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Richard was supremely pleased as he looked at this young girl under his excitement.

Adele was a gift from god to Twilight City.

Lucy was a treasure that Twilight City had nurtured themselves.

He praised her.

“Lucy, youve done well! Youve made a massive contribution!

“This… Yellow sand robe has excellent attributes.”

She asked the question she was most concerned about after Richard praised it.

“Are the materials needed to make it rare Can we mass produce it”

Lucy asked nervously.

“They are common desert plants we can collect outside the territory…”

Richard was relieved.

“Go back and write down the process and materials needed to produce the yellow sand robe, especially the ratio of those plants.”

The girl naturally did not dare to refuse and obediently agreed.

“Yes, my Lord…”

Richard nodded and looked at the group of aunties who had already stood up and said seriously.

“The yellow sand robe is of great significance to Twilight City.

Everyone must learn how to make it from Lucy within a week.”

“I will arrange for people to take the assessment.

We will punish those who fail production according to the rules of the tailor shop.

We will not spare those who deserve to be expelled.”

When they heard Richards words, the group of aunties was immediately shocked.

“This robe was that powerful Had it attracted the Lords attention”

“Moreover, why did he seem to come deliberately for this robe”

They did not know Lucy had finished it.

“How did the Lord know”

No one dared to say too much, no matter how many doubts they had in their hearts in front of Richard.

Richards words were the only law in this land.

Everyone could only carry out his words.

There was no room for negotiation.

“Yes, Lord…”

As Richard listened to the voices, he waved his hand and continued.

“Later, I will ask Karu to build a tailor shop distinctly to produce the yellow sand robe.

Lucy will be in charge of technical guidance and management.

“Remember, this matter is enormously predominant to Twilight City.

Everyone must starkly listen to the orders and assist Lucy.

We will deal with any violator according to the laws of Twilight City!”

Lucy was too young.

Richard was afraid these aunties would cause trouble and directly enforce their authority.

However, he was more worried about the popular sentiment as high as 90 points.

The orders he gave without discount were not empty words.

When the aunties heard this, they were all quite excited instead of showing displeasure or jealousy.

The territory had not paid much attention to tailors for a long time.

It also caused their status to be inferior to the technical staff of the blacksmith shop.

Now, it was great that the Lord chose a person like Lucy.

They would soon settle their tailor shop.

Then, their status would rise by a large margin.

Many aunties already conceived of how to show off to their husbands when they got home.

Their hearts were gleeful.

Lucy was stunned at first when she heard this.

Then, an unconcealable surprise rose in her eyes.

She did not expect the Lord would take a fancy to the robe she had sewn.

Her face flushed red.

She felt both proud and uneasy.

Moreover, Richards order to manage a tailor shop caught her off guard.

“Lord, I…”

Richard knew what she was going to say before she could speak.

He interrupted her.

“You can ask your mother to assist you, but no one can replace you.”

It was not easy for a hero to appear, so how could he allow someone else to take his place

He said encouragingly.

“This is a rare opportunity to train.

You have to seize it.

“I have high hopes for you.

You can take on more responsibilities in the future and make more stupendous contributions to Twilight City.

“Work hard.

Dont be afraid of making mistakes.

How can you grow if you dont make mistakes

“And you have my support.

What are you afraid of If something goes wrong, Ill take care of it!”

After a strong encouragement, the girls worries disappeared.

She looked at the handsome figure in front of her with admiration.

Stars sparkled in her eyes.

“My Lord, Ill ultimately work very hard.

I wont let you down!”

Richard inclined his head with delight.

Young people were easily motivated.

“The yellow sand robe is only a basic version now.

There will ultimately be room for improvement in the future.

You can continue to develop it.

“If you need any materials, you can contact Karu immediately.

“If there are any extremely rare and not available in the territory, you can tell me.

I will think of a way to find them.”

These words were no longer as simple as valuing them.

They were treating Lucy as the focus of Twilight Citys cultivation.

The smiles on the aunties faces grew brighter.

It was good.

The more important Lucy was, the higher their status would be.

When they returned, they would show their bastard men that they were much more promising than the other party.

The Lord had personally encouraged them.

Wasnt that enough

After Richard gave Lucy a lot of encouragement, he took the yellow sand robe made according to his size and left.

His height, weight, and shoulder width were all recorded in the tailor shop, and the most substantial record was that it couldnt be unfit.

After He returned to the Lords mansion, Richard asked someone to call Karu over.

Then, Richard changed out of the mage robe that could automatically trigger the magic shield and put on the yellow sand robe with golden edges.

The fitting cut and robe material made him look even more exquisite.

