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Lucy…took note of this hero unit promotion.

She was one of the residents.

Richard immediately turned off the system notification, got up, and left the Lords mansion.

He went directly to the residents houses that usually cut clothes.

Because there wasnt a tailor shop yet, or he didnt pay attention to it.

The tailors in the territory all sewed clothes in the residences of the residents.

Although this world retained a part of the special rules of the game, in the real world, there was no way that the residents wouldnt be able to make clothes without the tailoring shop.

It was just that without the tailoring shops attribute bonuses, the production efficiency and attributes might not be that high.

Twilight City was in a desert.

The climate was dry and hot, so there wasnt much demand for clothes.

A simple set of clothes was enough.

Moreover, the mummy troop in Twilight City didnt need any military uniforms, so he had never paid much attention to tailors.

Unexpectedly, the brewery and food workshop he had high hopes for hadnt moved yet.

And the tailor shop he had neglected all this time had given him such a big surprise.

For the system to rate 2-stars treasures and solidify them into a local specialty of the territory, one didnt need to think to know how precious it was.

When Richard arrived, the residential building was very lively.

Tailoring in the “Shining Era” was not a simple profession.

Only those who were clever and skillful could do it.

And women happened to have an astounding talent in this area.

Therefore, all the employees in the tailoring shops were women.

Before they got close, they could hear the chattering inside.

“The rabbit fur of these fire dragon rabbits is a fine material.

Its so comfortable to touch…”

“This is a treasure that the Lord has repeatedly told us to be careful of.

Its not simple.

I heard one can sell it for tens of thousands of gold coins outside!”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk” If I had a piece of clothing of this level in my life, even if I didnt live in vain.”

“How can we afford such a precious item At the very least, only the Lords concubines are qualified to wear it…”

“Sigh, the Lord doesnt seem to have any concubines, right Do you guys think that if I sent my daughter to the Lords mansion, will the Lord take a fancy to her”

“Come on.

Your daughter is already 40 years old.

Are you trying to find a wet nurse for the Lord Cant you think of something better”

“Whats wrong with a wet nurse My daughter can do the same! Maybe the Lord likes it…”

The residents continued to banter…

Before Richard stepped into the room, Richards face was full of black lines before he stepped into the room.

‘These old women who had nothing to do after eating their fill, couldnt they talk about something more with sense

‘Cough! Cough!

After two coughs, the room suddenly became dead silent, as if someone had pressed the pause button.

Then, a freckled girl stuck her head out to take a glance and then shrank back as if she had been electrocuted.

Not long after, more than twenty people came out of the room.

Before they could say anything, they all fell to their knees and trembled.

They didnt even dare to look at him.

Richard was both angry and amused.

“Werent you able to talk just now Are you all mute now”

He looked at the group of aunties whose legs trembled in fear.

He suddenly lost interest in reprimanding them.

He waved his hand and got down to business.

“Did you guys just use the fire dragon rabbit and the desert plant to create a long robe”

Most people were stunned when they heard this.

And then they looked a little confused.

Did they How come they didnt know…

The aunties in charge of managing the tailor shop saw that Richard didnt intend to punish them, and they immediately heaved a sigh of relief.

They glared at the two gossiping companions, and their faces were already pale.

If they were to talk about the Lord privately, they would be strung up and whipped in other territories.

After they calmed themselves down, one hurriedly opened her mouth.

“Lord, weve been dealing with the newly retrieved fire dragon rabbits fur today.

We didnt sew a robe…”

This was strange.

Who else could it be if none of these aunties developed it

Richard frowned slightly.

The rabbit fur of the fire dragon rabbit was extremely precious, but one had to weigh it on a scale.

If it were missing even a tiny bit, one would be punished.

The rabbit fur processed every day had to be immediately counted.

Others could not take it.

As the other party spoke, he seemed to have thought of something, and his face turned slightly pale.

“Lord, I, I brought my daughter here today and asked her to help sew a few pieces of clothing on the third floor…”

“Could it be that she accidentally used the fire dragon rabbits fur”

As soon as she finished speaking, the sound of hurried footsteps came from inside the house.

Then, a young and excited voice was heard.

“Mom, Aunt Susan, look, Ive sewed a highly excellent robe for my Lord! Its so warm when you put it on…”

Halfway through her sentence, she suddenly saw the scene outside through the door.

And her words were stuck in her throat.

When she saw a handsome figure, the girls face turned red, and she lowered her head.

She did not dare to look at Richard anymore.

Richard looked carefully.

The girl downstairs was about 14 years old, and her voice was still childish.

He opened the attribute panel to take a look, and his eyes immediately glowed ardor.


[Hero Unit]

[Level: 3]

[Potential: (D-rank) — (Underage, still could develop)

[Occupation: Tailor (Elite, success rate of developing new clothes increased by 15%.]

[Skills: Nimble Mind (C-rank) — Able to use materials to the maximum when making clothes.]

