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When they entered the territory, the surrounding residents held their chests excitedly and bowed.

The smile and joy on their faces were not the least bit fake.

It was a joy that came from the bottom of their hearts.

Xina looked at the territory in front of her with some curiosity.

Unlike what she had imagined, this territory was not enormous.

She could see that it had just started.

But what touched her the most was the smile on the faces of the territory residents at this moment… There seemed to be light in their eyes.

Hope and the future seemed to have filled this place.

She thought of Oasis City.

When the residents saw her, they were more afraid and distant, although they were respectful.

It was the first time she had seen the residents so happy from the bottom of their hearts.

She had never even seen such an atmosphere in the Krina tribe.

This city…was positively something different.

She stared at the figure with a profound gaze and was the focus of everyones attention.

The refugees sent to Twilight City a few days ago had also seen the lord who had sent them back to this territory for the first time.

Just as the old residents had said, they had deeply loved Richard.

After the popularity of the people rose to 90, Twilight Citys attraction to outsiders increased a lot.

Those refugees had been in Twilight City for a few days and rapidly integrated into the environment under the efforts of the other residents.

This city seemed to have had a unique charm that made them feel particularly at peace.

“Lord Richard, your territory seems to be a little different…”

After everyone bowed, Richard suddenly heard a wave of emotion coming from his side.

He turned around and smiled at Xina.

A fierce aura of a hundred battle-veteran filled her being.

The hundred battle-veteran had fought side by side with him for a few days.

And their relationship had already become close.

They were no longer strangers to each other.

However, there was still a long way before he could command the veteran like he commanded Gunter and Gray.

“Every city has its soul.

The soul of Twilight City might be even more special.

You must carefully experience it.

“There wont be too much intense battle for the next two days.

“There are many empty rooms in the Lords mansion.

Ill get someone to clean up two of them.

You can stay here in peace.

“Thats the blacksmiths shop over there.

Adele is in charge of the work there.

Shes the best blacksmith in Twilight City.

You can seek advice from her if you need weapons.

However, shes currently researching how to upgrade scorpion warrior attacks.

She probably doesnt have much time…”

After the introduction, Xinas expression relaxed a lot.

A smile also appeared on her face.

“Lord Richard, I can walk on my own.

Theres no need to trouble you…”

She said squeamishly.

“The desert honey you gave me last time… is it here”

Richard couldnt help but laugh and pointed outside.

“Its the agricultural area over there.

The agriculture of Twilight City is strenuous here…”

Xina looked in the direction of the Russian olive forest as she spoke, and her eyes immediately lit up.

The honey Richard gave her a few days ago had an indescribable, exaggerated taste that left a deep impression on her.

She bet it was the best desert honey she had ever eaten.

“Can I seek permission to take a look”

Richard nodded slightly and pointed at a bandaged mummy, asking it to accompany Xina.

Sure enough, no one could escape the taste of the Desert Crown Honey…

When Xina went to the Russian olive forest to watch the bees in high spirits, Karu rushed over excitedly.

“Lord Richard…”

The old white-haired man deeply sighed after he saw Richard unharmed.

The pressure in his heart these days had swept away, and his wrinkled face relaxed at this moment.

His spirit and energy suddenly had energized.

Richard reached out and patted the older mans shoulder.

He could tell that Karu must have been under a lot of pressure during this period.

“Youve worked hard.

Ill give you a break for the next two days.

Have a good rest…”

“My Lord, its an honor to serve you…”

Amidst the reception, Richard returned to the Lords mansion after a few days.

The 30 heavy sword warriors he had brought back were left in the space outside the mansion, allowing the excited residents to visit.

Richard sat on a chair in the hall center and didnt think of anything else to do.

After drinking two sips of warm tea, he looked at Karu.

“Have you counted the population from Oasis City”

“There are a total of 560 people.

Exactly 1,000 people, including our original 340 residents.”

After he said that, Karu added another sentence.

“There are also 30 long-arm laborers and 20 desert gnomes – 1,050 people in total.”

The population had finally exceeded 1,000.

It wasnt easy.

Richard sighed deeply.

It would simply kill him to get some population in the desert.

And the territory upgrade required a sufficient population, which almost made him lose his temper.

“Have those residents settled down”

“Theres still quite a big gap in the houses…”

Richard felt his thoughts werent clear enough, and his tone became slightly heavy.

“Karu, report in detail the progress of various aspects of the territory in the past few days.”

Karu stood up.

His gaze was solemn.

“Yes, Lord Richard.”

“First is the construction aspect.

We have built 30 new completed residential houses.”

“A portion of the new residents who have joined the territory live in these residential houses but can only accommodate ten people.

So, many still stay in the barracks and open spaces outside.

“We can meet our current needs if we upgrade these 30 residences to elite residences.

“However, this requires your strength.”

The gods had given the lord the ability to upgrade territory the soonest.

It was an unparalleled strength.

He could only wait for Richards return.

“Secondly, the stables and winery have already been built.”


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