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Chapter 29: The Male Lead With No Desires

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Song Cis eyes twitched.

“Cant you tell Youre clearly in love with me.”

Lu Gan held his forehead in a helpless manner. Adults and children would see things differently. Marriage was mostly a matter of weighing the pros and cons. However, a child would think they were in love.

Lu Suo saw Lu Gans reaction and was puzzled. He wanted to find out the answer and asked, “Dont you like Auntie Song”

How could Lu Gan say that he did not like her in front of him He sighed and replied, “Do you really want me to confess to Auntie Song right now”

“You could do that.”

Song Ci did not mind watching the show.

Lu Gan smiled gently at her.

Then, he raised his eyebrows and said, “Just wait.”

Lu Suo thought to himself,Maybe they want to talk about things like these in private. Everything should be fine.

Lu Gan took out a small but beautifully wrapped box. His gaze shifted to Song Yujin, who had been silent the whole time.

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“This is my gift to you. I hope you like it.”

Song Yujin did not expect Lu Gan to prepare a gift for him. For a moment, he did not know what to do. He could only stare at his sister.


Song Ci felt a little awkward. Lu Gan had actually prepared a gift for Song Yujin Regrettably, she did not prepare anything for Lu Suo.

Still, Song Ci did not panic. She lowered her head and said to Song Yujin, “Since its for you, you should accept it.”

After saying that, she turned to look at Lu Suo.

“Ive prepared a gift for you too. Unfortunately, it hasnt arrived yet. Can I give it to you tomorrow”

Lu Suo did not care about the present, but he nodded with a smile and said obediently, “Thank you, Auntie Song.”

Since Song Ci had told Song Yujin to take Lu Gans gift, the little boy reached out his hands. Then, he said politely, “Thank you.”

“You dont have to be so polite. In fact, you can call me brother-in-law right now,” said Lu Gan gently.

He looked at Song Yujins calm expression. The latter did not act like a normal child. Usually, children would be ecstatic to receive gifts.

On the other hand, Song Yujin stayed composed from the beginning to the end. He just stood there quietly.

Lu Gan could not understand Song Yujin. He knew that Song Ci had a younger brother and was not worried about it. After all, he had been watching over Lu Suo ever since the boy was born. Dealing with children was easy for him.

However, Song Yujin was encased in a protective shell. It might not be easy to break through him. Clearly, he was a very intelligent child.

Lu Gan looked at Song Ci again.

“Lets go. Ill bring you to my bedroom.”

Song Ci had already expected that she would stay in the same bedroom as Lu Gan. Yet, now that the time had come, she could not help but feel a little embarrassed.

Lu Gan noticed that Song Cis ears were turning red. He said with a wicked sense of humor, “After so many years, I can finally step into the bedroom of my prince charming. Arent you happy”


Now, Song Ci had nothing to be shy about. Lu Gan was really thick-skinned!

“Lets go and see your room,” said Song Ci as she hugged Song Yujin. It was just too convenient.

She walked behind Lu Gan and naturally helped him to push the wheelchair.

Lu Suo quietly observed her and a faint light flashed across his eyes.

Soon, they arrived at Song Yujins room.

“I dont know what style you prefer, so I just went with something simple. Is there anything else that you need” said Lu Gan to Song Yujin in a light tone.

Song Yujin looked at the bedroom in front of him. It was several times bigger than the one he had before. He said calmly, “No, thank you.”

Lu Gan guessed that he must be flustered. So, he did not pry any further. Perhaps Song Yujin would tell Song Ci later.

After dinner, Lu Gan left the dining room so Song Ci and Song Yujin could spend some time together.

Song Ci lowered her head and looked at the little boy.

“Is there anything else that you need in your room”

Song Yujin shook his head.

Song Ci felt that he was quite undemanding. As expected of the male lead.

“Alright. Ill buy you anything you want in the future.”

Song Yujin nodded. Then, he finally expressed his concerns to Song Ci.

“There are no bus stops here. How am I supposed to go to school”

Song Ci was silent for a moment.

“Ill discuss it with your brother-in-law. Maybe hell loan us his chauffeur.”

Song Yujin did not like to trouble others, but he had no choice and could only nod.

Song Ci accompanied him to unpack. She teased, “Your clothes are folded so neatly. Impressive!”

Song Yujin felt a little proud.

“Mom taught me.”

“Your mom is amazing...”

Song Ci laughed.

Song Yujin smiled as he looked at her.


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