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Not long after the explosion, the level 15 dungeon hero Sel Bloodhoof, rushed into the house with a solemn expression.

“Lord Richard, the gray-colored dwarves have attacked us.”

His tone became more serious as he spoke.

“You are a friend of Bloodhoof City.

You can leave through the side door if you encounter a threat.”

“The food you traded with us has already been of great help.”

Richard was stunned for a moment.

He thought the dungeon hero was here to seek help, but he didnt expect to say such a thing.

He couldnt help but have a good impression of the other party in his heart.

This dungeon hero can handle things, so if theres anything, he can let him escape first.

Before he could reply, the system notification suddenly rang.

[Ding~ You have triggered a sudden event — the attack of the gray-colored dwarves.]

[The gray-colored dwarves had been eyeing the position of the overlord of the underground world for a long time.

After the death of the previous castellan of Bloodhoof City, they immediately launched an attack.

This time, they mobilized all their troops to launch a fatal attack.

Bloodhoof City was in imminent danger.]

[Optional missions:


Assist Bloodhoof City in resisting the attack of the gray-colored dwarves;


Assist the gray-colored dwarves in breaking through Bloodhoof City


Remain neutral and withdraw from Bloodhoof City immediately.]

[You are currently in free exploration mode.

Your choice can determine the direction of the plot.

The rewards you receive are also related to your choices.]

‘Another unexpected incident

Richards eyes sparked luminescence.

He was a little restless.

He had benefited a lot from the unexpected incident.

As he thought about it, he looked at this level-15 hero sincerely.

“We are friends, Lord Sel.

“When my subordinates have done reinforcement, I will fight alongside you.

“Those damn gray-colored dwarves, with me around, dont even think about stepping into Bloodhoof City!”

Sel was stunned.

A warm feeling rose in his heart when he looked at Richard, who did not seem to try to shirk from his responsibility.

He took a deep breath.

His gaze was firm.

“Thank you for your support, my friend.

“Bloodhoof City will always remember your friendship!”

After he said that, he didnt waste any more words and turned around to leave.

He didnt have time to waste here.


The bursts of light in the sky became increasingly eye-catching.

The loud booming sound was shocking.

A few higher-ups of Bloodhoof City who waited outside couldnt help but frown when they saw Sel return alone.

“Lord Sel, that surface human is not willing to fight together with Bloodhoof City”

“Hmph, I knew it.

The surface human is unreliable!”

“Lord Sel, do you want us to expel them now Otherwise, when the time comes, the other party will have an affair with the gray-colored dwarves…”

Sel coldly glanced at the surrounding crowd and shouted.

“Shut up!”

A powerful aura surged out of his body.

He instantly suppressed his voice.

When he looked at the still unconvinced people, he said coldly.

“Lord Richards subordinates are transforming.

They cant spare time for the time being…”

A higher-up member of the dungeon race muttered in a low voice.

“Its just an excuse to be afraid of death.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Sel looked directly at him.

The pressure increased tenfold.

It made the other party almost kneel on the ground.

“I just took the initiative to ask Lord Richard to leave Bloodhoof City.

“But he refused.

“And he frankly said that when his subordinate completed the transformation, he will fight alongside Bloodhoof City!”

When the higher-up member party heard this, his face immediately turned red.

Because he felt embarrassed, he hurriedly turned his body.

Sel glared at that guy.

“I dont want to hear such remarks in the future!

“Lord Richard is not from Bloodhoof City.

What position do we have to ask him to help us

“And without Lord Richards help, Bloodhoof City wouldnt be able to deal with those damn gray-colored dwarves!

“Remember, never place your hopes on others!

“We are the dungeon barbarians, the powerful and fearless dungeon barbarians!

“Whoever dares to provoke us will have to accept our wrath that burns everything!!

“Everyone, follow me and slaughter the enemy!!!”

One had to admit that this level 15 hero was prodigious.

His short words ignited everyones spirits.

They were the heroic dungeon barbarians.

How could they place their hopes on someone else!!

One by one, they followed Sel with burning eyes and madness.

On the city wall of Bloodhoof City.

The troops shot out bows and arrows from the city wall like raindrops.

‘Shoo! Shoo! Shoo! Sharp whistles filled the sky.

The targets of these arrows were the mechanical puppets that constantly approached the city wall and the ferocious and twisted underground monsters.

Those mechanical puppets were very different from the mechanical puppets on the surface.

Most of them were very strange in appearance and shape.

Gray-colored dwarves piloted the underground machinery.

These gray-colored dwarves let out strange laughter and looked very crazy.

Although these mechanical puppets looked strange, their battle strength was not weak.

They all raised thick shields on their arms to block the vital parts of their chests and necks.

Even if arrows pierced the rest of their body parts, they could not cause fatal damage.

The giant monsters mixed in between the mechanical puppets seemed to be stitched together with the corpses of countless lives.

Strangeness shrouded the troops.

The masterpiece of the gray-colored dwarves — using the blood of powerful lives to increase their strength.

They had forcefully created these terrifying existences.

As they raised their vision, behind the countless mechanical puppets and monster troops, hundreds of giant alchemy cannons more than two meters in diameter lined up in a row.

Some gray-skinned gray-colored dwarves constantly filled the cannons with round alchemy ammunition.

When the ammunition was loaded, the gray-colored dwarves suddenly pulled the chain next to the cannon barrel.

The giant cannon barrel shrank back in an instant, and a puff of black smoke rose.


An enormous explosion sounded like muffled thunder in everyones ears.

In less than a breath.


A lofty arrow tower behind the city wall exploded from the middle.

An enormous flame rose, the arrow tower could not withstand the impact and it collapsed.

It smashed the few catapults on the ground.

Terrifying damage.

