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Although Richard had chosen the gods ancient tree as his first target after his return to Twilight City, he was not in a hurry to set off immediately.

While retracting his scattered thoughts, he seemed to ponder on something and glanced at his stats panel.

[Gold coins, wood, stone, and iron ore were left, with 50,000 units each.]

[Gems: 4,500 units, crystal 3000 units, sulfur 1789 units, mercury 3000 units]

They accumulated ordinary resources before entering the dungeon.

Apart from some gems, rare resources were all harvested.

What made him quite happy was that in the month he had left, the troop lairs in Twilight City had all been refreshed.

The military lairs could store two weeks worth of military production.

He could recruit them right now.

After he looked at the number of military lairs, Richards expression froze again.

After some calculations, he needed 700,000 to 800,000 resources to recruit all the military lairs.

There was still a gap of 500,000, which was far from enough.

And building the 15 newly acquired military lairs also required a large number of resources.

“Looks like Ill have to recruit the key troop…”

Richard felt a little helpless.

However, this scene might become the norm in the future.

As the troop lairs increased, the resources needed for recruitment also increased explosively.

In addition, the resources needed for various buildings also increased.

In the future, he might fail to recruit every time the lair spawned.

This thing consumed too many resources.

After he thought about it, he looked at the three heroes, Gray, Gunter, and the Calvary Hero with D-rank potential — Baal.

“Each of you will lead a troop to sweep the map and hunt.

I need a lot of resources!”

Today was June 28.

The “Shining Era” was fixed at 28 days per month.

Tomorrow was July 1st, Monday.

At 8 pm, the system would refresh the armys lair.

If he delayed, he would undoubtedly waste the production of the troops lair.

He still had a whole day to get supplies.

He had to recruit the dark gargoyles and the undead soldiers of the Axe of the Dead first.

The resources required for these two rare soldiers were already exaggerated.

Rare 3-stars, Axe of the Dead, number of recruits: 10, resources required, 120,000 units.


Rare 3-stars, dark gargoyle, number of recruits: 40, resources required, 240,000,200 gemstones.

That added up to 400,000 resources and 200 gemstones.

Richard facepalmed, poor…

“As you wish, Lord.”

The three heroes each led a team and left.

He did not remind them too much.

Before entering the dungeon, the heroes already had the experience of leading a team to hunt alone.

After the troop left, Richard put the items back into the system space.

“Karu, go and confirm the location of the Hurricane Arrow Tower and prepare the workers.

When the materials are enough, start construction.”

The Hurricane Arrow Tower required 50,000 units of gold coins, wood, stone, iron ore, 500 units of crystal, 500 units of gemstones, and 500 units of mercury.

Right now, they could only recruit the troop and take a breather before building it.

Karu should be the last to leave with the blueprints in high spirits.

His mission was not limited to this.

He still had to find talented people for the brewery and food workshop.

This was a heavy burden.

Karu had to be careful and not make any mistakes.

When he went out, he saw the sachet of wine spilled in the front yard.

He felt a little regretful.

This kind of high-quality wine had not caught the Lords eye.

Although it was a little sour and bitter, it was genuinely wine…

Richard was left in the house to protect the mummy.

He shook his head and stood up to walk out of the territory.

The 15 lairs he had exchanged for were not placed for the time being.

He would wait until he had enough resources to recruit soldiers…

He once again experienced the pain of a shortage of resources.

He had many good things in his hands.

But he could not use them.

It was too embarrassing.

He became more determined to develop trade.

No matter what era it was, only trade could quickly earn several resources apart from robbery.

Hunting alone was not a long-term solution.

The first condition for trade is to have enough attractive goods.

But to produce this kind of goods requires high-level talent.

There was no way before.

But he has three heros certificates now.

Soon, he will be able to solve the winery and the food workshop.

It wont take long to solve this fatal problem.

And his most valued Desert Crown Honey and fire dragon rabbit, these two super specialties, are rapidly growing.

The Desert Crown Honey might have a limit, but the fire dragon rabbits reproduction was too startling.

He had a feeling this thing might become a real money-making machine.

The blanket made of the fire dragon rabbits fur was something he couldnt put down.

This kind of high-end product would ultimately not be hard to sell.

After he walked out of the Lords mansion, the surrounding residents that passed by immediately became excited when they saw him.

Everyone put their hands on their chests and saluted him everywhere he passed.