[Dexterity (C-rank) — Able to develop unique clothes through various strange ideas.]

[Solidifying Specialty: Creates a yellow sand robe.

The yellow sand robe created by her alone will have an additional 30% increase in attributes.

There is a chance to create a 3-stars yellow sand robe.]

[Hero Specialty: Increases the success rate of research and development by 15%.

The attributes of the items she created will be increased by 30%.]

[Race Talent: Can learn the knowledge of all high-level races.]

[Fetter-Cut: When making clothes, a 30% increase in success rate, and a 30% increase in production speed, can optimize the structure of the clothes.

More suitable for the wearer.]

[Description: Some people have the potential to become master tailors.

She is one of them.]

‘Is this the first hero unit in Twilight City that grew up on its own

Richard was highly pleased.

Although Lucy was a hero of life, her value was not inferior to that of a battle hero — especially now that the other party had already achieved results.

When the manager saw Richard size up her girl for a long time without saying a word, her face turned even paler.

She stammered and explained.

“Lord, Lord, this is my daughter Lucy.”

“Her sewing skills are unusually meritable.

She sewed half of the robes sent to the Lords mansion.”

“She recklessly used the fire dragon rabbits fur to make a robe for you.

I beg you to reduce her punishment…”

Richard didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

Good heavens, if the girl didnt use it, would this hero be born

Was he someone who lacked such materials

It seemed that he would have to take out a portion of resources to nurture talents in the future…

When the girl in the room heard this, she thought that she had gotten into trouble.

She held the robe in her hand and froze on the spot.

Her mouth shrunk and her eyes turned red.

“Get up.

Im not here to punish you.”

She looked at the aggrieved girl and smiled.

“Your name is Lucy Can you show me the robe in your hand”

When the girl saw his kind smile, the nervousness on the girls face eased a little.

But she still clutched the snow-white robe in her hand tightly.

She didnt know how to react.

Richards status in Twilight City was like that of a god.

The ordinary residents only had respect and worship.

And during this period, he had been on the move.

And there were very few people who could come into direct contact with him.

The distance gave rise to mystery and majesty, which increased his unapproachable image.

In addition, he had enslaved the terrifying gods ancient tree a few days ago, which strengthened the halo on his body infinitely.

Not to mention the ordinary residents.

Even the administrator dealing with Richard Karu felt great pressure.

Anyone who faced a person who could decide their future fate with a single word would be nervous.

When Richard saw that the girl was so nervous and didnt know what to do, he smiled and walked into the room.

He reached out and picked up the long robe with golden rims from her hand.

He said softly.

“Does it have a name”

Lucy looked at the handsome face and lowered her head shyly.

“My Lord, I call it the yellow sand robe…”

“Why is it called this name”

“Because it was born in the desert.”

Richard couldnt help but laugh when he saw the puzzled look in the girls eyes.

He thought it had some special meaning.

It seemed that he would have to repackage it when he sold it in the future.

The Desert Crown Honey was the best example of packaging.

High-end items should at least have the names of some treasures used by the desert kings.

Otherwise, they could not sell it for ten times or a hundred times the price.

With the name of the royal family, it would not be too much to sell it for 100,000 to you for 100,000 to 1,000,000, correct

I cant afford it.

Im sorry, I dont deal with poor people… This thing only scams nobles.

He opened the attribute panel.

[Yellow Sand Robe]

[Level: 2-stars]

[Skills: Heat Resistance and Cold Resistance (C-rank) — Able to absorb the heat of the sun and store it in clothes.

Automatically releases or absorbs heat according to body and external temperature.

Absorbs heat once.

Can maintain a maximum temperature of one week.]

[Magic Affinity (C-rank) — Able to increase magic affinity.

Eight mana recovery speed per second.]

[Vitality Recovery (C-rank) — Wearers vitality recovery speed increased by 25%.]

[Description: A treasure that can resist heat and cold.

Perhaps, for the residents of the land of ice and snow.

This is a gift from the gods.]


Richards eyes rejoiced.

He would like to call it a walking air conditioner.

This thing could absorb heat when it was hot and release heat when it was cold.

It was much more comfortable than a blanket made from the fire dragon rabbit.

Moreover, it had two characteristics: Mana recovery and stamina recovery.

It was a top-grade robe.

Although it was only a 2-stars robe, in his eyes, it simply contained endless business opportunities.

He recalled what Onyx of the Phoenix-Tail Flower Chamber of Commerce had said when he saw the fire dragon rabbit — In the kingdom of ice and snow, the rabbit fur of the fire dragon rabbit was a treasure that only the royal family and great nobles could enjoy.

In such a notable cold place, one million units of resources were not too much, right

With the bonus of stamina recovery, it was not too much to add one million units, right

With the mana recovery bonus, noble mages could also wear it.

With an additional 3,000,000, it was not too much to sell it for 5,000,000, correct

Make up a few more stories, and do some marketing.

Sell a thousand of them, it was not an exaggeration, right…

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