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Chapter 28: That Woman Has No Heart

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Just then, she received two more emails.

One of them was from Li City Universitys official account. They wanted to confirm if she was joining as a judge. At the same time, there was a line at the end of the email that read: [Qiao Rou, who was once taught by you, will also be participating in this fashion design competition. Wouldnt you be interested in seeing her]

Qiao Xi clicked on another email.

It was from the design department of Gu Corporation. They were inviting her to attend the fashion design competition that Li City University would be hosting and also expressed their sincere desire to cooperate with her. They hoped that Miss Gu Shan would agree to meet them during the competition and discuss the collaboration.

Qiao Xis gaze lingered on the wordsGu Corporation and finally sighed helplessly.

The next morning when Qiao Xi went out, Gu Zheng was still asleep. She casually took a slice of bread and greeted the new servant before leaving.

When Gu Zheng went downstairs, a servant came up to him. “Good morning, Young Master.”

Gu Zheng took the newspaper from the servant and casually asked, “Wheres Madam Shes not up yet”

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The maid lowered her head. “Young Master, Madam left early in the morning.”

Gu Zheng put down the newspaper and scoffed.

When Song Shiyu arrived, he saw Gu Zheng sitting in the dining room with a cold face. He gulped and asked, “President, should we leave now”

Gu Zheng sneered. “What do you think”

Song Shiyu pointed upstairs and asked cautiously, “Dont we have to wait for Madam”

Gu Zheng asked, “Are you waiting for her Is she waiting for you”

That woman had no heart!

Song Shiyu: “…”

He understood now. Madam had abandoned them and left first!

At this moment, the backstage of Li City Universitys Fashion Design Competition was packed with people.

A mediocre-looking girl held Qiao Rous arm intimately and said with surprise, “So many people are participating in this competition There are so many more people compared to previous years!”

As Qiao Rou greeted the people she knew, she answered the girls question, “Many people join the fashion design competition because they stand a chance to enter Gu Corporations design department, so the students try their best to squeeze in. I heard that the CEO of Gu Corporation, Gu Zheng, will be in attendance this time. Many people want to get close to this legendary person.”

“Gu Zheng Gu Molings uncle”

The girl blinked at Qiao Rou playfully. “These girls are trying their best to meet with people who are out of their leagues. Our Rou Rou can see that big shot every day, right After all, you two will be a family in the future.”

“Qing Qing, youre talking nonsense again.”

Qiao Rou blushed. Her coquettish look made Wang Qings heart skip a beat. “Rou Rou, dont show this expression next time. Im afraid Ill commit a crime.”

Qiao Rou was the campus belle in their university. She looked shy and timid. When others looked at her, they would feel the desire to protect her.

“Qing Qing!”

Qiao Rou stomped her feet. Seeing that she was really shy, Wang Qing chuckled and changed the topic. “Even if Gu Zheng is coming, these students dont have to take it this far, right”

The number of people registering for the competition was almost twice of previous years.

“Its because someone else will be here too.”

Thinking of the news she had received, Qiao Rou suppressed the excitement in her heart and whispered in Wang Qings ear, “Its said that Master Gu Shan will also be attending this competition as a judge…”


Wang Qing widened her eyes instantly. “The Master Gu Shan youre talking about… Is it the Gu Shan I know!”

Their voices were not soft, and many people backstage looked over. Qiao Rou pulled on Wang Qings arm and reminded her quietly, “Be careful. Were not sure about this yet, so dont let the others hear.”

“Whats there to be uncertain about Rou Rou, arent you in contact with Master Gu Shan” Wang Qing blinked at Qiao Rou. “Dont think I dont know that Master Gu Shan gives you special treatment and personally gives you pointers on your drawings… Do you think Master Gu Shan wants to take you in as her disciple”

Qiao Rou shook her head gently. “I dont know either. I just heard from the teacher that Master Gu Shan likes my design style. However, there are many outstanding people in the university. I dont know if I can catch her eye.”

Gu Shan was the goddess in the hearts of all fashion design students.

Wang Qing said exaggeratedly, “Rou Rou, youre too humble. Who else in the university besides you can catch Master Gu Shans eye! Be more confident. Maybe Master Gu Shan came for you this time!”

Hearing her words, Qiao Rous smile grew wider.

At this moment, there was a commotion outside. Everyone subconsciously turned their heads and gasped.

Who was this woman She was so valiant and beautiful!

The crowd began to discuss noisily.

“Whos that Shes so cool!”

“D*mn, is she from our fashion design department Why didnt I realize that we have such a beauty in our department!”

“Is she also participating in the fashion design competition What should I do Just looking at her face alone makes me want to vote for her!”


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