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“Hehehe, those rude, lowly, disgusting barbarians will become history from today onwards!!”

A platform made of machinery at the back of the gray-colored dwarves camp had several weapons placed on it.

It was similar to a demonic chariot.

The gray-colored dwarf chiefain with a crown on its head let out a weird laugh that made peoples hair stand on end.

The few gray-colored dwarves around it immediately praised it loudly.

“Great King, you should rule the underground world!

“Those newly developed giant alchemy cannons are ten times more powerful than before! They are enough to wipe out this city!

“Lowly dungeon barbarians are only fit to kneel on the ground and lick the toes of the great gray-colored dwarves!”

The gray-colored dwarf chieftain laughed in satisfaction.

“All of this will become dust! Only the gray-colored dwarves will live forever!”


At this moment, a roar came from afar.

Three squadrons of heavily armored wyvern cavalry rushed out of Bloodhoof City,

When the gray-colored dwarf chieftain saw this scene, a hint of hatred flashed in its eyes.

In the vast underground world, among the countless races, only the gray-colored dwarves could not raise wyverns!!

Their short bodies could not tame those wyverns with explosive temperaments.

And the wyvern cavalry of Bloodhoof City had caused them great pressure during this period.

A large part of the reason why they could not break through Bloodhoof City was because of this.

“But this time, will the great gray-colored dwarves still do as you wish!”

The gray-colored dwarf chieftain suddenly waved its hand.

A guard beside it blew a horn.

In an instant, the wyverns that charged straight at the Alchemy Artillery Corps suddenly saw thousands of mechanical puppets rise around them and pounce toward them.

These mechanical puppets had strange spiral wings, and their bodies were only two to three meters tall.

The wyverns that wore heavy armor would not be afraid of this.

They immediately roared and charged forward.

After a few breaths, the two sides directly collided.

The wyvern cavalry thought they had a 100% chance of success, but something unexpected happened.

The flying mechanical puppets didnt dodge their attacks.

They crashed into instead.

The moment they crashed into them, they exploded like alchemy bombs.

Flames rose, and the mechanical fragments enveloped them like sharp knives.

One or two might be fine, but there were thousands of self-destructing mechanical puppets that attacked at the same time.

The confident wyvern cavalry tasted what pain and death meant.


Bright fireworks of death bloomed in the air.

This scene gave an inexplicable sense of beauty.

But when the distant Sel Bloodhoof saw this scene, it was like a basin of cold water poured down from the beginning.

His heart kept sinking.

The anger in his heart rose to the extreme.

Those self-destructing flying machines besieged the wyvern troop he valued the most.

Less than 20 people escaped…

They destroyed this troop just like that which had spent countless energy and resources to forge.

The veins on the back of his hand, which held the longsword, were now exposed.


An enormous alchemy bomb exploded not far away from him, and the roar drove him out of his pain.

He turned his head abruptly and saw that the mechanical puppets had already poured into the gap in the city wall.

It instantly enraged him.

“Rear troop, block the gap in the city wall.

We must not allow the enemy to enter!!

“Arrow tower, suppress the attack!!

“Spell caster troop, immediately cast a spell to support!”

As soon as Sel gave the order, the troop immediately carried it out.

The soldiers did not give up on resisting because of the collapse of the city wall.

Their morale was still high.

The troop at the rear flooded into the gap of the city wall like a tide that forcibly blocked the mechanical puppets and the ferocious and twisted monsters.

Arrow tower fired wildly to suppress the enemy!

The catapults on the open ground threw massive rocks in a concentrated manner that bombarded the mechanical puppet troop outside the city.

However, there were too many enemies.

Moreover, they came fully prepared.

In contrast, Bloodhoof City rushed into the battle and lost the initiative.

And then they lost the geographical advantage of the city walls.

The troop could not deal with the enemys most strapping Alchemy Artillery Corps.

The situation began to collapse uncontrollably.

After the gray-colored dwarves alchemy artillery lost its threat, it was like the whisper of death at this moment.

Every bombardment would cause massive damage to Bloodhoof City.

Bloodhoof Citys long-range attack power could not do anything to the enemy.

And the gap in firepower between the two sides was astonishing.

Bloodhoof City was now in a state of complete suppression.

There was no way to fight back.

The enemies had slaughtered half of Bloodhoof Citys guards on the city wall half an hour after.

The giant alchemy cannons killed two-thirds of them.

Under the dense coverage, even if the soldiers found the location of the alchemy bombs, it was still difficult to avoid them.

The ambitious Bloodhoof City was in an unprecedented predicament.

The only good news now was that the enemy had not broken through the gap in the city wall.

However, the entire city would fall if the situation continued to deteriorate.

An hour later.

A higher-up commander of Bloodhoof City rushed to the city wall with scars all over his body.

Tears filled his voice.

“Lord Sel!! The enemy almost wiped out our troops!!”

“We cant hold the city wall anymore.

Lets retreat… Use the streets as the battlefield.

Let those damned gray-colored dwarves enter the city.

And use the geographical advantage of the streets to destroy them!!”

These words were like a sharp knife that stabbed Sels heart.

