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Chapter 8: Cold-Faced Little King of Hell

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Song Ci was stunned when Song Yujin asked her to beat him up as soon as possible. Her expression turned ugly. The sins of the original Song Ci were now all hers.

At this moment, the cold-faced little king of hell was just waiting to be beaten up. His voice was soft and childish, but it still made Song Ci feel terrified.

She had to change the male leads impression of her. It was possible. In a way, they were still blood-related.

Song Ci took a deep breath and revealed a harmless smile. She had to save herself again!

“I wont beat you anymore. Thats a promise!”

Before Song Yujin could react to her words, she gave him two kisses on the cheek.

The little boy pushed Song Ci away in disgust. However, it was not very effective and he could only tilt his head to avoid her sudden intimacy.

“Yujin, Im sorry. It was all my fault.”

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Song Ci hugged the child in her arms. Her eyes were full of tears.

“I should not have scolded and hit you. Before this, I was just worried and confused. Ill turn over a new leaf.”

Song Yujin was silent.

Song Ci looked at the bruises on the little boys fair body. It really upset her. She understood why he would send the original Song Ci to the mental hospital as revenge.

A five-year-old child being beaten up like this was totally unsightly.


“Your sister was a real scoundrel in the past.”

Song Yujin raised his eyebrows. He thought to himself,Why are you speaking as if youre a third-person

Anyway, he did not care about these things. Once he grew up, he would leave her. All the suffering she had caused would be returned to her!

“So, youre not going to beat me up today Then Im going to do my homework.”

Song Yujin broke free from Song Cis embrace and continued to do his homework. He treated Song Ci as if she was nothing. As for her words, he did not believe them one bit. In Song Yujins eyes, this might be a new method of torture.

Every time Song Ci returned, she would always lash out at him. Song Yujin would never forget that.

Although Song Ci dealt with the adult antagonist, she was unable to do the same with the young male lead. The brotherly love that she thought existed was nothing but her imagination!

She could not get close to this child at all!

Song Yujin was not moved by her flowery words.

Song Ci sighed. She suddenly felt very tired. Initially, she was just a girl who had read a book. After she got transmigrated, she had gone to great lengths to change her characters tragic ending. However, who did she provoke Why did she have to make up for the sins of the original Song Ci

Song Yujin was really confused by her innocent expression. He may be smart and intelligent, but he was still a child. There was no way he could understand this woman. Before leaving the house this morning, Song Ci had called him a burden. Now, she felt sorry for him and even looked sad, like an abandoned and hurt kitten.

The little boy had never seen his sister act like this. He had never seen her cook either.

Song Ci looked lonely while she was cooking. Song Yujin pursed his lips. He wondered if he should feel guilty.

“Quickly eat your food. I havent cooked for a long time. My culinary skills might have deteriorated. Regardless, as long as I have time, I will cook for you. Youre still growing, so youll need a lot of nutrition.”

Song Ci smiled gently and tried her best to be a maternal figure to Song Yujin. She hoped to awaken the love in the little boys heart. Of course, she was also trying her best to change her miserable future in the mental hospital.

Meanwhile, Song Yujins little brows were tightly furrowed. In the end, he ate with a determined look on his face.

Based on his expression, one might think that Song Ci was trying to poison him!

Song Ci thought that she should not waste this time with Song Yujin. She raised her head to look at the little boy whose eyes were clearly lit after eating. Song Ci felt somewhat happy. In a negotiating tone, she said, “Can I send you to school tomorrow Ill also pick you up in the afternoon.”

Song Yujin felt that it was unnecessary.

“I can go to school by myself.”

“Youre still a child. Its not safe for you to be alone.”

Suddenly, Song Ci remembered that Song Yujin did not know about her engagement to Lu Gan.

It could not be helped. When Song Ci first came to this world, she genuinely forgot about Song Yujin. After all, she was shocked. Moreover, she was facing her villain. She had to think fast to ensure her survival.

When she returned home and met Song Yujin, she had to save herself yet again. The matter of marriage completely slipped her mind.

Song Ci felt a little guilty. She softened her voice and said, “I have another thing to tell you.”

Song Yujin stopped eating and looked at her. He thought to himself,Ill finally know the truth, right Why was she acting so strange today Was it all for this


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