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Chapter 23: Big Liar

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If Gu Zhengs guess was correct, Qiao Xi could enjoy the true flavors of food every time she kissed him.

Liar! Liar! She liked him! She clearly treated him as a seasoning packet!

Song Shiyu looked at Gu Zhengs increasingly gloomy face with trepidation. “P-President Gu, are you worried about Madams health If youre worried, Ill get Li Wei to come over and do a full body check-up on her.”

Gu Zheng sneered. “No need.”

Song Shiyu: “…”

Song Shiyus heart almost jumped out of his chest when he saw Gu Zheng angrily shut the door of the study. President Gus mood had been too volatile recently. It was really like accompanying a tiger.

They were making a lot of noise, so Qiao Xi could not help but look up, only to meet Song Shiyus helpless gaze.

Qiao Xi said, “… Hes angry again”

Song Shiyu suddenly felt like crying. President Gu was so hard to please!

“Its fine, Ill be fine in a bit.” Qiao Xi had a look of wisdom.

Song Shiyu shook his head. He did not think Preisdent Gu would recover his mood anytime soon.

He pushed his glasses up and sat opposite Qiao Xi in all seriousness. “Madam, do you like President Gu You like President Gu, right Otherwise, you wouldnt have married him.”

At the same time, he secretly turned on the recording button on his phone.

“Like him”

Qiao Xi instinctively asked, “What do you mean bylike”

Song Shiyu, “”

“You like him because you miss him when you cant see him. When you see him, you want to hug him and kiss him. You want to be with him forever… right”

It was hard for him, a single man, to conduct an emotional analysis on a married woman!

Qiao Xi compared his words to her own situation. Besides wanting to kiss Gu Zheng so she could enjoy food again, she was not satisfied with everything else.

“Then I dont think I like him.”

Qiao Xi analyzed it very rationally, saying, “I married Gu Zheng because he was the only one who was willing to on that day at the Civil Affairs Bureau. I need a husband to help me get the shares of Qiao Corporation. Gu Zheng also needs a woman to deal with his familys nagging. Hence, our marriage has nothing to do with liking each other. Were just taking what we need from each other.”

“Taking what you need from each other…”

Song Shiyus hand trembled as he pressed the recording button. He felt like he would not be able to see the sun tomorrow.

Qiao Xi might be taking what she needed, but he knew that President Gu was not just taking what he needed!

If they were each just taking what they needed, he would not have introduced Qiao Xi to anyone, nor would he hand over the power in the villa to Qiao Xi.

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“So what do you think of President Gu, Madam If you want to date someone, will you consider President Gu” Song Shiyu wanted to cry.

Qiao Xi pondered this question for a long time and felt that it might be possible.

Although Gu Zheng was angry and awkward, he was still quite cute.

Qiao Xi pursed her lips when she thought of how he had protected her yesterday and his comforting hug. For the first time, she had the thought of escaping.

She did not know how to answer Song Shiyus question.

Hence… she excused herself!


Song Shiyus hand only caught the air.

Madam, please finish your words before you leave!

He looked at his phone which was still recording. He did not know if he should keep it or delete it.

Qiao Xi went straight into the underground garage. She remembered that there was a modified sports car in the garage.

She was in a bad mood and needed to do something more exciting to suppress her emotions.

Song Shiyu heard the low rumble of a car and stood up abruptly. The noise was…

He rushed out of the door and happened to see the silver car swerve like a divine dragon before disappearing in a cool manner.

Song Shiyu, “!”

Ignoring the fact that Gu Zheng was still angry, he hurriedly ran up to the second floor and knocked on the door of the study. “President Gu, Madam drove one of the cars out!”

Gu Zheng did not want to talk to him, but Song Shiyu kept repeating his words like a recorder. Gu Zheng was annoyed. He opened the door and said in a grim tone, “Whats wrong about her driving Cant you drive”

Song Shiyu blinked. “I can drive.”

Did that mean it was normal for Madam to know how to drive

No! This was not a matter of knowing how to drive or not!

“Madam is driving your modified car. Shes not driving any of the ordinary cars!”

Many things about the modified car were different from normal cars. Qiao Xi was just a woman. Driving an unfamiliar car could easily land her into trouble!

Gu Zhengs expression changed. “Cut the crap. Hurry up and find her!”

Qiao Xi drove back to the apartment she had previously rented.

This was her secret base where she mainly dealt with hacker issues.

She had not paid much attention to Gu Moling since she accepted the job.. After logged into the website, she realized that Gu Moling had sent her a lot of messages asking her when she would finish the task.


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