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Chapter 19: What Kind Of Suppression

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[How do you coax a man]

Only Mo Yuan could give her an answer whenever she had strange questions.

Gu Zheng was standing outside the door, smoking to calm his emotions. When his phone vibrated, he casually took it out to take a look. When he saw the question sent by Black Tide, Gu Zheng immediately thought that this person was treating him as a counselor.

He bit on his cigarette and typed with his head lowered. [Say sweet words and act cute. Men are the easiest creatures in the world to coax.]

Qiao Xi: “…”

I think youre lying to me.

At the same time, Gu Zheng sent another message.

[Do me a favor as well. Tell me how to suppress a woman]

This message was Gu Zhengs last-minute idea.

Qiao Xi casually replied: [What kind of suppression]

Gu Zheng: [… In terms of aura!]

Qiao Xi smacked her lips and typed furiously: [Brother, youre too lame. You cant even suppress a woman, you weakling]


Gu Zheng was so angry that he wanted to smash his phone!

[If you cant even coax a man, what kind of woman are you Youre a tomboy!]

Qiao Xi snorted. Who said she could not coax men

She put her phone in her pocket and strode out of the shop.

At the door, Gu Zheng was looking at the WeChat conversation. He had not received a reply and wondered if he had stepped out of bounds…

At that moment, he heard footsteps behind him. Following that, his arm was grabbed by someone who exerted a strong force.

Qiao Xi pressed him against the pillar and immediately kissed him!

After their lips parted, Qiao Xi was slightly out of breath.

She rested her chin on Gu Zhengs shoulder and said softly in his ear, “Dont be angry anymore, alright It was my fault just now. I was naive and stupid. I was fearless because I didnt know anything.”

Gu Zheng: “…”

Qiao Xi had taken some time earlier to look up a good coaxing method that she could use.

First step: Dont care about the consequences, just kiss them!

Step two: Buy, buy, buy!

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Thus, before Gu Zheng could recover from his shock, Qiao Xi grabbed his wrist and got into the car. They went straight to the largest shopping mall in the area. She said boldly, “Go ahead, buy whatever you like. Ill pay.”

The sales assistants could not help but look at them strangely.

Gu Zhengs face instantly darkened. He gnashed his teeth and said, “Qiao Xi, what are you trying to do!”

First, she kissed him without any explanation. Now, she had dragged him to the mall and was saying things that would cause misunderstandings. Was this woman humiliating him!

“Buy you things.”

Seeing that Gu Zhengs expression was not pleasant, Qiao Xi thought for a moment. “You dont like this mall Then lets go to another one”

Gu Zheng, “!”

Dont like my *ss! This was his mall, and there was a huge amount of money flowing in every day. How could he not like it!

“You shouldnt go crazy here. Were going home! Right now!”

Longwan Residential.

After sending Qiao Xi to the door, Gu Zheng drove off without stopping.

Qiao Xi looked at the back of his car, her red lips slowly pursing before she slowly exhaled. Alright, she admitted that men were really too difficult to coax!

Qiao Xi entered the villa dejectedly. Before she could change her shoes, she heard a few discordant voices.

“Young Madam Shes just a vixen who somehow managed to seduce Young Master.”

“You guys saw her too, right That woman is very slutty. She seduced Young Master so brazenly at the dining table and even kissed him! Ugh! How doesnt she find her own behavior disgusting”

“Everyone knows that our young master previously had an engagement with the daughter of the Meng family. Only someone like Miss Meng can be calledYoung Madam. As for this woman, shell probably be chased out very soon. Let me tell you a secret, Young Master doesnt even sleep in the same room as her!”

“Stop talking, that woman is back.”

The servants all looked at Qiao Xi.

Qiao Xi kept her eyes fixed on the door as she walked in. The servants were dissatisfied with her attitude and went forward to surround her, their expressions full of disdain and arrogance.

The servant in the lead sneered. “Miss Qiao, right I heard you came from the countryside No wonder youre so unsophisticated. What right do you have to stay by Young Masters side I advise you to leave as soon as possible. Only a woman like Miss Meng is worthy of being our mistress.”

Qiao Xi stopped in her tracks, her clear eyes filled with confusion. “Is the owner of this villa you or Gu Zheng”

“Of course, its Young Master!”


Qiao Xi nodded. “If you hadnt said that the owner of this villa is Gu Zheng, I would have thought that it was you. After all, it seems you can decide who the mistress of this villa is. You sure have a lot of power.”

The servant widened her eyes. “W-What are you talking about!”

When did she decide who the mistress of this villa was!

“Didnt you say that only someone like Miss Meng is worthy to be your mistress”


The servant could not help but raise her voice. “Im just saying that compared to you, Miss Meng is more suitable to be the Gu familys young madam!”


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