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Chapter 10: Cant Keep A Man

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Qiao Xi took out her phone and casually tapped on the screen twice. Then, a male voice that was deliberately lowered sounded.

“Miss Qiao, this matter isnt easy to handle.

“Look, if someone finds out, I wont be able to stay in the hospital anymore. I still have my wife and children to support…”

“Please dont misunderstand. Im not asking you to increase the payment. I just think that this matter is too risky. I…

“No, lets proceed!”

Qiao Rou abruptly sat up on the bed and stared at Qiao Xi in horror.

How How did she have this recording!

Qiao Xi raised her chin. “Looks like youve recalled something, Little Sister”

Mr. Qiao and Xu Mei were dumbfounded.

“Rou Rou, you…”

“Dont ask, dont ask me anything. Dad, Mom, can you go out first I want to talk to Sister alone.”

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Xu Mei still wanted to say something but when she met Qiao Rous pleading gaze, she could only fiercely warn Qiao Xi not to act recklessly.

“Your mother and I will just be outside. Call us if you need us.”

Mr. Qiao was also worried about Qiao Rou and Qiao Xi being alone in the same ward, but he could not resist Qiao Rous pleading. In the end, he could only pull Xu Mei along and leave the ward.

As the door of the ward closed, Qiao Rous aura changed. She lowered her head and played with her long hair. She pretended to ask casually, “Where did your recording come from These people are really bad. Theyre deliberately trying to ruin our relationship as sisters.”

Qiao Xi pulled a chair over and sat down. “Arent you tired of acting”

She had already fallen out with her, yet she still pretended to be close to her.

Qiao Rou lowered her head, and her expression could not be seen clearly. However, from her trembling shoulders, it could be seen that she was not calm at all. “Sister, why did you come back Since you already went to the countryside, why didnt you just die there Did you come back because you want to take away my position as the Qiao familys eldest daughter Why did you snatch my fiancé And that stubborn grandpa, why did he set such a rule Why did he give you the shares of Qiao Corporation Why!

“In what way am I inferior to you In terms of knowledge, talent, and etiquette, how am I inferior to you! Youre a peasant who came back from the countryside, a peasant who doesnt even know how to put on makeup. What right do you have to snatch away all my things the moment you returned!”

She suddenly looked up, her bloodshot eyes filled with unwillingness and resentment.

She was angry, she hated Qiao Xi!

She wished for nothing more than for Qiao Xi to die!


Qiao Xi looked up at the pure white ceiling and said in an extremely soft voice, “Perhaps its because everything you said rightfully belongs to me.”

She explained the truth calmly, “If your mother hadnt interfered in my mothers marriage, I would have had a complete family. I would have grown up in Li City and learned everything you just mentioned. And you, youre just a predator who stole everything that originally belonged to me.”

Qiao Rous body trembled, and she subconsciously retorted, “No, my mother didnt interfere with your mothers marriage. It was your mother who was incapable and couldnt keep a man!”


This explanation…

Qiao Xi was shocked by Qiao Rous worldview. She paused for a long time before speaking with slight doubt, “According to what you said, I want to fulfill the marriage contract with Gu Moling and marry him. You, his childhood sweetheart, were abandoned. Is it because you lack the ability as well, then”

“No, of course not! You threatened and bribed him! You and Grandpa used the shares to force Brother Moling to marry you!”

“Oh, no matter what, youre the one whos right.”

Qiao Xi played with her phone. “Youre acting so self-righteous as a mistress… Ive learned something today…”

She looked up at Qiao Rou. “Lets get back to the main topic. How does someone who isnt pregnant have a miscarriage”


Qiao Rous expression froze, then she suddenly raised her head and smiled at Qiao Xi. “Sister, why are you so sure that I was never pregnant Just because of that recording But recordings can also be faked…”

She had been too shocked earlier and surprised that Qiao Xi could actually obtain that recording. Now, she had calmed down.

So what if Qiao Xi had obtained the recording As long as she insisted that the recording was fake, there was nothing Qiao Xi could do about it!

Her hospitalization and surgery reports were all true!

“Are you lying through your teeth”

Qiao Xi quickly saw through Qiao Rous plan. She had to admit that if it were someone else, Qiao Rous plan would definitely succeed.

Unfortunately, she was her opponent this time…

“If you rely on those reports, you might lose.”

Qiao Xi tapped lightly on a video file on her phone, then flipped the phone screen so that Qiao Rou could see the video clearly.


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