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The manager stared into Vian’s eyes and uttered in a small voice, “Your Highness”.


The atmosphere between them was tense.

I stood there silently watching them.


A gentle breeze blew in through the window, caressing my skin.

The curtains swayed softly.


Vian’s shiny blonde hair fluttered.

It was like a scene from a movie.


“You never looked at me before.”


Vian’s tone was male.

The manager said nothing.


“How do you find it Do you feel uncomfortable with me in the dress you made for me”


Vian inquired, his face slightly strained, to which the manager responded with a surprised expression.

Even if he didn’t say it out loud, I could tell he was thinking, “Of course not.” 


I wondered if this meant that there was some kind of misunderstanding between them.


“You told me a long time ago that you weren’t interested in me in my dress.

But you were pleased to see how the other customers looked in their dresses.

Were you worried about the dress you made for me Or did you pretend that you didn’t despise me and thought that you couldn’t look at a man in a dress”


Seeing Vian get emotional, I understood that the connection between this manager and Vian was strong.


It wasn’t my place to interject, but I thought that the dress Vian was wearing right now was a masterpiece.


I could tell that the dress was made with Vian in mind.


After a moment of silence, the manager finally answered.


“I have to consider my position, Your Highness.”


“…You may speak as usual.”


“I should have treated Vian as a friend.

But I thought that the true character of the first prince of this country should never be shown to the public.

I was foolish.

I had no idea that I was hurting Vian by doing so.

You Disgusting No, Vian, you are the most beautiful woman in the world when you are wearing the dress I made.”


The manager indicated with his gaze that Vian should turn towards the large full-length mirror.


Vian slowly turned to the side to see his reflection.


I wondered what he looked like in his eyes.

To me, he looked like a strong-willed goddess.


I could see Vian’s eyes widen.

Quietly, the manager approached Vian.


“How do you like it Isn’t she beautiful”


Without responding, Vian stood silently in front of the mirror.


It was like he was overcoming a trauma… but wouldn’t that kind of thing be a heroine’s job


It was going to be difficult to make a name for myself as a Villainess in this country.

I would love to build my squad as soon as possible.


I hoped that there would be some good people in this city.


“Thank you.”


Vian muttered.

The manager grinned, pleased to hear his voice.

A pleasant atmosphere prevailed in the room.


“Oh, that reminds me!”


The manager turned to me as if suddenly remembering something.


“What’s your name, young lady”


…I had completely forgotten!


“Uh, Alice.”



I quickly mumbled a feminine name derived from Alicia, but the derivative of my name was becoming more and more common.


I should have just called myself Alicia….

What was I, an idiot


No, wait.

Having many names sounded cool, like a spy!


“Alicia, that’s a good name.

I’m Ben Rylton.”


So, that was why the store was named “Rylton”.

I wish I could open a store called Williams.


“Your eyes are impaired, but you work for Vian, right”


“Yes, I am, but I could still fight, you know.”


I replied, raising the corners of my mouth.


“She seems to be the kind of person who naturally attracts the most talented.”


Ben looked me straight in the eye as he said so, even though he was talking to Vian.


Was it my imagination, or did he seem to be talking to me


In Ben’s brown eyes, I could see my face with a black vertical roll wig and satin cloth wrapped around my eyes.


He must have realized that I was the boy who had fought a Lion, who had made a name for himself in this country.


You won’t normally find a physically impaired person working in the royal palace.


“It’s time to go.”


Saying so, Vian wore his cloak.

I put on my cape as well, so that my face would not be visible.


Even though we were in front of Ben, he was speaking in his normal tone this time.


Following Vian, we headed towards the door but Ben grabbed me by the hand before we went out.


“About the smaller of the brown-skinned boys who escaped from the arena, he’s showing early signs of spotted disease.”


He whispered in my ear.


“How did you know that…”


Since he bothered to tell me that, he must have known that the castle’s men had captured them…


Meaning, he was not just some ordinary dressmaker Maybe that was why Vian trusted him so much.


I wondered if he was like Paul, the plant shop owner in Duelkis Kingdom.


“Well then, take care of yourself.”


After saying so, Ben let go of my hand.


Vian was about to open the door but stopped.

He then turned back to Ben.


“Thank you for creating the real me, Ben.”


His smile was so beautiful.

He would surely charm people, young and old.


What a happy smile.

And this gentle tone was Vivian.


I glanced sideways at Ben.

His eyes were just glued to Vian’s figure.


As the creator of Vian’s dress, that was probably the nicest thing anyone had ever said to him.


Vian pulled his cape over his head and we left.


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