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Chapter 12: Black Tide

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Xu Mei reacted by shouting, “Idiot! Rou Rou, youre an idiot!”

Qiao Rou sobbed softly.

Mr. Qiao went forward and patted Gu Molings shoulder. “Moling, it was Rou Rous fault this time, but its because she loves you too much. She loves you so much that she lost herself… Its all my fault. I didnt tell her that she would take her sisters place, so she… Sigh!”

“Its… fine.”

Qiao Rou cried so miserably that Gu Moling could not vent out his anger.

He pulled Qiao Rou up and gently wiped away her tears. “Its not Rou Rous fault, its my fault. If I had expressed my stance earlier, Rou Rou wouldnt have used this method to keep me by her side.”

Qiao Rou looked at him, touched. “Brother Moling…”

If something had not happened, Qiao Rou would not have taken the initiative to tell them about this. Thinking of this, Mr. Qiao hurriedly asked, “Rou Rou, did Qiao Xi say something to you”

Qiao Rou turned her head in embarrassment. “She… She has video evidence of me bribing the doctor and the scene inside the operating room.”

Then, she grabbed Gu Molings hand tightly. “Brother Moling, what should I do If my sister publicizes that video, I… Not only me but Qiao Corporation will also be affected. Its all my fault. Why was I so stupid that I chose to lie about my pregnancy!”

She hammered her chest in frustration.

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Although Gu Moling was a little annoyed by the trouble that Qiao Rou had caused, Qiao Rou was right. If this matter was not resolved properly, it would affect Qiao Corporation and even the Gu familys reputation.

Thinking of this, he held Qiao Rous shoulder and asked anxiously, “Are you sure all the evidence is in Qiao Xis phone”

Qiao Rou hesitated for a while, then nodded affirmatively. “She doesnt know how to use a computer, so everything should be on her phone.”

Gu Moling heaved a sigh of relief. “Alright, Ill handle this matter. Dont worry.”

He knew a very capable hacker who could easily hack into Qiao Xis phone to delete the video.

At the thought of this, he hurriedly took out his phone to contact the person.


Qiao Xis phone suddenly rang.

She lowered her head, then looked up at the hospital building. Was this the legendary case of not giving up until she saw the Yellow River

At the same time, in the building of Gu Corporation.

In the chairmans office on the top floor, Gu Zheng turned leisurely while sitting in his chair. “So, someone hacked into the internal website of Li City Hospital. You only found out about it today and made a report”

Special Assistant Chen Xiao lowered his head. “The other party is very quick. After we realized what was happening, we followed the traces but found nothing.”

“What did that person do”

“They just deleted a few surveillance videos.”

Speaking of this, Chen Xiao found it a little strange. To be able to silently break through the firewall of Li City Hospital, it had to be a top hackers doing. Usually, such hackers would steal confidential documents, but that person did not even touch those and only deleted a few useless videos…

“According to the forensics team, the person who invaded Li City Hospital was most likely Black Tide.”

Black Tide was an expert hacker who suddenly appeared ten years ago.

Hacking into major systems was like entering an uninhabited land. His methods were direct and brutal. No one knew who Black Tide was, whether they were a man or a woman. All they knew was that wherever Black Tide was, no other hacker could stop their attack.

“Black Tide”

Gu Zheng pondered for a moment. “Lets put this matter aside and let the technical team take care of it.”

After Chen Xiao left, Gu Zheng muttered to himself, “Black Tide… Its been a while.”

At night, when Qiao Xi returned to the villa, she happened to see Gu Zheng having dinner.

She took a look at the dishes. Without getting the servants to do anything, she went to the kitchen to get some cutleries and sat on Gu Zhengs right-hand side.

“Go to the other side.”

Gu Zheng did not even raise his head.

Qiao Xi shook her head. She glanced at Gu Zhengs expression, then took the opportunity when he was not paying attention to touch his hand. She gently reminded him, “Shouldnt newlyweds kiss after not seeing each other for a day”

Gu Zhengs gaze on Qiao Xi was indescribable.

“Someone, get Madam a bowl of rice.”

He wanted to stuff Qiao Xis mouth with food.

Previously, Qiao Xi never refused any food as she thought that perhaps she might be able to taste the flavors if she kept eating. Now that she had already found something sweet, though, why would she want to eat those bitter foods

Looking at the bowl of white rice that was filled by the servants, Qiao Xi absent-mindedly grabbed her chopsticks and started playing with her food.

Sensing her movements, Gu Zheng glanced sideways. “Not hungry”

“Im hungry, but I dont feel like eating.”

“Youre throwing a tantrum”

Was this considered throwing a tantrum She simply had no appetite. Qiao Xi shook her head. “No.”


Gu Zheng did not say anything else and picked up his chopsticks to eat happily.


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