This was only the effect of one alchemy bomb.

When hundreds of giant alchemy cannons fired at the same time, the scene instantly became extremely shocking.

‘Bang! Bang! Bang!

One by one, the giant alchemy cannons with a fatal aura smashed into the city and immediately exploded.

No one could withstand the damage of the cannon fire.

The terrifying shrapnel and the scorching heat were the scythes of the grim reaper at this moment.

The fighting troops destroyed everything.

The cannon fire washed the ground.

This was a scene comparable to a natural disaster.

The sturdy Bloodhoof City encountered an unprecedented danger.

When Sel arrived, a large area of space had already appeared on the city wall.

Blood and broken limbs mixed with smoke scattered in every corner of the battlefield.

The stench of burnt hair forced its way into his nostrils which made him feel nauseous.

He leaned against the city wall and looked out.

He saw the giant alchemy cannons spew flames.

He immediately felt a chill in his heart.

“These damn bastards!! They brought the city-guarding cannons of Fortress City here!!”

“Damn it! Damn it!!”

Fortress City was the main city of the gray-colored dwarves.

It was a powerful city that was as majestic as Bloodhoof City.

These giant alchemy cannons had always been the symbol of Fortress City.

It was the most powerful city defense force.

However, he did not expect the gray-colored dwarves to be so insane!

To bring the city defense cannons here, were they not worried that the city would be attacked by other forces

‘Clang! Clang!

The long sword at his waist was unsheathed.

The tip of the sword was pointed straight at the enemy.

Sel decisively gave the order.

“The rear troop will fill up the gaps in the city wall and resist the mechanical puppets!

“The siege crossbows on the arrow towers will aim at the enemys giant alchemy cannons and attack!

“The catapults will throw fireballs to block the enemy!

“The wyverns will rise into the sky and launch an attack immediately.

I want those damn giant alchemy cannons never to be able to fire again!!”

The furious voice resounded throughout the entire Bloodhoof City.

The troop immediately had a backbone.

The siege crossbows on the arrow towers quickly adjusted their direction and aimed at the alchemy cannons a kilometer away.

With the blessing of various attributes.

The range of these arrow towers had become extremely exaggerated.

‘Kacha! Kacha! Kacha! Kacha!

A few dungeon barbarians hinged the crossbows, and the thick bowstring kept being pulled and bent under the power of the winch.

After they pulled the bowstring to the limit.

‘Kacha! Kacha!

The soldier suddenly pulled the snap.


Arrows three times thicker than an arm shot out like lightning under the strong elasticity of the bowstring.

The triangular arrowhead cut across the sky.

The distance of a thousand meters was gone in a flash.

The alchemy cannon troop attacking Bloodhoof City suddenly had a blur in their eyes.

Then, a huge arrow directly pierced into the cannon barrel of the giant alchemy cannon.

‘Clang! Clang!

Everyone could hear the sound of metal clanging.

And half of the arrowhead was revealed behind the cannon barrel.

The gray-colored dwarf equipped with ammunition at the rear looked at the arrowhead pressed against his chest.

A chill rose in his heart, and his entire body suddenly collapsed.

‘Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!

The artillery camp immediately suffered the craziest baptism as the first arrow fell..

They suffered heavy losses in an instant.

But since the gray-colored dwarves dared to pull out the giant alchemy cannons guarding the city, they couldnt be unprepared.

The commander at the rear smiled hideously and waved his hand.

Hundreds of mechanical puppets more than four meters in size at the rear of the artillery camp raised their heavy shields and stepped forward.

They directly protected the giant alchemy cannons within.

The specially designed shield just revealed the barrel of the artillery.

‘Clang! Clang!

Those crossbow arrows attacked again.

But this time, without exception, extremely sturdy heavy shields blocked the attacks.

The crossbow arrows that posed an enormous threat to the artillery camp could no longer cause any damage.

The artillery fire that had just stopped rang out once again.


On the city wall, Sel, while he closely monitored the situation, saw this scene and his expression became extremely ugly.

If he did not clean up these alchemy cannons, Bloodhoof City might not be able to hold on!

However, the mechanical puppets and those distorted monsters had already rushed to the city wall bottom as he was about to give the second order.

The siege battle was about to begin.

Sel took a deep breath and ordered the troop to move forward and defend.

However, just as he thought that this siege was no different from the other times.

He suddenly realized that not too far away, there were over a hundred strange-looking puppets three times bigger than the other mechanical puppets gathered together.

They charged straight toward the city wall.

An adverse premonition suddenly rose in Sels heart.

That direction was the area where the artillery attack was the fiercest!!

The Broken Steel Longsword changed its direction.

“Everyone, attack the mechanical puppets immediately!!”

As soon as he gave the order, the arrows on the arrow tower started to suppress the mechanical puppets.

However, the mechanical puppets were too close to the city wall.

Even though the crossbows were extremely powerful, they only managed to kill a third of the mechanical puppets.

The mechanical puppets still managed to reach the city wall.

Under everyones gaze.


A series of earth-shattering explosions sounded.

It was as if this was the only sound left in the entire world.

In an instant.

The towering city wall crumbled like tofu, and boulders flew hundreds of meters into the air.

Inside Bloodhoof City.

At this moment, Richard had just come out of the underground building and floated in mid-air.

He wanted to investigate the battle in the distance.

Suddenly, he saw a burst of flames that soared into the sky.

Then, countless boulders flew into the sky.

His face immediately stiffened.

That was..the city wall

His expression immediately became extremely interesting.

“Do you want to play like this The city wall has only just begun, and it has already collapsed.

“Is the city wall of Bloodhoof City made of mud”

He lowered his head and looked down.

At this moment, the transformation progress of the skeleton and blood dragon was less than one-tenth of its original speed.

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