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Richard looked at the woman tied up in chains with scars all over her body with interest after the giant lizards corpse was moved away.

The woman had long golden hair that looked like flames.

Her eyes were sharp, and her aura carried the ferocity of a veteran soldier.

Even though she was heavily injured, no one dared to underestimate her.

“Who are you”

A hoarse voice entered Richards ears.

Richard did not respond to her question.

He waved his hand.

And the bandaged mummy pressed the three captives who had come from the territory on top of her.

When the three captives saw Xina in a much worse state than them, their feelings were particularly complicated.

They wanted to contribute and bring the residents of Twilight City back to Oasis City.

However, they did not expect that in just two or three days, not only did they fail to bring the people back, but they also became captives.

What made them want to cry without tears was that even the newly established Oasis City no longer existed.

And the owner of the Oasis City had become a prisoner just like them…so unfortunate.

“Lord Xina…”

When Xina saw these three captives, she forced herself to be alert and asked in a deep voice.

“Are you the Lord of Twilight City”

Before she sent out the spies, she naturally had a detailed understanding of the city.

Twilight City only had a few small squads of soldiers.

Even if they had developed for more than ten days, how strong could they be

But what was going on now

The dark gargoyles displayed elite-level battle strength, and their potential was above the Rare 2-stars level.

Just these four squads of dark gargoyles alone were enough to make Oasis City suffer.

How could the enemys troops develop so strongly in less than ten days

She could not understand the battle prowess of Twilight City…

Richard did not respond.

After he confirmed the enemys identity, he opened his status panel with curiosity.

[Xina Krina]

[Hero Unit]

[Level: 8 (Elite hero, strength 30%)]

[Potential: Unknown (Bloodline seal)]

[Job: Fearless warrior, rare (advanced, strength 50%)]

[Status: Heavily injured (All attributes reduced by 70%.)]

[Blood Qi: 500 points (Recovers 5 points per second, heavily injured status 20 points)]

[Skills: Fearless Heart (A-rank)– Fearless in the heart.

Immune to all halo-type pressure.

Never-failing morale.

Immune to mind-type control skills.

Immune to instant Soul Execution skills.

All attributes increased by 70%.]

[Krina Blood (A-rank)– Powerful bloodline has extraordinary power.

Able to control the fresh blood in ones body to store energy.]

[Innate Warrior (A-rank)– Has an innate ability to comprehend battle.

Battle techniques are set at master rank, at the same time proficient in all weapons.

Able to unleash the strongest characteristics of the weapon.]

[Heavens Fury (A-rank)– Condenses energy on the weapon to kill the enemy in front.

No cooldown time, every time it is used.

A minimum of 100 blood essence is consumed.

The more blood essence is injected, the higher the damage dealt (sealed).]

[Destruction (A-rank)– Uses blood and qi to strengthen the weapon.

Increases its sharpness by a huge amount.

It can pierce through heavy armor and breakthrough magic shields(sealed).]

[Hero Characteristic: When you are fatally injured, you will instantly recover 50% of your strength.

You can also use blood and qi to heal your injuries (sealed).]

[Race Talent: The higher the damage you receive, the faster your blood and qi will recover.]

[Fetter-Fearless: The stronger the enemy, the stronger the will to fight.

For every level higher than oneself, the enemys strength will increase by 30%, up to a maximum of 5 levels.]

[Description: A sturdy warrior.

She has nothing to fear in her heart.]

‘Damn, this attribute is too strong.

Richards heart skipped a beat.

He did not expect Xina to be so mighty.

‘Are the women of the Krina tribe that extraordinary

‘Why was her bloodline sealed And her strength restricted by more than half

‘What was going on

But even so, Richard was still moved.

‘This heros strength was not inferior to that of Gray and Gunter.

“Young Lady, I can see you are very suitable to join Twilight City.

Are you interested in coming home with me”

Although she had some thoughts in her mind, she didnt show anything strange on her face.

She stared at the young man and weakly said, “Im not interested.”

“Lady Xina, Im inquisitive as to why these lizardmen would attack the Oasis City…”

Xina turned her head and looked to the side.

The residents the lizardmen captured were now being guarded by the mummies.

“Lord of Twilight City, release my people… Ill tell you all this information.”

The descendants of the Krina tribe were not afraid of death.

However, she did not want hundreds of innocent residents buried with her.

Richard shook his head.

“Lady Xina, Twilight City needs a large number of people.

These refugees should belong to me.

Its just that your appearance has interrupted my progress in subduing them.”

“Dont worry.

I wont hurt them.

You can ask these guys what they saw in Twilight City.

Are residents in my territory worse than Oasis City”

Xina turned to look at the three captives.

They looked at each other and were bereft of speech.

Although captured, they had to admit that the residents in Twilight City were not inferior to Oasis City at all…or even better.

When Xina saw the captives expressions, she understood.

She did not dwell on it and said it directly.

“Some time ago, a terrifying sandstorm swept through the desert.

That storm opened up an ancient tomb.

“I got a piece of parchment out of it that marked the location of ruins.”

His eyes turned cold.

“But although I found the location of the ruins, I didnt have the key to enter it.

“The lizardmen got the key from somewhere…the black magic mace.

“The black magic mace can sense the location of the map… But the map cant sense the black magic mace.

“A few hours ago, the lizardmen launched an attack on Oasis City for the map…

“The black magic in your hand is the key to the ruins.

And it has the power to freeze space.

