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Chapter 11: Admitting Her Mistake

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Ten minutes later, Qiao Xi pushed open the door of the ward.

Xu Mei rushed into the ward at once, and Mr. Qiao was a step behind her. His scrutinizing gaze landed on Qiao Xi. “You didnt do anything to your sister, did you”

“Are you worried If youre worried, go take a look at her yourself.”

Qiao Xis brows were slightly raised, and her tone could not conceal her delight. “Dont worry, even murderers have the chance to surrender themselves to the police. I wont beat all of you to death in one go.” It was merely a simple sentence.

Her words were hard to understand, and Mr. Qiao frowned unhappily. “Its just been a day since we havent seen each other but why are you speaking like this Also, whats with the marriage you mentioned on the phone…”

Qiao Xi revealed a meaningful smile. “Youll find out in the future.”

With that, she ignored Mr. Qiaos probing gaze and pressed the button for the elevator. She was ready to get a ride home.

“Qiao Xi!”

At this moment, a mans voice suddenly sounded behind her.

The elevator stopped for some reason and did not arrive on her floor for a long time. Qiao Xi turned around helplessly. “What”

Gu Moling said unhappily, “Whats with your attitude”

“What kind of attitude do I have”

“Qiao Xi!”

Gu Moling could not help but raise his voice. “Why did you become like this! Look at you now, you dont look like youre the Qiao familys eldest daughter at all. You speak with such hostility as though someone owes you money. You have to know that you caused Rou Rou to miscarry. We werent the ones who let you down!”

Qiao Xi stretched out a finger. “Dont speak too soon. Go take a look at Qiao Rou, then youll know how stupid you were just now.”

“What do you mean”


The elevator door opened and Qiao Xi walked in. Before the door closed, she suddenly looked at Gu Moling thoughtfully. “Actually, the truth doesnt matter to you, right You just care about who brings you more benefits.”

Did Gu Moling really like Qiao Rou, then

Not necessarily.

In the ward, when Xu Mei entered and saw Qiao Rou crying, her first reaction was that Qiao Xi had bullied her daughter!

She turned around and was about to look for Qiao Xi to settle the score when she bumped into Mr. Qiao, who just entered.

Mr. Qiao pushed her away angrily. “Why are you in such a rush!”

“Qiao Xi bullied Rou Rou! Look at her, shes crying!”

“Mom, its not like that. Sister didnt bully me… Im just too sad…”

Qiao Rous eyes turned red. She struggled to get down from the bed and knelt in front of Mr. Qiao and Xu Mei. “Im sorry, Dad and Mom. I lied to you…”

While Mr. Qiao and Xu Mei were confused, Gu Moling pushed the door open.

When he saw the scene in the ward, he frowned in dissatisfaction. “Rou Rou, why arent you resting on the bed after your surgery Why are you kneeling on the floor”

After saying that, he went over and wanted to carry Qiao Rou up from the floor. Xu Mei and Mr. Qiao quickly came back to their senses and said, “Thats right, Rou Rou. Why are you suddenly kneeling on the floor”

“Brother Moling, Im guilty. Dad, Mom, just let me kneel.”

Qiao Rou held Gu Molings hand pleadingly. When she thought of what she was going to say next, her tears came streaming down like a broken dam. “Brother Moling, Im sorry. I was never pregnant. I lied to you…”

Everyone in the ward was stunned.

“W-What do you mean” Xu Mei stuttered, “Rou Rou, why dont I understand what youre saying”

Qiao Rou bit her lip tightly. If it were possible, she did not want to confess to everything, but that damned Qiao Xi somehow managed to get the footage of what had happened in the operating room!

In the video, she, who was supposed to be on anesthetics because of her miscarriage, was lying comfortably on the operating table and playing with her phone!

If this video was released, all her hard work and reputation would be ruined.

Qiao Xi forced her to admit what she had done to her parents and Gu Moling. She wanted her to clarify the fact that she had faked her pregnancy all along. Did Qiao Xi think that doing this would destroy her

No way!

Thinking of this, Qiao Rou lowered her eyes and let her tears fall onto the floor.

“Dad, Mom, I was never pregnant. Sister didnt push me either. Ive been saying that Sister didnt push me, but you guys didnt believe me…

“Brother Moling, are you very disappointed in me But I didnt want to do that either. You and I got to know each other first. I was the one who was with you for so many years. Why did I have to give you up to my sister when she came back I could give her the status of the Qiao familys eldest daughter, and I could give my parents to her, but I didnt want to share you with her.

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“When I thought about how I had to call you my brother-in-law in the future and never get to call youBrother Moling again, my heart ached even more. I admit that Im despicable and selfish. I tried to make you feel guilty toward me using my pregnancy and miscarriage, all so that you wouldnt be with my sister…”

Qiao Rou knelt forward and grabbed onto the corner of Gu Molings shirt tightly as if she was holding onto the last ray of hope. “Brother Moling, Im not a good person. Im not a good person at all. I want you. I only want you!”

Gu Moling was shocked.


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