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Although I had expected to walk around town in a dress, Vian was just happy to see Ben.


If he had strolled around town without his cape, he would have been ridiculously conspicuous. But maybe that day will also come soon.


I hope that one day he will be able to dress however he wants and go out on the town to get noticed and have fun without worrying about his position.


Vian didn’t seem to have anywhere in particular he wanted to go, so we decided to leave.


More than anything, I was worried about that little boy with spotted disease.


Anyway, I must not let his body get cold.

His condition would get worse and worse if he was confined in such an unsanitary place.


Maybe Vian could sense that I wanted to go home.


We made it back from the city without being discovered.

The sky was already dark by the time we arrived at the castle.

I yawned instinctively.


The day passed by so quickly.


We sneaked back to Vian’s room, where we carefully took off our dresses and changed into our usual attire.


I thought I would never be able to wear a dress in the Ravaal Kingdom, but unexpected events happen, I suppose.


Vian finished changing first and started working on his remaining tasks.

The speed with which he switched from Vivian to Vian was truly wonderful.

It was like he was transforming into a different person.


I finished getting dressed and went to see Vian. He noticed my arrival and quickly put the papers in his hand on the desk.


“I guess this is goodbye for a while.”


Vian looked lonely.


It was not like I was going to die… Well, but I was going to risk my life to find Maddie.


“Thank you for your help, even if it was only for a short time.”


I sincerely bowed.


It was truly a pleasure to work with Vian.

It was inspiring to see him at work, up close and personal.


Even though my motive for coming here was impure because Victor sent me here, I was rather grateful to him because I met a wonderful person like Vian.


“What, you’re suddenly being respectful”


Vian’s voice sounded perplexed.

I gently raise my head and gaze into his yellow-green eyes.


“I am very honored to work for the prince.”


As I said this, Vian’s face turned serious; the Vivian element faded away.


“I’m proud to have worked with you, too.”


Oh, how nice it was to hear those words from Vian!


Those were the best compliments I had ever received.


“You’re going to have to work harder under Victor, and I’m looking forward to seeing Alicia grow even more.”


He smiled confidently.

It made me smile back.


“I promise I won’t let you down.”


We looked firmly into each other’s eyes.


After a moment, I bowed lightly and left the room.

As soon as I left the room, Vian’s voice echoed in my ears.


“Don’t ever die.”


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