically for you. Its right next to mine. This way, we can study together and play together.”

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Lu Gan actually said that to a child That he liked her Liked teasing her, right

Nonetheless, Song Ci calmly said, “Really Hes so thoughtful.”

“Of course. He likes you!”

Lu Suo said sweetly.

When Song Ci heard his words, the smile on her face grew wider. She had always liked kids. Even though Song Yujin was a child, he constantly acted like an adult. However, now, the child in front of her was saying such adorable things in such a cute voice. Naturally, she felt a little happy.

It really felt like Lu Gan had invited them to stay with him because he liked her.

They chatted along the way. Not long after, they arrived at Lu Gans study room.

Lu Gan had been waiting all this while. When Lu Suo saw this, he thought to himself,Looks like daddy really likes Auntie Song.

Thus, he said happily, “Daddy, look whos here!”

Lu Gan looked at Song Ci and Song Yujin.

After that, he pushed his wheelchair over.

“Why didnt you call me I was just about to go down.”

“I was going to call, but Little Suo came as soon as I rang the doorbell. He brought us here.”

After saying that, Song Ci suddenly laughed.

“Based on what Little Suo said, it seemed like you missed me very much. You were waiting for me to come. Did you really fancy me that much”

Lu Gan looked at Lu Suo.


Lu Suo pouted innocently.

“I... I wasnt wrong...”


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