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[Ding~ The “Shining Era” has officially started.

Transmigration has been selected: Blue Star…the transmigration has begun.]


[Ding~ The transmigration has been completed.

The number of participants this time is 20 billion.]


[Welcome to theShining Era.]

[Divine gods govern over this world.

They practice magic, alchemy, and everything you can think of.]


[Everyone can become lords and participate in the war among empires…]

[Every lord will be randomly given an initial military lair.

You can use resources to recruit soldiers and build a troop.]

[The resources, troops, lairs, heroes, and treasures are the five most important resources in this glorious universe.

Please explore them on your own.]


[Everything is possible.

You may choose to live or die.

You may either remain impoverished or aim for the crown.

You may pursue the demonic path or ignite the celestial fire.

You can even become immortal…]

Richard, who had just finished work, heard the mechanical voice in his ears.

Before he could react, a dizzying feeling overtook him.


When he opened his eyes again, a rough-looking hall appeared before him.

There were twelve evenly distributed stone pillars supporting a tall sunken roof.

The gray stone wall looked as though they were hundreds of years old.

There were more than ten chairs around the long black table in the middle.

A thick layer of dust was gathering on it.

With a single swipe, a mark would form.

The left and right sides had two large wooden windows.

They were not covered by glass.

The dazzling light shone in from the outside.

Everything in the room became clearly visible.

The whole atmosphere was indescribably strange.

Only then did Richard regain his senses.

When he thought of the information he had just heard, he was extremely shocked.

The “Shining Era” is the first virtual game that the top ten game developers in the world have jointly developed!

“Whats going on! Did the game fuse with reality”


He was even in a rush to go home after work earlier.

After all, the game had been promoted for several years, and it was finally going to be released for public testing in the evening.


This time, the world should have publicly tested it.

But wasnt this too ridiculous!

At this moment, the mechanical voice he had just heard rang in his ears again.

[Ding~ You have randomly entered a desert lair and drawn the base of the initial troop — Mummy Pyramid (Normal 3 stars).]

[Ding~ You have become a Desert Lord.

Your bloodline has begun to awaken.

You have gained a special talent for growth — Desert Lord (Current Level: C).]


Along with the notification sound, an attribute panel appeared in Richards mind.


[Level: 1(0/100)]

[Identity: Lord of Twilight City]

[Camp: Desert Camp (Neutral)]


[Territory: Twilight City (Level 1 Village)]

[Troop Lair: Mummy Pyramid (Normal 3-stars)]


[Talent: Desert Lord — Special Growth Talent (Current Level: C).

You are the master of the desert.

You can predict the arrival of the sandstorm, and you have mastered the desertification ability.]

[Desertification: C-rank — It can turn the body into sand and reduce 99% of physical damage received.

It will devour sand to recover from injuries.

It can last for 10 minutes.

(Cooldown Time: 1 hour).]


[You can bestow your strength to the troops you recruit.

Effect: Your subordinates will receive the D-rank Skill — Desertification.]


[Desertification: D-rank — It can turn the body into sand and reduce 99% of physical damage received.

It will devour sand to recover from injuries.

It can last for 5 minutes.

(Cooldown Time: 2 hours).]


[Strategic Treasure: None]

[Description: You are just a Desert Lord with some special abilities.

Other than that, there is nothing extraordinary.]


Richard looked at his attribute panel a few times.

He had a subtle expression on his face.

Was an extremely rare growth-type skill randomly introduced on the official website

This attribute seemed to be pretty good as well…


After taking a few deep breaths, Richard finally suppressed the shock in his heart.

His eyes revealed a complicated expression.

“I didnt expect to encounter such a thing after only working for half a year.

The merging of the game and the real world is simply ridiculous.

Fortunately, Im full and my family isnt hungry, so I have nothing to worry about…”


As a young man with a big heart who had been baptized by all kinds of strange knowledge, he quickly adjusted his current state of mind.

No matter how he played here, the real world was just more realistic.

Richards eyes revealed some excitement.

He had been yearning for the game “Shining Era” for a long time.

Ever since this project was announced, Richard had been thinking about it.

He had read the public information countless times.


Now, it could be considered that his wish had come true…but the process was a bit terrifying.

What were his territory and military base like then

Richard left the hall with a heart full of anticipation.

He stepped out of the door.

There was a courtyard outside the hall.

The flat ground was paved with bluestone.

The gray stone wall outside, which was more than three meters high, blocked a part of his vision.


Looking at the sky, Richard could see an endless blue color.

It was clear and transparent.

The air, however, was slightly dry.

His breathing made him slightly uncomfortable.

Richard glanced around, and his gaze was quickly drawn to a three-meter-tall pyramid in the corner of the front yard.


The ancient and simple pyramid looked rugged.

It was as if it was formed after countless years of being blown by the wind.

Richard stepped forward and looked carefully.

Afterward, the attributes of the building appeared in his mind.

[Mummy Pyramid]

[Level: Normal 3-stars]

[Recruit Type: Mummy (Normal 3-stars)]

[Recruit Quantity: 14]

[Weekly Output]: 7]

[Recruitment Requirements: 4 gold coins, 4 units of wood, 4 units of stone]


[Description: An ordinary desert troops lair.]


Was this the troops lair

Richard was in high spirits.

Just when he thought this was everything, a translucent line of text appeared at the bottom of the attribute panel.

[Black Gold System is activated…]


[The activation is successful.]

[Mummy Pyramid (Normal 3-stars) — 10 normal desert troops lair can upgrade it to Elite 3-stars.]

Richard was shocked as his eyes widened.

Black Gold System Wasnt this the system of a single-player game that he had played before


That game was developed by a friend of his, and he asked Richard to try it out.

However, due to the difficulty of the game, Richard complained a few times, so the other party specially created this system for him.


The function of this system was very simple.

It could strengthen all kinds of things without limit.


It was actually activated in this world!

A strong sense of excitement rose in Richards heart.

He had browsed through the information of the gameShining Era countless times on the official website.

The troop lair was the most important thing in the game.

It had special features and could not be upgraded.

If he wanted to obtain a powerful troop lair, Richard could only attack the gathering point of the others in the wild.

Thereafter, he would be able to rebuild the lair.

But now, he could directly consume resources to raise the level of the troop lair!


Was this reasonable This was simply too reasonable…


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