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Chapter 20: Support

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“However, reality has proven that your thoughts are wrong. After all, the person standing here is me.”

Qiao Xi raised her hand and pointed at herself. “Look clearly, Im your true mistress. Im an important figure who can decide whether you can remain here and work.”

The servant laughed. “Decide if we can work here Do you really think of yourself as someone important Weve worked here for two to three years. Do you think you can chase us away with just one sentence What a joke!”

“A joke”

A deep and cold male voice sounded at the door.

Gu Zheng did not expect to see such a dramatic scene the moment he came back. His cold gaze swept across everyone present.

The servants shuddered, and the one who had just spoken turned pale. Her legs were trembling as she stammered, “Y-Young Master, its not what you heard… I did it in a moment of anger…”

“In a moment of anger”

Gu Zheng repeated the servants words unhurriedly. “You said that my wife has no right to chase you away in a moment of anger You pointed fingers at the mistress of this villa in a moment of anger Who gave you the guts Huh”

Qiao Xi had angered him so many times but he had always vented his anger behind her back without throwing a temper in front of her. What right did these servants have to speak so carelessly to Qiao Xi in a moment of anger

The mistress that he had personally chosen and the woman who had entered his household register was being bullied by the servants in his villa

Gu Zhengs eyes became increasingly deep as his gaze fell on Qiao Xi. “Arent you usually quite formidable when dealing with me Why are you holding yourself back now”

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How could she let a few servants bully her

Qiao Xi, “…”

She did not even have the time to say anything when Gu Zheng came back!

The servant from earlier panicked when she saw Gu Zhengs attitude. “Young Master, I…”

Gu Zheng walked to Qiao Xis side and slowly held her hand with his well-defined fingers. “Take a look and see if theres anyone you like here. If there isnt, then dismiss all of them. Lets get a new batch of servants, and you can personally pick them.”

From the beginning till the end, he never even looked at the servants. He only lowered his head and looked at Qiao Xi with a gentle gaze. He handed the power to rule the household to her.

Qiao Xi knew that Gu Zheng was helping her establish her authority.

She had experienced such a thing before. She remembered that when she first returned to the Qiao family, the Qiao familys servants had looked down on her and said all kinds of nasty things. How did her father and Xu Mei handle it

They said that these servants had been working in the Qiao family for quite a long time, so the family had to be understanding when they occasionally made mistakes. They said they hoped Qiao Xi could be more magnanimous and not stoop to the servants level.

Qiao Xi lowered her head to look at her hand that Gu Zheng was holding. The joints of his palm were distinct, and there were some calluses on his fingers. They were rubbing against the back of her palm unhurriedly, providing her comfort.

Qiao Xi lightly exhaled, then rested her forehead on Gu Zhengs arm as if she was tired. She said in a dispirited voice, “Just fire them all. I dont like having so many people around.”

Gu Zheng lowered his eyes to look at the top of the womans head. All of a sudden, he raised his other hand and patted the top of her head while replying softly, “Okay.”

With that, he ordered the security guards to chase all the servants out.

Ignoring the maids cries, Gu Zheng looked at Qiao Xi, who was pressing all her weight on him, with a strange expression. Was this woman really affected by the incident with the maids Why did she suddenly change so much

In reality, Qiao Xi just did not know how to deal with the surging emotions in her heart.

Gu Zhengs undisguised protection was something she had never expected or experienced.

She seemed to have always been alone. When she was young, her health was not good. When she was bullied, she could only hide in a corner and cry silently. After growing up and becoming more powerful, she learned to fight back.

Just like those servants, she had a hundred ways to deal with them. She had already thought of what to do if Gu Zheng did not agree to let her handle them.

Who would have thought that Gu Zheng would suddenly return and give her his support without hesitation

Her behavior was too abnormal. Gu Zheng could not help but hold her shoulders as he asked worriedly, “Whats wrong Are you feeling unwell”

Qiao Xi stared at her toes and shook her head. “No, I just suddenly realized that being weak is quite good as well…”

At least, it felt good to have someone to protect her.

Gu Zheng: “…”

Although he was a little speechless, Qiao Xis tone when she said this made his heart ache. When he thought of what had happened to Qiao Xi, he subconsciously reached out and pulled her into his embrace. “If you want to be weak, then be weak. Even if the sky collapses, your man will hold it up for you.”


Qiao Xi grabbed Gu Zhengs clothes and rubbed against his chest, letting her emotions surge in his safe embrace.


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