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‘Beehives can also use up troop lairs to level up

Richard was pleasantly surprised.

‘Sure enough, life is perfect with cheats.

He opened the [Trading Market] with a bit of curiosity.

Then, Richard searched for insect troop lairs.

[Giant Ant Lairs (Normal 1-star) — sold for 400 gold coins]

[Sickle Wasp Lairs (Normal 2-star) — sold for 500 units of wood]

[Venom Locust Lairs (Normal 1-star) — sold for 400 units of iron ore]


Richard searched around and found that the price of troop lair had increased a little.

Yesterday, the cheapest was 300 units of resources.

Today, it had risen to 400 to 500 units.

Some of the more powerful troops were even sold for thousands of units.

It was obvious that many lords had gone out to explore like him, earning new income.


As a result, the purchasing power of resources began to drop.

Moreover, as time passed, players learned which troop lairs were stronger and which were weaker.

The price difference between different troop units would be even greater.

Fortunately, Richard did not need those good troop lairs to level up.

As long as he could satisfy the same type of troop, it would be enough.

“Its a pity that the spring water fragment can not be synthesized yet.

Otherwise, I could have placed the Russian olive seeds there.

“When the time comes, I can place the desert bees in the Russian olive forest and let the bees pick the flowers directly.

This process would be perfect.”

Richard glanced at the honeycomb a few times but did not hurry to move.

It was not that he was afraid of being stung into a pigs head by those angry bees.

The main point was that they were only about ten minutes away from the territory, and there was no place for them in Twilight City.

He would move them when everything was ready, and it would not be too late for them to level up.

After thinking for a while, Richard looked at the desert gnomes that had just approached.

“The desert gnomes will follow the two mummies back to the territory first.”

“If the residents ask, you can tell them that I went to the resource point to patrol and will be back soon.”

The resource points that they had occupied yesterday had already been harvested today.

“Yes, Lord!!” The desert gnomes immediately answered excitedly.

The prey they had carried for so long had almost exhausted them to death, so they were naturally willing to return early.

After the two mummies brought the desert gnomes back to the territory, the residents saw the abundant prey and became excited again.

They were all in high spirits.

“Gods above, Lord must have received the blessing of the goddess of luck…”

“These prey are so fat and delicious!”

“Can we eat meat again tonight Its so blissful…”

“Praise Lord Richard…”

A few days ago, they fled to this territory in fear.

At that time, there were only a few days of food left.

Everyone was desperate for the future.

But yesterday, after Lord Richard appeared, everything changed.

Lord Richards gaze was so deep, and his firm words filled them with strength.

His actions were highly decisive, and the piles of prey gave them an unprecedented sense of security.

Richard was the lord of their dreams.

Praise the Twilight City, praise Lord Richard!

Richard took the 12 mummies to the logging field first and collected the yields of the long-armed laborers day.

The small-scale logging field produced a maximum of 2,100 units per week.

That was 300 units per day.

After the long-armed laborer was motivated by Richard, his efficiency increased by 20% in three days.

So, the harvest was 360 units of wood.

The small-scale quarry produced 200 units, and the additional 20% was 40 units.

That was a total of 240 units.

The small-scale iron mine was the same as the logging field, with 360 units.

[Logging Field]

Today, the three resource points produced a total of 960 units of resources.

The current resource details were:

[Gold Coins: 1,440 units]

[Wood: 1,900 units]

[Stone: 2,280 units]

[Steel: 2,360 units]


Half an hour later, Richard returned to the territory with satisfaction.

“Good evening, Lord, youve worked hard.

Dinner has been prepared for you in the kitchen.

You can take a hot bath first…”

Richard was bereft of speech…

The white-haired Karu had been waiting at the edge of the territory for a long time.

When he saw Lord Richard, Karu immediately greeted him respectfully.

Richard nodded slightly.

After entering the territory, Richard saw the residents who were still busy dealing with the prey.

“How many units of food can the prey produce today”

“We cant tell yet…” Karu was a little apologetic.

“Please, rest first.

Ill report to you as soon as Im done.”

Richard saw the desert gnomes who were left at a loss.

He waved his hand.

“Arrange for the desert gnomes to rest in the barracks.

From now on, theyll be under your management.”

After saying that, Richard ignored everything else and returned to the mansion with the mummies.

At night, the mummy that didnt need to rest was the best guard.

In the mansion, the two kitchen maids arranged by Karu had already prepared dinner for Richard.

Richard looked at the majestic clothes of the two kitchen maids that couldnt be concealed, and the corners of his mouth twitched.

Especially the trembling when they served the food, it made him wonder if Karu had done it on purpose…

After sending the two overly plump kitchen maids away, Richard enjoyed a sumptuous dinner in peace.


Wild wolf meat, wild rabbits, gerbils…

The quality of the meat was extremely high, and it tasted incomparably delicious.

Outside the Lords mansion…

Karu looked at the two kitchen maids who had their heads lowered and looked as if they had done something wrong.

He was somewhat not in the mood.

“Did you seriously not give any hint at all”

Seeing the two of them shake their heads, Karu could not help but sigh.

“Sigh…it seems Lord Richard doesnt like girls like you, but its still good that you werent sent out like the two girls yesterday.”

“You girls can leave.

For the next few days, you will serve Lord Richard.

Remember, no matter what he wants, you will give it to him!”

“Since this is your choice, then do it well.”

“We have no one left to rely on.

We have to find a strong protector.

From these two days, Lord Richard is a rare candidate.”

“If Lord Richard accepts you, it will be good for everyone.

Not to mention that Lord Richard is so handsome.”

The two kitchen maids faces were slightly red.

“We understand.”

The two kitchen maids snatched the opportunity to serve Lord Richard from more than ten competitors…

In fact, whether it was a man or a woman, as long as they were outstanding enough, there would always be people who were willing to do it.


It was the instinct of life to chase after the best of the opposite sex.


Richard did not know what was happening outside the Lords mansion.

After finishing his meal, Richard began to calculate the resources in his hands and the harvest of the past two days.


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