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Chapter 3: Because I Have a Crush on You

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Lu Gan was confused by Song Cis words.

“So, whats your goal”

Song Ci quickly replied, “Obviously, I want to marry you!”

Lu Gan was actually Lu Suos fathers younger brother. He was the latters uncle. After Lu Suos parents died in an accident, Lu Gan adopted him and became his foster father. Hence, they were very close. If anyone dared to offend Lu Gan, Lu Suo would ensure that they pay the price.

With that being said, if Song Ci married Lu Gan, she would become Lu Suos adoptive mother. Even if Lu Gan died, she would still be his legal guardian. She would have to continue to raise him up. Thus, if Lu Suo dared to harm her, he would also be harming his beloved uncle.

Based on the original plot, not only did Lu Gan become a cripple after the car accident, but his body was also severely affected. He passed away within a year. Song Ci remembered this clearly.

In other words, she only needed to spend less than a year with Lu Gan. This short marriage in exchange for a lifetime of peace was definitely a great deal! She had no reason to refuse!

Song Cis gaze towards Lu Gan became even gentler. She reached out to pull his arm one more time.

However, Lu Gan mercilessly pushed her away again.

Song Ci did not feel embarrassed. In her eyes, Lu Gan was basically a life-prolonging god.

She needed to take advantage of the situation. Therefore, she used her fair hands to massage his legs.

“You might not believe it, but Ive actually been secretly in love with you for a long time.”

Lu Gan thought that if he believed her, he would be a big fool!


Song Ci shook Lu Gans thigh. In a flirtatious and naive tone, she said, “Lets get married, okay Give me a chance!”

Lu Gan looked at her and felt very conflicted.

Since he did not speak, Song Ci continued with her act and kept shaking his thigh. Her hand unconsciously moved upwards, inadvertently touching something that should not be touched.

Lu Gan instantly shook off her hand. He used more force than usual.

“Dont touch me.”

This situation made Song Ci think of something. In Lu Gans case, marriage was just like getting a certificate, right After all, Lu Gans legs were numb. S*x would most probably be impossible. Was his “thing” even working

Did Lu Gan get angry earlier because of this It was no surprise that a man valued his pride.

“You really want to marry me”

Lu Qian suddenly asked.

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Song Ci hurriedly nodded.


“Of course.”

If they got married, Lu Suo would no longer be a threat to her!

“I need time to think about it,” said Lu Gan in a serious tone.

“How long”

Song Ci asked worriedly.

“Is one hour enough Maybe not. How about one night I can come back tomorrow and you can tell me your decision.”

Lu Gan was stunned.

Did she really want to marry him But why What would she gain from this Lu Gan was not narcissistic. That secret crush story sounded absolutely ridiculous. He had also heard rumors about Song Ci liking someone else!

“Ill contact you after Ive made up my mind.”

Song Ci took out her phone without hesitation.

“Lets exchange contact details. You can let me know about your decision at any time.”

Lu Gan was speechless. He did not expect Song Cis attitude to flip so drastically. She was completely different from when she first entered the house!

Nonetheless, Lu Gan gave her a piece of paper.

“Write down your phone number. Ill call you.”

After Lu Gan said that, Song Ci suddenly remembered something. She did not know the original Song Cis phone number. So, she smiled at Lu Gan and said, “No, I wont write it down. What if you dont contact me Tell me your details. Ill call you instead!”


This woman was really solicitous!

Why would Song Ci remember someone like him He was just a cripple who was abandoned by his family. What was she after

Regardless, Lu Gan took Song Cis phone and keyed in his number. He glanced at Song Ci and pressed the dial button. Shortly after, the phone on Lu Gans desk rang.

Anyway, Lu Gan had nothing else to discuss. With a calm expression, he said, “You can leave now.”


With an innocent and pitiful expression, Song Ci added, “I cant bear to leave you. Can I stay a little longer”

Her acting was superb.

Lu Gan looked at Song Ci and asked calmly, “You dont want to leave”

Song Ci felt that Lu Gans gaze was a little bit off, but she still nodded.

“Its getting dark. Since you want to marry me, lets head to bed and have a deep conversation. We should learn more about each other.”


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