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The enemys sharp claws with unique negative energy could forcefully tear apart thrice at most, even with the favored yellow sand armor.

Even after they activated Sand Transformation, they could not block the enemys damage.

The evil energy on the Ankham divine guards also countered this skill that had made countless contributions.

The scorpion warriors, the giant axe death knights, and the bandaged mummies had suffered heavy losses.

But even at such a high price, the troops could not stop the nine Ankham guards from rushing into the temple.

Richards face became increasingly cold.

He could accept the loss of the troop, but not substantial losses that would fail to achieve their strategic goals.

Those monsters were thunderously unusual.

These crossed his heart.

He approached the temple within 100 meters to face the fatal danger coming.

His body flashed with light.

The yellow sand rose again.

‘Whoosh! Whoosh!

The endless Flame Sandstorm enveloped the nine Ankham divine guards.

Their mud-like bodies began to shake and distort.

But even so, this still could not cause any damage to them.

Richards face froze.

The next second.


A terrible flame rose.

In an instant, the temperature in the Flame Sandstorm rose wildly.

The red-hot sand hit the opponents at a magnified speed.


Black smoke came out of their bodies.

Their life force finally began to drop.

But soon, the imaginary chains poured energy into them again, and the wounds of these monsters quickly recovered.

When Richard saw this, he immediately asked the temples troops to speed up their attack.

They had to break the evil god statue, or they could not slaughter these monsters!

When Richard looked at the nine divine guards whose bodies twisted in the Flame Sandstorm, he noticed the sand next to him.

Suddenly, as if he thought of something.

Enthusiasm sparked in his eyes.

With a wave of his hand, the ground in the center of the sandstorm suddenly caved in.

The nine Ankham God guards fell directly into it.

The sand started to move and buried them alive.

Double casting.

Richard gritted his teeth and controlled the Flame Sandstorm in the ground.

He didnt believe it.

He wouldnt be able to trap them if he couldnt kill these monsters!

After Richard confirmed that the Ankham divine guards below couldnt escape for the time being, he looked at the Dark Temple.


The Flame Sandstorm directly charged toward the temple.

However, just as the Flame Sandstorm approached, a transparent shield suddenly rose in front of the temple.

It directly blocked the Flame Sandstorm outside.

Richard sensed the power of the magic shield and decisively waved his hand to cancel this Beyond A-rank skill.

He saved mana to control the Ankham divine guards that he trapped.

Nine divine guards that were level 14 and which they could not kill fell into the quicksand at this moment.

The sand above them pressed down crazily while the ground below them kept falling.

In an environment full of sand, it was almost impossible for them to struggle.

When Richard felt this, his eyes became brighter.

He seemed to have discovered another powerful characteristic of controlling the yellow sand — using sand to create a prison.

This skill seemed more strapping than the mad sand mages use of magic to imprison forcibly.

As long as one fell into the yellow sand, it would never be able to escape from his control.

Unless the other party knew spatial magic or was as huge as the gods ancient tree.

Sure enough, fighting was the best way to increase his strength.

The nine terrifying monstrous divine guards he could not slaughter just now could only struggle in the yellow sand.

However, the desert was his home ground.

Even if these divine guards crazily attacked the surroundings and wanted to break out of the cage, they would not be able to break through the sand.

He was only borrowing the power of the desert.

Under Richards precise control, the divine guards of Ankham gradually fell into the ground a hundred meters deep.

He starkly controlled the enemies to death.

After the troops outside had no more enemies, they immediately rushed into the temple and cooperated with those that entered first to attack the giant evil god statue crazily.

When Richard saw this scene, his mood also became quite subtle.

He thought it was a tie, but he did not expect it to develop into such a situation.

After all, he had imprisoned the Ankham divine guards.

The aura in the Dark Temple became more and more unstable.

Richard sensed that the threat had increased sharply and immediately retreated to a 200-meter radius.

He was the enemys target.

The other party seemed to know that he was the soul of the Twilight City troops, so they had locked onto him from the beginning.

The mysterious existence had chosen the right target, but the opponents had misjudged Richards cautiousness.

The danger perception he had learned from Ferguson allowed him to avoid the fatal attack the opponent was ready to launch at any moment.

And just as the situation gradually stabilized and the giant evil god statue slowly crumbled…

Richard suddenly had a bad feeling.

Because the aura of the nine divine guards of Ankam, who were trapped in the depths of the desert, became extremely weak in the blink of an eye.

The imaginary chains on their backs also broke at this moment.

The mysterious existence in the Dark Temple had sucked away the divine guards power!

The vigilance in his heart raised to the extreme at this moment.

He quickly retreated.

But at this moment, an indescribable paralyzing aura gushed out from the temple.

The space around Richard suddenly froze.

He didnt even have time to react.

He only felt an indescribable pressure had approached.

In a trance, a paralyzing life form more than a hundred meters in size appeared before his eyes.

The opponents head had countless squirming octopus tentacles.

Its pair of dark eyes stared at him coldly.

Evil, darkness, death, cruelty… All negative adjectives couldnt describe the aura it emitted.

“Rustle! Rustle! Rustle! Rustle! Rustle! Rustle! Rustle!…”

And the opponent cast a dreadful spell.

Richards mind went back hundreds of times — to the great god, Ankham.

He did not even have time to respond.

The opponent directly forced its soul bound to his soul.

That horrible being tried to assimilate him by force.

It even… Wanted him to be its slave!!

By the time Richard returned to his senses, it was too late to escape the terrible assimilating force.

However, he did not panic at all.

He was strangely calm.

He did not even resist the erosion of the other partys power and allowed his own power to dissipate.

That was until the evil existence devoured and fused with more than half of his soul.

Richard suddenly revealed a bright smile and slowly extended his middle finger toward the terrifying figure.

Then,Bang! His soul directly exploded.


At this moment, both sides had already merged by more than half.

The self-destruction directly caused irreversible consequences.

The evil sensed all of this, and an indescribable fear arose in its heart.

It frantically wanted to cut off the power it had assimilated.

But at this moment, it was already too late.

The collapse spread to its soul.

Everything was in oblivion.

The moment Richard completely lost consciousness, he heard a system notification.

[Ding~ You have killed an evil gods will and obtained a drop of divine power…]

[Ding~ You have died and triggered a Beyond A-rank skill — Sand Renegeration.]

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