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The benefits of this wave of exploration from these harvests alone could be priceless.

How comforting!

The second harvest was three teams of glorious level magic puppets—Heavy Sword Warriors.

The physical damage of these powerful magic puppets almost reached its peak.

Even the mummy that activated Sand Transformation could be drunk to death.

The violence was so sturdy it reached the level of numbness on the scalp.

The appearance of the Heavy Sword Warriors remarkably strengthened the top-tier battle strength in its hands.

Moreover, he could command these magic puppets directly through his mind, and they could immediately carry out orders.

It was invaluable for war.

Moreover, at this stage, who could withstand the spiral storm the Heavy Sword Warrior attacked 15 times a second

The third reward was the dark crystal.

This 3-star treasure was the central crystal of the Arcana Hall!

After Gunter refined it into a soul phylactery, it had three thunderous skills.

It gave the A-level hero an extra life.

It also increased its battle strength dramatically and took a big step toward the magic turret.

The reinforced Gunter and Gray as absolute loyal A-rank heroes to him, the more delighted he was.

These were all sharp blades that fought for him.

Fourth is the resource harvest—more than 1,000 units of gemstones and 650 units of fire elemental cores.

Of course, the worth of gemstones is priceless.

Richard had never had the resources to build the Heros Altar.

And one of them required a large number.

And recruiting dark gargoyles was also inseparable.

The 650 units of fire elemental cores were colossal rewards.

These treasures could enchant equipment and give them magic damage.

They could starkly reinforce a troop.

The only question was whether or not Adele could use these fire elemental cores to reinforce the troop.

If she could directly reinforce the troop, then their value would double.

The fifth is the strategic harvest—two 2-star strategic equipment.

Magic mace and the mysterious robe.

It was the first time Richard had obtained an offensive strategic weapon.

The two pieces of equipment together could increase magic damage by 60%.

Moreover, each piece of equipment also came with a skill:

[Magic Energy Strengthening (Can be used five times a day.Increases the strength of a troop within a radius of 100 meters by 30% for 10 minutes.)]

[Magic Energy Shield (Can be used five times a day.

When attacked, it can automatically release a magic shield with a powerful defense.

Lasts for 10 minutes.

It will shatter after receiving overload damage.)]

Both skills were ultimately prosperous.

The last reward was the gemstone the Fire Elemental Lord gave him… He could make this Level 18 Boss attack once.

It was enough to change the battle outcome at a critical moment with the opponents strength.

Moreover, the Fire Elemental Lord had left behind a prelude… Richard would come to the fire lord after reaching level 15.

It would take level 15 to complete this.

This was pronouncedly an advanced quest.

There might be several risks involved.

But the benefits would ultimately be considerable…

Just as Richard was in high spirits, the on-guard dark gargoyles around him suddenly roared.

“Enemy attack!!!”

The loud voice interrupted his thoughts.

He suddenly turned his head and looked in the direction of the voice.

In the next second, his eyes turned cold.

He saw a large group of figures that rode on wargs on the sand two hundred meters away…

They were different from the desert wolves he had met before.

These six to seven hundred-pound wolves were rotten all over, with pustules growing all over their bodies.

They looked like corpses soaked in a stinky ditch for dozens of days.

They were exceedingly disgusting.

The rotting wargs opened their enormous mouths, and saliva dripped from their sharp fangs.

Their mouths exuded a disgusting stench.

On the wargs backs, withered yellow-skinned desert orcs clenched the reins in their hands.

Their mouths had fangs that exposed their lips.

Their eyes were severely fierce—the Orc Warg cavalry.

Richard glanced around, his gaze focused on the core position.

Behind a white warg was a figure two-head taller than the other wargs that weighed more than two tons.

Seated was a desert orc warg leader covered in scars.

Its eyes had been shot blind by sharp arrows.

Its aura was fierce.

Richard checked its attributes.

Orc Warg cavalry, level 5, Rare 2-stars potential.

Berserker Warg cavalry, level 7, Rare 3-stars potential.

The strength of the Orc Warg cavalry was divided into two levels.

The total was probably more than seven squadrons.

The densely packed figures continuously let out low growls, giving people considerable psychological pressure.

It was the most ferocious troop Richard had ever encountered.

In the middle, the desert orc warg riding on the white warg was a hero unit with C-rank potential and level 8.

The desert orc leader also noticed mummies were protecting Richard.

When it saw Richard sizing up, the desert orc leader showed a cruel grimace.

It slowly motioned its right hand across its neck.

It showed a throat-cutting gesture.

The surrounding wargs immediately cried out loudly.

Their morale soared…

When it saw Richard ignored its provocation, the halfling lord snorted coldly and looked at the more than five meters tall magic puppets.

Fanaticism and greed filled the desert orc leaders eyes.


A massive tremor caught the desert orc leaders attention three days ago.

At that time, it happened to be hunting around this sandstorm area.

When it sensed something strange, it immediately led its troop over.

When it rushed over, it immediately discovered nine mountain-tall bronze doors.

Ancient ruins.

It immediately fell into a state of excitement… But without the key, no matter how hard it tried, it could not enter.

And the person who opened the door had long disappeared.

He left only a strong aura in the air.

It could only wait outside.

The desert orc leader, for three days, even assumed the person had long been buried inside for three whole days… Now, it finally saw the preemptive prey come out!


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