‘Let the gray-colored dwarves enter the city

‘Could the vast Bloodhoof City still exist after the war

He wanted to refuse, but when he looked at the gap in the city wall, the troops gradually retreated under the enemys attack.

They were on the verge of collapse.

He felt a sense of powerlessness.

They couldnt hold it anymore.

The enemys giant alchemy cannons almost shattered Bloodhoof City.

Moreover, he had already lost hope of counterattacking the enemy.

At this moment, indescribable despair surged into his heart.

Was he going to lose hope

He seemed to have thought of something and suddenly turned his head to look at a spot behind him.

The higher-up commander who came to report couldnt help but sigh when he saw this.

“Lord Sel is waiting for that surface lord I think he might have already left.

“No one will come to help us under such circumstances.

“Lord, we cant place our hopes on something that cant happen.

“And what can he do even if he comes Hes only one person.

How can he change the direction of this war…

“His mechanical puppet is powerful, but its already severely broken.

We havent seen its battle strength, and no one knows if it can support a war.

“Lord, decide now.

We can not delay any longer!”

Sel heaved a sigh of relief.

“I believe Lord Richard will not leave just like that.”

As he spoke, he waved his hand.

His tone was firm.

“Defend the city wall with your life.

Once they broke this defensive line, we will lose all hope!”

As he spoke, he gave the higher-up a deep look.

“Korro, I now appoint your battlefield commander to direct this war!”

When he heard this, the other party was stunned.

“Lord Sel, you…”

“Go and face the enemy together with my troop!”

As he said this, he suddenly clenched the longsword in his hand, and his burly figure shot out like lightning.

Even if it were death, the dungeon barbarians would still die on the battlefield.

They would not retreat even half a step!

At the gap of the city wall that was more than 50 meters away.

A figure descended from the sky and released a powerful aura.

The longsword in his hand was like a storm as it attacked the surrounding mechanical puppets.

‘Kacha! Kacha!

They sliced those sturdy mechanical puppets into pieces like tofu.

“Its Lord Sel!”

When the troop at the rear saw that figure, their morale soared.

Their city lord did not abandon them!!


The troop that had almost collapsed just now immediately charged forward.

A level 15 hero was indeed powerful enough.

He had almost single-handedly blocked the gap in the city wall.

But this heroic action did not have much effect on the direction of the war.

The fierce fire of the gray-colored dwarves almost wiped out the front and back of the wall.

The living forces of Bloodhoof City suffered an unprecedented blow.

An hour and a half after the start of the war.

Sels strength while he wielded his weapon got continuously weaker.

He could not even break through the mechanical puppets defense and cut off the head of the giant monster.

He felt that his strength has severely overdrawn.

Every breath felt like someone crushed his heart.

And the burning pain stimulated his nerves.

He had reached his limit.

Perhaps, he would sleep here forever with his city.


He saw death stared at him.

Was there no hope


After Sel used the last of his strength to chop off the head of a mechanical puppet, his expression suddenly turned extremely ugly.

In front of the city wall, an enormous mechanical platform appeared in his line of sight.

Countless mechanical puppets surrounded it.

He saw a gray-colored dwarf with a crown on its head above that mechanical platform.

It currently looked down at him in a supremely arrogant manner.

“Gray-colored dwarf…”

Sel used his longsword to support his body so that he would not fall.

He turned around and looked around.

There were only a pitifully small number of troops left by his side.

And wounds shrouded all of them.

They could not fight anymore.

An indescribable despair engulfed his heart.

He thought of the ambition he had when he became the ruler of this city.

He thought of his fathers encouragement before he died.

He thought of the expectations that countless clansmen had placed on him…

But now, everything was empty.

These gray-colored dwarves would flatten Bloodhoof City.

They would become history.

No one could save them…

When he thought of this, he turned his head and looked behind him with some fantasy.

It was empty.

The broken mechanical puppet still did not appear.

A bitter smile appeared on his face.

And then he instantly became determined.

He held the longsword in his hands tightly and placed it in front of his chest.

He fixed his gaze on the gray-colored dwarf chieftain above the mechanical platform.

“Bloodhoof City, charge with me!!”

The gray-colored dwarf chieftain arrogantly swept his gaze across the city wall about to collapse.

He looked mockingly at Sel.

He still wanted to fight like a cornered beast.

His voice reverberated throughout the entire Bloodhoof City.

“In the name of the king of the gray-colored dwarves, I declare that the lowly Bloodhoof City will no longer exist from today onwards.

“This despicable city will become history!

“The great gray-colored dwarves are the rulers who unify the underground.

And I will be crowned King!”

As the voice faded, a gigantic mechanical puppet over 10 meters tall and more than a squadron behind the mechanical platform slowly closed in.

It prepared to destroy the resistance of Bloodhoof City.

When it looked at the vast body…

Sel let out a hysterical roar.

With heavy steps, he launched the last charge of his life.

However, at this moment, an indifferent voice resounded in everyones ears.

“Gray-colored dwarves”

“The ruler of the underground world”

“Who do you think you are”

“You have the right to declare yourself a king”

His tone was calm.

But infinite contempt filled it.

Under everyones gaze, sand appeared out of thin air above the battlefield.

It surrounded a heroic figure.

He lowered his head and looked down at everyone.

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