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Chapter 13: Maybe There Was Something Else

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Qiao Xi stared at him for a while before taking out her phone to read the message she just received.

When she had just returned to the Qiao family, she overheard Qiao Rou and Gu Molings conversation. That was how she knew that they were struggling to find a computer hacker. She had learned from Lei Feng to do good deeds, so she secretly sent Gu Moling her contact details and helped them solve their urgent problem after that.

Unexpectedly, Gu Moling reached out to her again and this time, it was to delete the video file on her phone.

He wanted her to hack into her own phone

Qiao Xi silently thought as she stared at the other partys offer. Gu Moling was quite kind to Qiao Rou. Should she earn his money

Qiao Xi happily accepted the payment.

“Gu Zheng, I have a suggestion.”

Qiao Xi put away her phone and took the opportunity to negotiate with Gu Zheng. “Were newlyweds, so shouldnt we do more things to improve our relationship”

“Such as”

“You can kiss me from time to time.”


Gu Zheng put down his chopsticks and said slowly, “You were looking at your phone for so long just now to find out how to take advantage of me”

Qiao Xi: “… No, I was just handling some serious matters.”

Gu Zheng shot her a look, implying that he did not believe her.

Qiao Xi spoke righteously, “Could it be that you dont think we should foster our relationship We live under the same roof, so I think its very necessary for us to foster a closer relationship.”

Gu Zheng supported his chin with one hand as his dark eyes locked onto Qiao Xis face. His voice carried a trace of amusement as he said, “I know a doctor. Hes very knowledgeable about physical intimacy. Do you need me to introduce him to you”

He thought that Qiao Xi had a problem with her body and she was seriously ill.

Qiao Xi: “…”

She did not want to talk to this person anymore.

Gu Zheng sneered and stopped looking at her. He seemed to have thought of something and suddenly opened WeChat to send a message to a user with a black profile picture.

[Are you in Li Cheng]

Qiao Xi could not do anything to Gu Zheng who would not budge, so she could only turn her head and not look at him.

At this moment, her phone vibrated. She took a look and was stunned.

Her online friend had sent her a message.

Back then, she was young and reckless. She relied on her hacking skills to sweep through all the major internet control centers. Her arrogant actions caused her to have many enemies, but she also got to know a friend by accident.

She and Mo Yuan got to know each other when they broke into the network of T Countrys National Security Center. At that time, they both thought that the other party wanted to capture their respective security experts. After realizing that it was a misunderstanding, the two of them covered each other and retreated safely.

Perhaps it was because they shared a tacit understanding, they later added each other as friends. Whenever they encountered problems, they would seek help from the other party.

Although it was easy for the two of them to investigate each others identities, Mo Yuan and she seemed to have the same tacit understanding. They continued to maintain their friendship on the internet.

However, what did Mo Yuans words mean She could not help but reply with a question mark.

[Is there any trouble going on in Li City Hospital recently]

Seeing Mo Yuans reply, Qiao Xi was enlightened. [Youre also in Li City Its not too troublesome, itll be settled soon.]

While Qiao Xi was typing and chatting with Mo Yuan, she raised her head and glanced at Gu Zheng, only to see him lazily fiddling with his phone. He did not care about her at all.

She pursed her lips and could not help but complain to Mo Yuan. [I coincidentally have something to ask you.]

Gu Zheng looked at the message sent by Black Tide and raised his eyebrows. [What is it]

Qiao Xi typed furiously. [I have a friend who recently registered her marriage, but her legal husband refuses to get close to her. When my friend proposed to nurture their relationship and be more intimate, her husband asked her to see a doctor. In this situation, what can my friend do to get closer to her husband]

Gu Zheng: [… Perhaps you should confirm if your friend was scammed into getting married]

He had heard that many men would marry as a way to solve some of their problems.


Qiao Xi thought for a moment. Back then, she was the one who had looked for Gu Zheng. If it were a scam, she would be the scammer.

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Hence, she quickly denied it. [She wasnt.]

Gu Zheng knocked on the table. [Maybe theres something wrong with this mans body. You can ask your friend to bring him to see a urologist.]

Qiao Xi remained silent.

“Why are you looking at me like that”

Gu Zheng waited for a long time but did not receive a reply from Black Tide. Qiao Xi, who was sitting next to him, sized him up with a very strange gaze, making him feel extremely uncomfortable.


Qiao Xi seemed to be lost in thought.

All these years, she had never heard of any scandals between Gu Zheng and any other women. Whenever people from Li City talked about Gu Zheng, they would say that he was cold and unfeeling.

Behind this callousness, could there be something else


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