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July 10.

A tired caravan slowly moved forward in the scorching desert on the expansive yellow sand.

Two front leaders at this time rode their camel shoulder to shoulder.

Jonah Thorin looked at Onyx with a frown.

“Are we truly close You said the same thing a week ago…”

Onyx brushed the sand off his face and took out the magic map to take a look.

“If we didnt encounter that terrifying sandstorm five days ago, we would have arrived a long time ago…”

As Onyx spoke, his face revealed some worry.

“Lets hope Twilight City survived this sandstorm.”

Jonah was a little anxious when he heard this.

“That sandstorm was so fierce, which weak territory would withstand it”

He roared as he spoke.

“Its all that damned lords fault!! If he didnt deceive my daughter, how could Adele be in danger!

“When I see that damned lord today, I will surely show him what pain is!”

When Jonah Thorin thought about the grievances he had suffered on the road this month, he was furious.

Why would he make this trip if it wasnt for that young lord

Moreover, a weak territory with only a few dozen people in the troop wasnt worthy of his daughters support!

It was simply a slap to his face!

He slapped the back of the Bactrian camel hard with anger which caused it to speed up.

Onyx felt helpless when he saw this.

He felt exhausted dealing with this idiot.

When he looked at the territory at the end of his sight line, he could only pray Twilight City did not suffer too much damage from the storm a few days ago.

He waved his hand and told everyone to speed up.


“Lord, weve detected a caravan approaching Twilight City.”

“Theres a Phoenix-Tail Flower Chamber of Commerce on the flag.”

At the Lords mansion, Richard looked at the dark gargoyle while it reported the caravan information and was pleasantly surprised.

After he waited, the Phoenix-Tail Flower Chamber of Commerce finally arrived.

In an instant, he imagined the scene of heaps of rolling wealth entered into his account.

However, after he returned to his senses, he still asked vigilantly.

“Hows the strength of that caravan”

“Its not very strong.

It cant pose a threat to us…

“Theres no need to stop them.

The sky has already turned dark, and the hunting troops will return soon.”

“Let them enter the territory.

Inform Karu to bring those merchants to see me after he made arrangements.”

“As you wish.”


The blurred buildings in the distance gradually became clear.

The exhausted caravan immediately became excited.

Everyone subconsciously increased their speed.

Onyx saw people still walked outside Twilight City, and his mood immediately soared.

“Praise the gods, Lord Richards territory is still there!”

Although he did not know how much damage that sandstorm had caused to that small territory, at least it had not starkly destroyed this territory.

He said with a firm tone.

“This time, no matter what, we have to make Lord Richard leave this petrifying desert and return to Solan City with us.

“This kind of place is not suitable for living.

“I dont want the yellow sand to bury a treasure like Desert Crown Honey.”

He only had this plan before.

But the sandstorm he encountered a few days ago made him starkly moved.

It was already the second sandstorm he had encountered in the past few months.

Two months ago, the caravan that returned from the other end of the death desert suffered heavy losses.

They would have suffered heavy losses again if not for the unique strategic treasure the lord had bestowed upon them.

This desert was too dangerous.

Jonah Thorins anger grew even more intense after he distinctly saw Twilight City.

“Hmph! This kind of territory doesnt even have a city wall.

Let alone a sandstorm.

Even a few wild beasts can trample it to the ground!

“I honestly dont know where that lord has the confidence to make Adele submit to him.”

As he spoke, he laughed coldly.

“Moreover, even if Adele defected to him, would he be able to take out the things that Adele needs to forge for him

“This kind of territory can nurture a special-level blacksmith!”

Which special-level blacksmith wasnt nurtured by several resources This territory occupied an area that wasnt even as big as the residential area of the Phoenix-Tail Flower Chamber of Commerces employees.

In Jonahs belief, it was simply a joke.

Onyx immediately felt a headache when he heard this.

But in the end, he still wanted to save some face.

He didnt want this guy to embarrass Richard.

Although he didnt want to reason with this muscular man whose muscles shrouded his brain, he still tried to persuade him tactfully.

“Sir Jonah, no matter what, it was still Miss Adeles choice.

“If Miss Adele is fine, I hope you wont make things difficult for Lord Richard.

“After all, he saved my life.

At the same time, I will also invite him to Solan City.

You might see each other more often in the future.”

Jonah looked at Onyxs pleading gaze and remained unmoved.

He snorted coldly.

“That will depend on the specific situation of that young lord!”

“If anyone has wronged Adele here, I said that I would personally use a hammer to smash everyones head in this territory!

“That lord is no exception!”

This damned barbarian was even more unreasonable than the dwarves.

Onyx swallowed hard and instantly lost interest in talking.

He turned around and ordered his guards to stop Jonah if he went crazy.

The caravan of more than a hundred people arrived at the territory when the sun sank into the yellow sand.

Onyx did not bring people directly into the territory.

He got off the camel from outside.

He asked the guards to tie the camel properly and wait for his order.

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