“If not for this black magic mace, the lizard commander wouldnt have kept me here.”

A proud expression appeared on her face.

Even in such a miserable situation, it was still convincing.

An ancient ruin

Richard was not very interested in other things.

But this particular word made his eyes light up.

“Where is that ruin”

“There is a mark on the map…”

Richard looked behind him.

The troop searched, and they would have an answer in a while.

Richard did not dwell on it.

Instead, he asked about the topic he was most interested in.

It was also the target of this operation.

“The oasis can accommodate so many people, and you plan to continue expanding… I think the production of resources, treasures, and food in your hands must be quite high.

Did the lizardmen snatch them away”

Xina looked straight at him.

“Human Lord, I have to say that you know quite a lot… I took that treasure out of my clan, so the lizardmen wont be able to find it.”

Richards heart skipped a pound.

So he didnt beat around the bush and said straightforwardly.

“I need that resource treasure.”

Xina gestured at the chain on her body with a determined gaze.

“Ill use that treasure to exchange for my freedom…”

‘Let go What if you run away Even a hero of this level would have to tie you back…

Before Richard could think of a way to deal with Xina, he changed the topic.


Xina, what made you come to the oasis to establish your territory”

Richard continued and did not wait for Xina to speak.

“Is it the ruins or related to the seal in your bloodline”

After Richard said this, he felt a cold kill intent lock onto him.

Anger filled her tone.

“Human Lord, how did you know about the seal!”

Richard raised his eyebrows.

Was this still taboo

After he thought for a while, he said calmly, “I can sense the aura of the seal on your body.

Your injuries have made it even more obvious…”

Xina deeply stared at Richard.

Richard also looked directly into her eyes and did not retreat.

After a very prolonged time, the exchange of gazes finally ended.

Xina looked at him profoundly and did not speak for a long time.

Richard made a judgment in his heart.

He was right.

The young lady genuinely built the city in the oasis to seal it…

After he thought, Richard said softly, “Lady Xina, there is a kind of powerful honey in my territory.

It can remove negative states.

Perhaps, it can give you some help… It may not be impossible to break the seal.”

Xinas eyes regained their calmness.

And the aura of a veteran was once again revealed.

It was so fierce that it made people gasp in admiration.

“Human Lord, you cant imagine what kind of power the seal has…”

“Using resources and treasures to exchange for my freedom is not a loss for you.”

“Moreover, the women of the Krina tribe are the curse of death for men…”

As she spoke, she revealed a playful smile.

“Of course, if youre willing to be my lover, thats another matter…”

Richard recalled the legend of the Krina tribe women personally killing their husbands in exchange for power.

He instantly felt a chill.

‘I only wanted to subdue you, but you wanted to sleep with me.

Youre simply vicious.

‘However… Im not interested in you.

What does this legend have to do with me

‘Such a powerful hero.

If I let her go, she would jump and slap him.

“Its fine that I let you go.

But where are you going next”

“Back to the territory Isnt the curse settled”

These two questions struck directly at her soul.

It caused Xina, who had just calmed her emotions, to be stunned again.

The Oasis City she had worked so hard to build shattered in the blink of an eye.

And now, she had become a captive and could be slaughtered at will.

Even freedom had become a luxury at this moment.

Where could she go now Back to her clan What was the point of her coming out if she could return so soon

Richard felt emotional when he saw the change in her attitude.

He looked at Xina with a gentle gaze.

“If you dont know where to go, why dont you come with me first Twilight City needs a lot of soldiers to work.

“Twilight City is a peaceful and prosperous city.

Life is full of hope.

You can stay here temporarily.

“Its okay if you dont want to join the troop.

You can do what you like.

“I promise you that as long as you need it, I will use Twilight Citys strength to help you solve the curse.”

The leadership skill had a strong personality charm.

There was a certain chance that the troops in the wild would surrender.

Twilight Citys characteristic was to live a peaceful life and work well.

Ninety points of popular support had been activated.

It had a unique attraction for refugees and heroes.

Richard gave Xina a strong sense of trust at this moment.

It seemed that it was not difficult to accept and follow him to that strange territory…

As she looked at this young mans handsome face, inexplicable meaning reflected in his eyes.

And she slowly opened her mouth.

“Human Lord, I know what youre thinking… The commander of the Krina tribe is the warrior that every lord craves.

Our reputation reverberates throughout the entire desert!

“But I dont mind.

“If you can help me break the seal in my body, Im willing to become the blade in your hand!”

As she spoke, her tone became more solemn.

“I found some knowledge about breaking the seal in that ancient tomb.

Perhaps, that ruin can help me.

I need to enter it with you to explore…”

The lizardmen were defeated.

So the ruins would naturally become the other partys spoils of war.

She had left her people and built a city by herself.

Everything she had done was to break the seal in her body for the sake of the Krina tribe, who had suffered hundreds of thousands of years.

It was not easy for her to find this information about the seal.

She could not miss it no matter what.

Her gaze was firm.

And her determination could not be shaken.

If the other party could truly break the seal, she would not hesitate to take her life and soul, not to mention seek refuge.

Everything was for the sake of the Krina tribe.

[Ding~ Xina Krina has issued you a hero recruitment mission — break the gods curse in her body and break the bloodline seal.]

[Mission completed.

She will seek refuge with you and become your subordinate.]

When Richard saw the system notification, his scalp immediately went numb.

‘Break the…gods curse in her body

‘Xinas bloodline seal was caused by a gods curse

‘I dont know if I should say this…


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