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Jones words made Richards heart skip a beat.

To judge from this process, this was probably a part of the reward of the S-rank mission.

He spoke decisively.

“President Jones, I am duty-bound for this mission.”

Jones smiled and nodded.

“Follow me.”

Then, all the elders stood together and followed Jones through the side door of the hall.

After they passed a passage, they arrived at the side hall.

This side hall was different from the main hall.

They carved countless magic inscriptions on the surrounding stone walls.

The surging magic power was like the waves of the ocean that can make ones breathing quicken.

In the central area, on a dark blue altar, the Third princess slept quietly lay on it.

“Elder Richard,” Jones said softly.

“Elder Richard, please lie beside the Princess of the Templar City.”

“This process will last for a week to two weeks.

Be mentally prepared…”

Richard nodded.

He was not in a hurry to go up.

He took out the Tibetan Soldier Card and let Gray out.

He looked at Ferguson.

“Ferguson, do you still remember what you promised me

“After we returned to the Scarlet Council, you taught my subordinates the skill to summon mummies.”

It was something he wanted to do.

He had never had the chance before, but now he could not let it go.

Ferguson did not know whether to laugh or cry.

It waved its hand.

“I will arrange this.”

Richard said seriously.

“This matter is fundamental to me.

Please, pay attention to it.”

Ferguson said unhappily.


How could I mistreat you”

After the two became closer, their conversation became much more casual.

“Also, I have a subordinate in the lake where I stole the holy dragons blood.

“If its possible, please, send someone to bring him back… Gray, take Gunters soul ball.

You can find him when you get close.”

Ferguson waved its hand and agreed to such a small matter.

It could just send two flying units to solve it in a day.

After it gave some instructions, Richard laid down beside the Third Princess in peace.

The altar was spacious enough, so it was not crowded.

Jones took the holy dragons blood, sealed tightly with a bottle cap, from the shelf next to him.


It pulled out the bottle cap and looked at Richard with its deep blue eyes.

“Go to sleep… When you wake up, you will have more power.”

As soon as it finished speaking, Richard felt a wave of sleepiness sweep over him, and he fell into a deep sleep.

He didnt know how much time had passed.

He was in a daze and felt like lava shrouded his body.

His blood vessels exploded, his bones shattered, and his muscles torn apart…

An indescribable feeling surged into his mind.

But at this moment, he was like an outsider.

In a daze, he had no sense of pain.

He could only see his body was broken and healed in that energy.

He was destroyed and healed repeatedly.

He could feel that his body got increasingly stronger in this process.

In the end, power shrouded every part of his body.

This process lasted for an extremely long time.

It was as if several centuries had passed.

He fell asleep countless times along the way, and a special feeling awakened him several times.

And in the process, the depths of his bloodline seemed to have undergone a different change.


On June 27, the development of the dungeon was very fast.

Although the two main factions broke out in several big battles and suffered countless casualties, there was still no victor.

The impenetrable city walls of Templar City were like mountains, unshaken no matter how many times the Covenant of Evil struck.

Meanwhile, after such a long time had passed, extremely active players were still discussing an ID…

“Qingqiu has been missing for three weeks.

Has that bastard lost Why didnt we see him even during the epic battle of the Covenant of Evil attacking Templar City”

“1,260,000 points… 650,000 points for second place.

In other words, it will take at least another month to catch up to him.”

“These few big battles are much more comfortable than Qingqius.

That kind of pervert shouldnt have appeared in the dungeon…”

Hostile discussions continued…

Even though Richard had been missing for a long time, it was still one of the hottest topics.

The most discussed topic was where he might have gone.

Why was there no sign of him in the last few big battles

The influence brought by the act of killing hundreds of thousands of people was too extensive for the players.

Moreover, the ridiculous number on the ranking board made it difficult for them to ignore it.

He was the first person to open the ranking board, and they could not avoid him.

At this moment, the system notification suddenly sounded, making everyone excited.

[Ding~ The time fragments energy is about to be exhausted.

The dungeon will end on June 28 at midnight.

Lords, please make preparations.

The points exchange will begin at that time.]

Was the dungeon about to end

They had worked hard for a month.

Finally, it was time to reap the rewards.

While the players excitedly discussed what they could exchange for the next day.

In his daze, Richard seemed to have heard something.

He suddenly opened his eyes.



His chest rose and fell rapidly a few times.

The air entered his lungs and infused him with power once again.

He slowly sat up.

There was no one else in this side hall.

Only the blue runes that emitted magical waves flickered.

He let out a long breath.

