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Richard looked at the system notification and didnt know what to feel at this moment.

He had spent so much effort to notably go to the Scarlet Council to select the dark contract.

But he no longer needed it at the critical moment…

After he returned to his senses, he rejoiced again.

Wasnt this equivalent to baiting the boss

It was comfortable.

He immediately chose to confirm.

In an instant.

A notable wisp of soul power emanated from the body of the gods ancient tree closely connected to him.

At this moment, Richard could distinctly sense the emotions of the gods ancient tree toward him.

It was anxiety, trepidation, and endless fear of death.

As long as he was willing, he could use this wisp of soul power to destroy the other partys soul at any time.

The twisted human-faced giant trees thoughtful ways of doing things satisfied Richard massively.

He had saved this precious 4-stars treasure which starkly allowed him to have another target to enslave.

It was too great.

It would be much easier if everyone were as obedient as this gods ancient tree.

Richards heart ached a little when he stared at this gods ancient tree.

‘Who was so cruel to you, my baby

This guy better not die now.

“Gray, Gunter, immediately lead the troop to hunt around the area.

I need several corpses and flesh.”

“At your command, Lord.”

The two heroes immediately led the troop and left Richard alone.

Richard was no longer like before at the peak of the battle in Twilight City.

He did not need the troops to guard him at all times when he went hunting for elite soldiers.

The considerable benefit of becoming stronger was that it guarantees safety apart from being able to show off in front of others.

As a Lord who hid at the back and commanded the troop to attack the city and conquer the land, protected by countless soldiers, it was not too much for him to take on alone, right

An hour later, prey shrouded the gods ancient tree.

Danger filled the desert at night, and the chances of encountering soldiers in the wild increased significantly.

The hunt did not encounter any obstacles, with two powerful heroes present.

The roots of the gods ancient tree were like straws, directly split out thin roots and stabbed into the corpses.

Richard did not feel any pain even after he looked at the corpses.

The roots forcefully sucked up the flesh and blood that formed rings and sent them into the trunk.

As the corpses gradually dried up, the faint aura of the gods ancient tree burned again.

Richard could not help but sigh at the perversity of this boss.

They could not have exhausted this boss the next day if they had not destroyed the blood lake this time.

It was not until daybreak that the hunting party stopped.

Dried corpses filled the ground this time.

A twisted human-faced giant tree that had returned to normal stretched its branches under the sunlight while Richard looked at it.

An incomparably tyrannical aura was unbridled.

More than a dozen newly grown fruits above them were indeed eye-catching.

Richard and his troops have burned all the poisonous wasps in the others day battle.

The gods ancient tree brewed new guards this time.

Although the poisonous wasps were a rare species, these species were more similar to assassins.

They had high agility and attack, and they carried lethal poison.

They had low blood.

And the shallow defense was their weakness.

In a head-on battle, they could deal a wave of explosive damage.

At the same time, Richards group attacks effortlessly wipe them out like a blazing sandstorm.


The voice of the gods ancient tree was a little low and empty like an echo in the valley.

Gods ancient tree language.

At this moment, Richard looked at this big fellow, who needed to raise his head to see the whole picture clearly, and nodded in satisfaction.

The trunk of the gods ancient tree was more than 30 meters tall above its root.

There were 16 giant dried branches on its body.

These branches were more than 20 meters long and could wave freely.

With the 20% instant death characteristic, these tree trunks became a serious killing machine.

The roots were even more exaggerated.

There were more than 50 tree roots, each 40 meters long.

It was very eye-catching when they waved.

Even if the roots did not have the instant death characteristic of the tree trunk, the damage they could cause was also intensely exaggerated.

They would ultimately be invincible if they were to defend notable terrains like the city walls or passes.

He was willing to call the other party the king of standing.

If there were troops to cooperate with this boss to block the long-range damage from the outside world, then this would magnify its battle power.

When Richard thought about how the gods ancient tree would always guard Twilight City in the future, he immediately felt as comfortable as eating an iced watermelon on a hot day.

At the same time, he felt a sense of satisfaction from the toy he had looked forward to since he was a child.

With this toy, why would he need a bicycle

After he calmed himself down, Richard seemed to have thought of something.

After he organized his words, he asked.

“Do you have a name”

“Lord, you can call me Treebeard.

It is the name I gave myself…”

The human-faced giant trees words were immensely laggard.

It was like a slowed-down video to 0.5.

“Treebeard, where did you come from”

The twisted human-faced giant tree revealed some thoughts.

And then it slowly said.

“I was born in the abyss.

I appeared in the mortal plane because of a spatial fluctuation.

“After a long time, I finally could walk.

I broke through that underground space and obtained freedom.”

Born from the abyss…

Richards eyes shafted a light.

He thought of the other partys description — an ancient tree born from the gods flesh and blood.

Gods evil was a terrifying thing that even gods had a headache over.

In all the legends of gods and evil in the “Shining Era”, there were these few words to describe this divine life —

Blasphemer, powerful, immortal.

“What happened to the gods flesh and blood that you devoured”

“When I was conscious, I sensed a body of flesh and blood beside me.

At that time, I didnt know that it was gods evil.”

The gods ancient tree said with some regret.

“When I realized it later, I had already appeared in the mortal plane because of that spatial disturbance…”

“I didnt even swallow a tenth of that corpses flesh and blood.”

Richards mouth and tongue immediately went dry.

“That gods evil corpse still there”

If he could use it to recruit mummies, wouldnt he be able to f*cking fly into the sky

“Can you return to the abyss now”

The gods ancient tree shook its trunk.

“My current strength is too weak.

I cant open the space yet.”

The twisted human-faced giant tree sensed that Richard seemed a little disappointed.

So, it added.

“But I can sense the bodys location through the strength in my body…

“When Im strong enough, I can find a way back.”

Richards heart skipped a beat.

“How strong is enough”

“I dont know…”

Richard wasnt disappointed.

At least he had a thought.

It wouldnt be too late to discuss it when it was strong enough in the future.

“Lets go, Treebeard.

Come home with me.

“Twilight City will be your territory from now on.”

“Yes, Lord…”

After Treebeard said that, Richard floated up and flew to the top branch of the gods ancient tree.

Then, he sat down steadily.

This raised his line of sight suddenly.

Seated on this giants body was very different from flying.

He felt superlatively safe.

He had the dark gargoyle drag the troop around to escort them.

Then, he guided the gods ancient tree to move into the Twilight City direction.

In this battle, the skeleton blood dragon and the skeleton demon Richard had forbidden to attack stood on the trunk of the gods ancient tree, like a birds habitat.

This scene was full of fantasy.

The gods ancient trees branch instant kill characteristic was too abnormal.

The two crown soldiers were both convenient battles.

It would be a waste to let them attack with perfect tactics.

There would be many more battles and countless ways to test their battle strength in the future.

Richard experienced the feeling of charging forward along the way.

The soldiers in the wild who saw the gods ancient tree were greatly shocked.

Not only did they not have the slightest intention of getting close, they even fled far away.

Not to mention anything else, just the human-faced giant trees size was too intimidating.

Dozens of giant roots supported the body as it walked in the desert.

How cool was that

The journey was smooth and unimpeded.

They sat on the gods ancient tree and returned to Twilight City in the afternoon.


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