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It revealed a fatal flaw.

Soul Command, A-rank, forcefully controlled the enemys soul and ordered it to move…

The broken steel longsword streaked across the sky.

A unique power surged out, and it launched the head-cutting trigger.


Xinas body brushed past the four-armed half-snake man.

Bang! When she landed on the ground, a tremendous head flew up.

Fresh blood was like an exploding faucet.

It splashed a distance of more than ten meters.


The four-armed half-snake mans enormous body fell to the ground due to inertia.

The three level 8 Twilight City heroes with five crown-level troops worked together to kill the level 13 dungeon race hero.

After they annihilated the sturdiest fighting force, the dungeon race troop, which had already suffered greatly, immediately fell into great chaos.

The troop, which had lost its hero leader, could only be described as a pile of loose sand.

Under the leadership of the three powerful heroes, their number decreased quickly.

Without any worries, Richard also sped up the pace of killing the wyverns.

It would consume tens to hundreds of units of rare resources every minute it activated the extraordinary hunter.

Even the landlords family could not withstand such a consumption.

Twenty minutes later, when a half-snake man was pressed under the corpse and was still breathing, Xina stabbed it again.

The sound of a system notification rang in Richards ears.

[Ding~ A hero led your troop and destroyed a group of dungeon race soldiers.

You have obtained victory in a small-scale battle.

You have 50,000 experience points.

[Current Experience Points: Level 9(750,000/1,000,000)]

After they slaughtered dozens of troops in the dungeon, his experience immediately soared to 650,000/1,000,000 at level 9.

After they returned to attack the gods ancient tree and the Dark Temple, Richard gained quite a bit of experience points.

At this time, he was only one step away from level 10.

[However, the higher the level, the lower the experience points gained from hunting troops.

It is also a big problem.]

The sunset in the sky had yet to fade away when the cold bright moon revealed.

The battlefield that had just been intense was now completely silent.

Richard could only hear the sound of the wind and his heartbeat.

In front of him, the corpses of the dungeon race soldiers have piled up a small hill.

At the top, the headless four-armed half-snake mans enormous body was particularly eye-catching.

Richard paid no attention to this.

At this time, he stood beside the corpses of the wyverns that covered the ground and looked around.

These were the spoils of war that he had personally killed.

He was delighted.

After an inventory, the corpses of the wyverns had exceeded three squadrons.

The gains after the war always made people feel happy.

Twilight Citys current highest level military branch — the Crown 1-star skeleton blood dragon, its recruitment requirements were the corpses of dragons or mixed-blood dragons.

These hundreds of wyverns could recruit several small squads of skeleton blood dragons even if they included the recruited casualties.

It was a tremendous harvest.

These wyverns could starkly make for the losses caused by the enemys attack on Twilight City last time, and there was even a lot of surplus.

It was so comfortable.

Richard, who was in a good mood, saw Gray return from the search and immediately asked.

“Gray, did you find any treasures or resources”

Gray shook his head.

“Lord, we didnt find any valuable treasures here.

The steel knife on the half-snake man heros body is just an ordinary weapon…”

Richard turned his head to look at the four-armed half-snake mans corpse piled up among the corpses.

“Was this guy so poor”

As he was about to say something, Gunter suddenly escorted an ugly-looking caveman with a bent body.

“Lord, I found this caveman in a crevice.”

Richard looked at the caveman with a hunched back who looked like a deformed human and frowned.

This guy was too ugly.

The trembling caveman looked at Richards gloomy expression and felt his life was about to be lost.

He immediately shouted in a trembling voice.

“Great Lord, I beg you to forgive me.

I am willing to submit to the great you…”

After it said that, it saw that the other party was unmoved and immediately became anxious.

“Great Lord, I know where they imprisoned the night elves!”

The cavemans common language had a few strange accents.

It sounded severely arduous to hear.

The other party only understood what he meant after it said it a few times.

At first, Richard wasnt interested, but the name night elf made his eyes light up.

“Night elf”

“Thats right, Great Lord.

That night elf is exceedingly beautiful.

Such an existence should be dedicated to you, Great Lord!”

Richard waved his hand in annoyance.

He couldnt be bothered to listen to this guys nonsense.

He hurriedly asked Gray to bring it back to the night elf.

After the other party left, he looked at Gunter.

“Gunter, I need you to summon all the corpses of these wyverns into skeleton blood dragons.”

Gunter said hesitantly.

“Lord, the wyverns bodies dont have enough power.

Itll likely take several of them to recruit a skeleton dragon.

The skeleton dragons were recruited from the corpses of the templar dragoons.

They were a level 19 troop.

These level-10 soldiers could not be compared to them at all.

Richard was no exception.

If skeleton dragons were so easy to recruit, they would not be a crown-level troop.

“Just do your best.”

Gunter held his chest.

“As you wish.”

After Gunter went down to prepare, not long after, a night elf tightly bound by chains that wore skin-tight leather armor and with fair skin was brought up.

Richard looked at it up and down.

Although the other party was in a repentant state, its exquisite face and curvaceous figure still gave him a strong visual impact.

Especially the tied-up one.

They didnt know how to operate it.

So they tied its chest tightly.

And it was very artistic.

It was very similar to the essence of a particular island nation… Full of strong temptation.

However, shouldnt the skin of night elves be black

‘Why was it so white

He was about to ask.

Suddenly, its chest felt warm.


Richards brows furrowed, and he reached out to take out an item with a dense dark aura.

The statue of the ancient god of the past.

At this moment, this unique treasure he had obtained from the Dark Temple emitted a dark light.

Just as he was puzzled…

The system notification sounded.

[Ding~ A soul that contains divinity has been discovered.

Its compatibility with the statue of the ancient god of the past is over 99%.

Do you wish to absorb it]

Richard stared at the pale night elf with wide eyes.

‘A soul with divinity

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