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This was basic courtesy.

How could he ride a camel and run around in someone elses territory without permission

But Jonah Thorin scoffed at this.

How could such a territory be worthy of his respect

While they rode their camels, Onyx took the lead and directly entered the territory.

He immediately had a headache.

To prevent any accidents, he immediately had two guards chase the barbarian into the territory with him.

After Jonah Thorin entered the street, he saw buildings piled up everywhere.

Many people carried wooden blocks or stones with dirt on their faces.

It seemed that they were no different from other territories that enslaved the residents to do manual labor.

He glanced around and saw a few familiar faces.

This made him furious.

“That lord must have enslaved these residents and forced them to work!”

He had seen this kind of scene too many times!

Just as he was about to lose his temper, a resident that carried stones saw Jonah Thorin riding a camel and immediately shouted excitedly.

“Lord Jonah!!”

This cry attracted the attention of many people.

Soon, various residents gathered around.

These people were all companions who had followed Jonah Thorin across the desert to avoid the war.

When they saw Jonah who had been missing for more than two months, was fine, they were extremely excited.

Two months ago, this was the leader they had relied on.

If it wasnt for that detestable sandstorm, perhaps, they would still be following each other.

“Lord Jonah, thank the gods youre still alive!

“Miss Adele is in the territory.

Ill go get her for you!

“Praise the gods.

I didnt expect to see you again…”

Jonah was dumbfounded.

He looked at the familiar figures and became excited.

He then turned around and got off the camels back.

He then hugged the people around him warmly.

He finally regained his senses after he got excited about a while.

When he saw the residents around him stained with fines of dust due to their work, he immediately shouted in anger.

“Ive already settled down in Solan City!”

“Everyone, pack your things and leave with me immediately.

Ill take you all to the Phoenix-Tail Flower Chamber of Commerce.

The Phoenix-Tail Flower Chamber of Commerce has already promised to help everyone arrange your work.

“This kind of territory is not worthy of my people from ironstone town staying behind!

The more he spoke, the louder he became.

“Even if you sign a contract to sell yourself to that evil lord, it will all be null and void.

They should not oppress my companions.

Everyone is free!”

Jonah had initially imagined everyone would respond to his appearance as the savior.

However, it was unexpected.

After he said that, the lively scene just now seemed to have pressed the pause button.

There was silence.

Everyone looked at Jonah in a daze.

There was a strange look in their eyes.

That expression was as if they stared blankly at… a fool.

The surrounding residents were all stunned.

“They…heard that, right”

Let them go

After they had experienced so much suffering, life finally got better.

Let them go

This was worse than killing them.

Moreover, what kind of lord was oppressing themWas there a better territory than Twilight City in this world

‘Was there a better lord than Lord Richard

‘Has the sandstorm filled Lord Jonahs head with sand

Jonah thought that these residents were afraid of the lord.

So, he roared angrily.

“You dont have to be afraid!! That damned lord would never dare to stop you from leaving!

“I will smash his head with a hammer if he bullies the residents of my ironstone town!

“Who would dare to stop my ironstone town people in such a weak territory!”

As soon as he finished speaking.

Suddenly, the sky darkened.

‘Whoosh! Whoosh!

A gigantic dragon, without any flesh or blood on its body, flew across the sky.

Its bones were as clear as red crystals.

Its gigantic body gave off an intense visual impact.

The paralyzing dragon emitted horror-stricken might that made people tremble.

Jonah raised his head and was shocked when he saw this scene.

‘Undead dragon

‘How could there be such a high-level undead here

‘Are they here to attack this territory

Just as Jonah was about to react…

He suddenly saw a black mass of gargoyles fly over the sky.

Several mummies also rode on the gargoyles.

This made him freeze.

With so many troops, let alone him, even the entire caravan came for nothing.

He subconsciously lowered his body and nervously looked at the troops in the sky.

After he waited for a while, he realized that the troops ignored him and directly landed in the territory.

He was bewildered.

“What was going on”

He turned his head and looked at the surrounding residents whose expressions did not change much.

He suddenly felt enormously awkward.

“Those soldiers, are they from this territory”

The middle-aged man who was the first to call out to Jonah nodded his head as if it was a matter of course.

He did not feel anything strange at all.

“These troops went out to hunt.

They return to the territory at dusk.”

Jonah dared to speak.

Suddenly, they could hear the sound of footsteps.

Several mummy troops surged into the territory from behind.

There were mummies wrapped in bandages, monsters with scorpion bodies and two iron pincers, and warriors with battle axes and chains tied to their hands.

He even saw mechanical puppets that were up to five meters tall…

After hundreds of soldiers entered the territory.

He did not return to his senses.

Suddenly, the ground shook.



It was as if someone hit the ground with a battering ram.

When Jonah felt the gazes of the surrounding moving people, he subconsciously turned his head to look outside the territory.

He saw a terrifying giant tree dozens of meters tall, with no leaves but a tree trunk had slowly approached the territory.

Its aura sent chills down peoples spines as if it were an evil being planted at the bottom of a bottomless abyss.

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