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The snake language resounded through the dark cave.

It was a three-meter-tall half-snake man with four arms on its back.

The lower half of its body was that of a snake.

And the upper half was that of a human.

The half-snake man looked coldly at its subordinates.


Cold water seeped out of the rock wall above its head and dripped into the small puddles on the ground.

It made a crisp sound.

The atmosphere turned cold for some reason.

The two-armed half-snake man in front lowered its head, and its tone was somewhat cold.

“Great Master, the lord of Bloodhoof City… wants us to surrender.”

These words were like the flames that ignited gunpowder.

It instantly angered the four-armed half-snake man.

“Its not enough that their war with the gray-colored dwarves has starkly destroyed our territory, and they still want us to submit to them!”

“We have three squadrons of wyverns! We have powerful troops!!”

“We will never surrender to anyone!!”

“Those damned dungeon barbarians will never make us bow our heads!”

Endless rage filled the cold voice.

The two-armed half-snake man lowered its head and allowed its rage to pour out.

After it vented for a long time, the four-armed half-snake man gradually calmed down.

“Apart from these, what other requests did Bloodhoof City make”

“The other party also suggested that we pay tribute to the captured night elves in exchange for Bloodhoof Citys protection…”

This time, the four-armed half-snake man did not get angry.

Instead, a cold smile appeared on its face.

“The target of Bloodhoof City has probably always been the night elves we imprisoned!”

The other party was puzzled.

“Why would a night elf be so valued”

The four-armed half-snake man looked at its confidant and slowly said.

“Shadow bloodline…”

The two-armed half-snake mans breathing immediately quickened.

“Legend has it that the bloodline contains tremendous power that can even tempt evil gods!”

“But why would it appear in the bodies of night elves!”

The four-armed half-snake man said in a deep voice.

“Legend has it that in ancient times when the underground world was still the cage of the gods, the gods imprisoned the evil spirits and tortured them day and night.

“During this process, massive divine power spread out and seeped into the bodies of other living beings that formed this special bloodline.

“Anyone can obtain it…”

As it spoke, its gaze turned cold.

“Maybe, its not just those damn barbarians.

Those bastards from the gray-colored dwarves are watching us too!”

“They have the alchemy technology to use the blood of other life forms to strengthen themselves.

How could they miss the shadow bloodline!

“If these two forces were not sure about the purity of the night elfs bloodline, they would have attacked long ago.”

The two-armed half-snake mans scalp immediately went numb when he heard this secret.

The allure of the shadow bloodline was too great.

Its effects were several times stronger than the blood of dragons.

Even a tiny sip could abundantly increase ones strength and potential.

They would have exterminated their entire race if the outside world knew about this.

It was impossible to guard such a treasure without sufficient strength.

“Great Master, how should we respond to Bloodhoof City”

In the end, strength was king in the underground world.

Even if they knew what the other party was planning, what could they do

The four-armed half-snake man sneered.

“Bloodhoof Citys inquiry is just a probe.

Hold them off for now.

They wont be able to withdraw their forces from the pressure of the gray-colored dwarves for a while.”

As it spoke, it raised its head and glanced at the top of its head.

“When we build our fortress, we dont need to bother with them anymore… Who would have thought we would find a passage leading to a rich surface world”

Its tone was a little heated.

“Even if the top is the most barren desert on the surface, its still much more than the prey in the underground world! We wont have to worry about food anymore!”

It seemed to have thought of something.

And its long and narrow eyes revealed a hint of satisfaction as soon as it finished speaking.

“Not to mention that theres a weak but highly fertile territory in the desert not far away.

“Once we built the fortress, everything will be ours…”

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