Respect shrouded their gazes.

“Good day, Lord…”


The greetings and salute continued…

At this moment, the system displayed Twilight Citys 90 points of popular sentiment.

They nodded slightly at the residents.

After the small territory had 1,500 residents, it became more prosperous.

The crowd on the street was much denser.

Some residents who had just arrived were distinctly not used to it.

When they saw Richard, they were both curious and excited.

They also followed the other residents and saluted.

Richard did not care too much.

Under the respectful gazes of the people, he walked out of the territory and went straight to the agricultural area.

Before he got close, he saw the scorched Russian olive forest.

At this time, the second batch of olives had ripened.

In two days, they would be able to pick them.

On one side, the wyvern attack scorched the olives.

They were full of fruits on the other.

In comparison, the difference was exceedingly distinct.

This scene stung Richard.

His gaze became colder.

It was the first time Twilight City had suffered such a huge loss.

It was a permanent resource treasure that could continuously produce olives.

This revenge must be avenged.

Near the Russian olive forest.

The fat aunt in charge of the agricultural area, whose face was like a red apple cut in half, immediately revealed a smile from the bottom of her heart when she saw him.

After she went forward and bowed, she spoke with a sublimely unique and quick tone.

“Lord, those poisonous wasps have not come to hunt our bees for a week!

“Thank you, gods.

It must be the blessing of the gods.”

Then, he muttered.

“But last time, those damn bipedal wyverns destroyed half of our Russian olive forest.

If I hadnt run fast, I might not have seen you…”

Richard said seriously.

“Those bipedal wyverns will soon become fertilizer for the Russian olive forest.

I promise you, Aunt Mary.”

The fat aunt laughed happily.

“My Lord, I praise you! You should quickly go and see the desert crown bees.

Those little guys have bred many lairs… You are brilliant, knowing that the other side will split up…”

Her unique and quick tone made Richard feel a little friendly.

After she said a few words with a smile, she turned around and entered the Russian olive forest.

As he approached the central area, the bees swarmed over him.

They seemed to be extremely happy.

Richard was in a good mood when he saw this.

After he counted carefully, there were already seven lairs of Desert Crown Honey.

There were also more than ten empty wooden boxes around him.

It was obvious that they were prepared for the other party to split their nests again.

However, before he upgraded these little fellows, the Desert Crown Honey bees would not do as they wished.

He turned his head and looked around.

The wyvern destroyed the Russian olive forest less than ten meters away.

His gaze turned cold.

Those monsters deserved to die.

He walked out of the Russian olive forest and reached the sand veins to take a few glances.

Over a hundred acres of sand barley had already started heading at this moment.

It would not be long before they could harvest the second round of sand barley.

At this moment, more than ten residents tended to their crops inside.

The sand barley shorter than its thighs swayed slightly under the breeze.

And the green barley grains appeared rather plump.

Exuberance filled this scene and made Richard feel better.

He took out two 3-stars resource treasures he had exchanged for his points from the system space.

He had one hundred acres of sand barley and 100 acres of Russian olives.

“They planted sand barley in the middle of last month.

Its a month of maturity, and it just happens to be harvested in the middle of last month.”

“If I place this piece of sand barley now, I can stagger the harvest time.

Whether drying it or snatching it, itll be much easier when that time comes.”

Stagger the placement of resources and treasures could slow down the harvest time and reduce the pressure of harvesting and storage.

On the other hand, the Russian olive forest could stagger the flowering time and allow the harvest of Desert Crown Honey every day.

However, there were only five acres left in the Russian olive forest.

It wouldnt have much of an impact.So, Richard couldnt be bothered to wait any longer.

He first walked to the sand land near the 100 acres of sand barley and placed the barley there.

The green area became even more enormous when the second 100 acres of sand barley grew.

The verdant seedlings were full of vitality.

Even a glance at them was enough to make people happy.

Then, they did the same thing and placed more than 100 acres of Russian olives next to the Russian olive forest.

As a result, the crops in Twilight City reached 305 acres.

There were two hundred acres of sand barley, 105 acres of Russian olives, plus seven lairs of desert crown bees.

And the number of fire dragon rabbits that were about to explode.

The farm he planned took shape and had the most basic framework.

After they selected the right person, he would change to a B-rank life hero and let the brewery and food workshop officially operate.

Everything would be fine.

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