His consciousness gradually regained consciousness.

How long had he slept

Just now, it seemed that the system notification had sounded.

He opened the attribute panel and glanced.

He was stunned.

June 27.

The dungeon deadline was the following day.

The points exchange had begun.

Its the 27th

Did he sleep for 20 days

Richard was a little bewildered.

This was too exaggerated.

Did he sleep through this dungeon just like that

He continued to open the system notification.

There were still a few things that he had not seen before.

[Ding~ You have spent a week in the position of Scarlet Council Elder.

You have obtained one gold point.]

[Ding~ Your salary for this week is 1,000 units of mercury, 1,000 units of gemstones, and 1,000 units of crystals.

Please, go to the Scarlet Council warehouse to collect them.]

The repeated notifications increased his gold points by 3 points.

And he also obtained 9,000 units of rare resources.

His expression instantly became a little strange.

“Is this considered making money lying down”

His mood immediately improved.

This feeling was not bad.

A moment later, he suddenly felt something.

His eyes narrowed slightly.

The power in his body was like countless rivers surging.

The majestic power seemed to be able to make him smash the city wall with one punch.

When he gradually adapted to that power, the system notification rang again.

[Ding~ You have bathed in dragons blood.

Maximum magic power increased by 1,000.

Magic energy recovery increased by 20 points per second.]

[Current Magic Energy: 4,000 (30 points per second, 60 points per second when standing on the yellow sand)]

[Ding~ You have bathed in dragons blood.

You have obtained a special skill — Dragons Power.]

[Dragons Power (Special) — Your body has become incomparably powerful after being bathed in the dragons blood.

Your defense has increased by 300%.

And your strength has increased by 500%.

You are immune to lethal poisons, plagues, and instant death skills.

You are also immune to aura-type suppression.

[Ding~ You have bathed in dragons blood.

The bloodline in your body has been stimulated and changed.

You have obtained a new lords talent — Yellow Sand Halo (B-rank) — Able to grow]

[Yellow Sand Halo (B-rank) — Able to grow.

The power you emit is like a sandstorm sweeping across the land, causing a powerful psychological shock to the enemy.]

[The enemy will fall into a state of fear if their willpower test fails.

They will either surrender to you or flee.

Moreover, all of their attributes will be reduced by 30%.]

[Range: 100 meters.

Consumes 50 magic energy points per second.

The higher the magic energy consumption, the stronger the fear effect.]

Richards eyes immediately lit up.

He laughed after he carefully looked at it a few times.

What a good guy.

Bathing in dragon blood was so fierce

Not only did his magic energy increase by 1000 points.

His magic energy recovery speed increased by 20 points per second.

He also obtained two powerful skills, one of which was a Yellow Sand Halo skill that could grow.

To obtain such a colossal harvest after sleeping for 20 days, he wanted to buy an annual package…

The thing that moved him the most was the Yellow Sand Halo.

They could not learn halo-type skills.

This was because it was a talent.

If you had it, then you had it.

If you didnt have it, then you didnt have it.

The dragons might that came with the dragon was the most typical halo-type skill.

And most halo-type skills would only appear on top-tier lifeforms, such as dragons, titans, supreme demons, and angels…

Halo skills were the symbol of top-tier lifeforms.

It might not necessarily have an aura if it was a human or a dwarf, even if it was Beyond level 20.

Without such a talent in his bloodline, it would be useless.

What was worse was that his halo could still grow.

However, the wordgrow was too awkward.

His lord talent, Desert Dominator, had allowed Twilight City to develop gradually until now.

Now there was a similar one…


Just as he was getting excited, a voice interrupted his thoughts.

“Richard, how does it feel bathing in the dragons blood”

Knowles entered the room and stared at him as if it was looking at something strange.

Richard looked at the curious look of the dwarf and didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

“You can ask President Jones to give it a try.”

“Forget it.

Im not interested in dragons.

Master Knowles relies on intelligence! How can a weak human know how powerful a dwarf is!”

Richard didnt argue with him and asked.

“Knowles, have we carried out our plan”

The other party waved its hand.

“The president is already making arrangements.

You cant be of much help in this matter.

“With your little strength, you wont be able to defeat a soldier guarding the city… ”

Those who could guard the city wall in such a crucial battle were all elites.

Almost all of them were level 15.

The corner of Richards mouth twitched.

‘This being, cant it speak properly

As Knowles spoke, he seemed to have thought of something and said with some envy.

“The president asked me to take you to the warehouse to pick five items as a reward…”

Richards eyes lit up.

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