The mage robe was a 2-stars treasure the fire elemental lord gave him in the nine bronze gates of the ancient ruins.

It could automatically trigger the magic shield when he encountered an enemy ambush.

However, he had a lot of life-saving skills, and he also had the insane skill of Threat Perception.

There was no need for it, and he had not triggered it for a long time.

It is not a waste to exchange rewards for other heroes.

Even Gunter could wear it.

After putting on the yellow sand robe, he immediately felt a cool sensation.

He felt as comfortable as if he had eaten an iced watermelon on a hot summer day.

The desert in July was enormously feverish.

If he didnt have the talent of being a Desert Dominator, he would have been like a fish in water in the desert.

The overemphasized heat alone would have been unbearable for him.

Richard could feel the yellow sand robe quickly devour the heat at the outermost layer and store it.

Moreover, once the bodys surface temperature differed from the outside world temperature, it would absorb the bodys surface temperature and release.

Richard would be in a cold fresh state.

After a few rounds of walks under the sun, Richard still did not feel the slightest bit of heat.

He was instantly delighted.

This thing was a few levels better than the high-tech clothes of Planet Blue.

It was simply a model of the magical world.

It was comfortable.

It was the correct way to open the production department.

The things produced by the brewerys food workshop were simply a disgrace to him.

Not long after, Karu rushed into the hall.

“My Lord, what did you call me here for…”

Richard waved his hand and stopped him from bowing.

He told Karu the news of Lucy developing the yellow sand robe and building a tailor shop.

Finally, he said.

“The yellow sand robe is priceless.

It can become our main commodity to the outside world.

“We must pay attention to it if it can exchange for a huge amount of resources for us.”

His tone became serious as he spoke.

“After some time, if there is still no news from the Phoenix-Tail Flower Chamber of Commerce, I will personally make a trip to the outside world to open up trade channels.

“Therefore, we must prepare more yellow sand robes.

It is the door to our foreign trade.”

Karu became excited when he heard this.

As an experienced veteran who had experienced countless storms, he had encountered much more things in the “Shining Era” than Richard.

He immediately noticed the prodigious wealth hidden in the yellow sand robes.

“Dont worry.

I will supervise and execute the entire process.”

As he spoke, he became even more excited.

“The ice kingdom will ultimately treat it as a treasure!

“If we can open up a trade with the other party, we could obtain a huge return.

We can even exchange all kinds of blueprints and strategic preparations, not just materials.”

Richard smiled.

“One step at a time.

First, build the production line.

When the quantity of fire dragon rabbits reaches a certain level, and the production of rabbit fur is stable, then we can start the trade.”

Karu immediately agreed.

Then, he seemed to have thought of something and said hesitantly.

“Lord, we had better be careful.

Money can move peoples hearts…

“If the outside world knows we can raise the fire dragon rabbit and develop a treasure like the yellow sand robe… It may not raise a peeping heart for us.”

Everyone acknowledged that one couldnt raise the fire dragon rabbit universally.

Once the news leaked about Twilight City knowing how to raise the fire dragon rabbit…

We dont have to think many people will be interested in it.

This thing was priceless.

It wasnt some cheap item.

Karu added another sentence.

“Although were in a desert, no matter how harsh the environment is, it cant stop the greed of humans.”

These words made Richard restrain his excitement.

Having wealth and being able to keep the wealth were two different things.

After Richard thought for a moment, he said delicately.

“I will take note of this.”

Karu smiled in relief and didnt say anything else.

Richard was more vigilant than him.

He only needed to mention it.

He had absolute trust in the future owner of the territory.

Richard asked Karu to wait for a while.

Then he opened the [Trading Market] and searched for the blueprints of the tailor shop.

Instantly, several blueprints appeared in front of him.

The tailor shop was not a high-class building.

Many territories even had it from the beginning.

A one-star treasure chest can open for tailor shop blueprints.

There was no shortage of them.

After Richard spent 50,000 units of resources on the tailor shop blueprints, he gave them directly to Karu.

After the old gray-haired man left, Richard began to make some calculations.

They needed to do many things in the territory now.

Adele was forging the dragon-hunting crossbow.

At the same time, selected residents were constructing the Hurricane Arrow Tower and the Heros Altar.

Now, there was an additional production of yellow sand robes.

He even had four or five blueprints in his hands.

He was forced to stock them up due to a shortage of resources.

The pressure of building Twilight City in a short period was not slim.

Just the resources that he needed were enough to give him a headache.

The only good thing was that the yellow sand robe now gave him hope of solving the shortage of supplies.

On the other hand, as long as he could get through this period of food shortage, he would be able to develop steadily for a time.

Twilight Citys strength would surely increase abundantly.

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