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Chapter 7: Who Are You, Kid

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Song Ci was in a good mood after receiving Lu Gans messages. Now, she no longer had to worry about Lu Suo. Her positive mood helped in the audition. The staff members almost cried after watching her performance. Once the audition was over, they told her to go back and wait for their notification.

Song Ci thanked them politely and left the hotel. She wanted to go home and rest. So many things had happened in such a short time!

However, she did not know where the original Song Ci lived.

As Song Ci was thinking, the name of a place automatically popped up in her mind.

She hailed a taxi and instructed the driver to head towards that specific place. As she approached her destination, some memories began to slowly surface.

Although the memories were vague, Song Ci did not mind. After all, she was not in a hurry. The biggest issue, Lu Suo, had been solved. What else was there for her to be afraid of


Song Ci was very certain about this matter.

After getting out of the car, she instinctively walked toward a familiar-looking apartment. She took out her keys and opened the door. Looking at the relatively spacious room in front of her, she let out a sigh of relief.

Song Ci could finally have a good rest. Things had not been easy. She was completely exhausted.

When Song Ci took off her high heels and entered the apartment, she saw a little boy sitting in the living room with his head lowered. He was writing something.

A little boy

The original Song Ci was not married, so where did this child come from


Upon hearing her footsteps, the child slowly raised his head.

He was very good-looking. Most of the children at his age were either chubby or cute. On the other hand, this child clearly had delicate and handsome features.

The little boy looked at Song Ci coldly. He did not utter a word and acted as if she was invisible. Instead, he continued to do his homework!

Song Ci felt like shrieking. She really wanted to ask the original Song Ci about what was going on.

Suddenly, she noticed that the little boys arms were bruised. Her heart jumped. She walked towards the boy and carried him. At first, his eyes were filled with anger, but they slowly became calm. He did not struggle or scream and just stayed still.

Song Ci rolled up the little boys sleeves. There were bruises on his arms, legs, and stomach. There were also injuries, burns, and a scar behind his ear.

Song Cis hands slightly trembled. This little boy was abused. He had been living with the original Song Ci.

A memory emerged in her mind and Song Ci stared blankly at the child in front of her.

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“Song... Song Yujin”

Since she was too tired, Song Ci had completely forgotten about the male lead! The bane of her existence was still a child and so was he! Ever since the male lead was young, “Song Ci” mistreated him. When he became older, he sent her to the mental hospital. He wanted “Song Ci” to suffer as he did.

Song Cis brain was about to explode. She thought to herself,I wonder who is more miserable Me or him

Not only was the child in front of her handsome, but he also exuded an otherworldly aura. By looking carefully, one could see the resemblance between him and Song Ci. Although the original Song Cis identity completely changed, her appearance did not.

The original Song Ci and Song Yujin had the same mother but different fathers. Coincidentally, both of their fathers had the surname song. Perhaps it was fate.

Five years ago, the original Song Cis father, Song He, brought his illegitimate mistress and their daughter, Song Peihan, into the house. “Song Ci” and her mother, Kong Chuyun, were chased out by the mistress.

After that, the Kong family found Kong Chuyun a new partner, which was Song Yujins father. Unfortunately, he was not a good person either. Before Kong Chuyun died, she entrusted Song Yujin to “Song Ci”. Since her mother had been good to her, “Song Ci” accepted Kong Chuyuns request. However, as time passed, she could not hide her disgust.

Song Yujin remembered his mothers words. His sister was the closest person to him other than herself. So, they needed to stay together and take care of each other.

Hence, Song Yujin instinctively gave his trust and dependence to “Song Ci”. Regrettably, as time passed, “Song Ci” began to resent her life. She resented Kong Chuyun for leaving her with a burden. Why did her mother give birth if she could not take care of the child

In the end, she was the one who had to suffer!

Thus, she started to scold and beat Song Yujin.

In the beginning, Song Yujin resisted, but that only caused him to get beaten even more viciously. Clearly, “Song Ci” really hated him. After that, he just did his best to be cautious so he would not be assaulted further. He would silently endure everything while continuing to stay by his sisters side.

Song Yujin waited for a long time. Seeing that Song Ci was only staring at him, he became a little impatient.

“Are you going to hit me today If so, hurry up. I still have homework to do.”


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