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Chapter 22: Greedy For My Body

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The next day, when Qiao Xi woke up and found that it was extremely quiet downstairs, she suddenly remembered that the servants in the villa had all been fired by Gu Zheng yesterday.

Gu Zheng crossed his long legs and leaned against the sofa as he casually flipped through some documents. When he saw Qiao Xi come downstairs, he raised his chin toward the direction of the dining room. “Lets go eat breakfast.”

Song Shiyu stuck his head out of the kitchen. “Madam, youre awake Breakfast will be ready soon.”

Qiao Xi came to the dining room and pulled out a chair. She propped her chin with one hand as she watched Song Shiyu busy himself in the kitchen. “Why are you cooking in the kitchen We dont have new servants yet”

Song Shiyu wiped his hands. “President Gu wants you to pick the servants.”

Qiao Xi said, “Ah, its too troublesome. Just do handle it as you see fit.”

Gu Zheng tossed the documents onto the sofa and said coldly, “So fickle-minded!”

He wanted Qiao Xi to live more comfortably, but she did not appreciate his gesture!

Qiao Xi: “…”

She secretly beckoned to Song Shiyu and asked in a low voice, “Is your President Gu in a bad mood”

Song Shiyu looked at her with a complicated expression. It was President Gus first time treating a woman well, but this woman just did not care!

“If youre not busy, perhaps you can consider selecting a few servants It wont take up too much of your time. Ill call the servants over so just pick a few whom you like.”

Qiao Xi was unable to refuse after he put it that way.

Seeing her nod, Song Shiyu let out a silent sigh of relief.

At the dining table, Qiao Xi paid no attention to Gu Zhengs cold aura and sat down beside him.

Song Shiyu looked at them, finding it very strange. Yesterday, he thought that something was going on between the two of them, but now, they looked so distant. It did not seem that there was anything going on between them!

Gu Zhengs cold aura was too obvious, it was impossible for Qiao Xi not to notice it.

She pressed the space between her eyebrows before suddenly pressing down on the back of Gu Zhengs neck so that he would move closer to her.


She planted a kiss on Gu Zhengs lips and coaxed him in a low voice, saying, “Dont be angry anymore. If youre angry, your stomach will hurt.”

Gu Zheng, “”

Song Shiyu let out an exclamation.

Gu Zheng glared at Song Shiyu before pushing Qiao Xi away. “Im not angry. Eat your food and dont touch me.”

Qiao Xi touched her lips and replied with a smile. Not only had the kiss appeased Gu Zheng but she would also get a delicious breakfast in exchange. What a bargain!

In the study on the second floor.

Song Shiyu followed Gu Zheng while nagging, “President Gu, are you really the President Gu I know You were the one who was subdued by the woman earlier! Damn, the madam was so domineering at the dining table! She kissed you just like that. Is this the happiness of a legally married couple!

“Also, since you and Madam are so close, why arent you sleeping in the same room as Madam Did Madam chase you out of the room yesterday”

The scene from this morning was too much for Song Shiyu that he had not recovered!

“Shut up!”

Gu Zheng was extremely annoyed.

Song Shiyu chuckled. “President Gu, are you shy”

“Shy Why should I be shy That woman is greedy for my body every day. If shes not shy, why should I be shy”

“Shes greedy for your body because she likes you, right Otherwise, why wouldnt she want my body”

Song Shiyus words made Gu Zheng stop in his tracks. He turned around to look at Song Shiyu and raised his eyebrows. “You said she likes me”

Song Shiyu nodded matter-of-factly. “Yes.”

His gaze swept to Qiao Xi, who was playing with her phone in the living room downstairs. Gu Zhengs thin lips curled up slightly as he muttered softly, “No wonder…”

No wonder she wanted to kiss him all the time. It turned out it was because she liked him. This fact made Gu Zheng instantly happy.

Just then, Song Shiyus phone beeped. He looked at the message and said in confusion, “President Gu, Madam was previously in an accident, which affected her taste buds. No matter what she eats, itll taste bitter to her. But she seemed to be eating breakfast normally just now.”

“What did you say”

Gu Zheng narrowed his eyes.

Song Shiyu did not know why President Gu had suddenly changed his attitude. He could only pass the phone to him. It was the result of his investigation yesterday.

Even though Gu Zheng had said it was unecessary last night, as Gu Zhengs special assistant, he had to ensure Gu Zhengs safety.

Scrolling through the contents of the message, Gu Zhengs expression darkened.

She liked him It was all lies!

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If he remembered correctly, Qiao Xi had wanted to divorce him on the first day of their marriage when they were in the car. However, due to a freak combination of factors, she ended up kissing his finger. Even now, Gu Zheng still clearly remembered Qiao Xis expression at that time. Her eyes were brighter than the stars in the night sky, and she had excitedly pointed at his finger, saying it was sweet.

The woman who found everything bitter suddenly found him sweet.. It was then when she changed her tone and stopped talking about the divorce. From time to time, she even wanted to kiss him to get that sweet taste, which was hard to come by for her!


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