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While he gritted his teeth, Richard forcefully withstood the pressure and dripped his divine power onto the statue of the ancient god statue.


The divine power dripped down like it was dripping onto a sponge.

The statue of the ancient god statue directly devoured it.

In the blink of an eye.

A dark light burst forth.

The still struggling divine soul suddenly felt a surge of energy like the thousands of great rivers.

It firmly suppressed it with a crushing force.

The soul quickly assimilated…

A moment later, the shining statue suddenly dimmed.

It no longer revealed its aura.

But Richard was even more.

He could sense which drop of divine power had all poured into the divine soul.

The enormous power caused it to fall into a deep sleep.

The other party was like a volcano about to erupt.

It suppressed the terrifying energy to the extreme.

[Ancient God Statue (bound)]

[Level: Special]

[Characteristics: 1.

Soul Enslavement.

It can imprison a powerful soul into it and make it listen to the orders of the bound person.

No one has destroyed the statue and killed the soul.

After the soul is shattered, it can be reborn in the statue.


Flesh and Blood Feeding.

It can provide voluminous flesh and blood and the soul can increase the strength of the imprisoned soul.

It can also form a body for it.

[Contract Soul: Renee (Level 10, Potential: Divine Life, Transmutation)

[Description: A special item an ancient god has forged.

It has an extremely special power.

Other attributes did not change much, except for one.

Renee, Level 10, Divine life.

‘Divine life…

Richard wanted to laugh out loud.

This was so comfortable.

Divine life forms already possessed part of the characteristics and power of gods.

In the “Shining Era”, some divine life forms that resided at the bottom of the abyss could even slaughter gods.

The upper limit of their growth potential was as high as gods.

The future was immeasurable.

Now, all he had to do was wait for the other party to wake up, and he would immediately have an undying and powerful battle strength in his hands.

“In the future, if I nurture this soul into a transcendent or even a god… Wouldnt that be like going to heaven”

When he thought about how his future enemy had spent so much effort to finally kill the other party and then resurrect in the blink of an eye, he felt a wave of excitement.

This was even more cruel than cheating.

After he happily kept the ancient god statue in his arms, he discovered that Gunter had already finished preparing to recruit the skeleton blood dragon.

This immediately attracted his attention.

Unlike the restriction of the blood-colored mummy that could only recruit three teams a day.

As long as there were enough dragon corpses, there was no limit to the number of skeleton blood dragons that Gunter could recruit — as long as it could afford to recruit them.

However, this was only a beautiful wish.

Dragons were not cabbages that one could kill at will.

Even a hybrid dragon like the wyvern was extremely powerful.

It was he who forcefully piloted a level 20 extraordinary hunter to block the wyvern in the cave with absolute dominance.

Otherwise, he would have to pay an enormous price to annihilate the three squadrons of wyverns with just his troop.

As Richard thought of this, a look of anticipation rose in his eyes.

The skeleton blood dragon could just increase the power of the air.

This was self-evident to help him explore the underground world.

Gunters aura, which was wrapped in blood-colored bandages, soared.

Crimson energy burned like a flame and spread out in all directions.

After a few breaths, it enveloped hundreds of dragon corpses in front of him.

However, that energy did not stop there.

It continued to spread to the other soldiers corpses of the dungeon clan.

The crimson energy seemed to carry a strong corrosive sulfuric acid.

It melted all the corpses other than the wyverns into pure flesh and blood energy.

The hundreds of corpses quickly dried up, and in the end, it even snapped the bones.

After the crimson light faded, the tall mountain of corpses seemed to have weathered for thousands of years.

A gentle breeze blew, and with a crack, it directly collapsed.

It sent flying dust everywhere.

Gunter held the dark crystal ball he had obtained from the ancient ruins tightly.

It extremely controlled the dense crimson energy to pour into the wyverns corpse.

Especially since they took care of the three teams of glorious-level wyverns.

As time passed.

Most of the wyverns corpses gradually decayed and turned into energy.

Only a small portion of their aura began to grow, and their bones gradually turned crimson.

The entire process lasted for more than ten minutes.

Gunter continued to pour magic power into them.

It continuously controlled the energy and poured it into them.

The scattered energy gradually decreased, and when the last ray of crimson light disappeared.

More than half of the wyverns corpses on the ground had collapsed, and less than one-tenth remained.

The remaining wyverns bodies had completely turned crimson.

It looked like gasoline had ignited in the hollow skull.

Suddenly, it emitted a faint blue light.

This gave birth to the second batch of skeleton blood dragons.

The system notification suddenly sounded.

[Ding~ Twilight Citys Hero: Gunter Fresh Blood.

From the corpse of the wyverns, you have recruited 30 1-star crown-level soldiers — Skeleton Blood Dragons.]


Richard was overjoyed.

This wave was so profitable that it made his brain bleed.

These were all crown-level soldiers, born level 10!

They were two levels higher than the highest potential soldiers from Twilight Citys troop lairs.

He could already imagine the scene of 30 skeleton blood dragons simultaneously launching a formation and spewing dragon breath.

Their battle strength was not comparable to the dark gargoyles, which could only attack in a close battle.

And in the battle just now, Twilight City had lost cannon fodder like the blood-colored mummy.

Apart from that, two skeleton demons had died.

Using this little loss to exchange for 30 skeleton blood dragons.

This deal was worth it.

‘Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The newly born skeleton blood dragon spread its wings and flew straight into the sky.

At this moment, the last ray of sunlight between heaven and earth disappeared.

It left only the cold moonlight shining down.

The ruby-like crimson skeleton reflected the crystal clear light at this moment.

It was like a work of art.

Thirty crown-level soldiers with a wingspan of 20 meters, born level 10, spread their wings and flew away.

The scene had a visual impact.

Twilight Citys air force went up another level.

Richard revealed a brilliant smile.

Although he had only obtained two things from this trip, it could not be said it was reasonable.

One was a soul that contained divinity.

It was indestructible and possessed boundless potential.

In addition, were the 30 skeleton blood dragons.

They were also extremely precious to Twilight City.

Even if they had the resources, they could not recruit such a high-level troop.

More importantly, he had already occupied the entrance to the underground world.

Next, a high-level map still waited for him to explore.

When he looked down at the gravel-covered entrance to the underground.

He was ready to make a move.

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