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“Lord Richard”

The exhausted Sel was stunned when he saw the figure floating in mid-air.

His face turned red with excitement!

He knew that the other party would not leave Bloodhoof City and would not break his promise!

The other surviving barbarians in the dungeon also revealed an indescribable joy when they saw the figure.

That powerful human lord did not abandon them!

He will save them!!

“Praise the gods!”

Korro, who had just taken over the command of Bloodhoof City, also revealed an enormous surprise when he saw this scene.

He never expected that the surface lord, whom he initially thought had escaped, would appear in such a situation!

But then, a companion beside him whispered that caused a suppressed joy in his heart.

“But, its too late…”

Korro was stunned for a moment.

And then indescribable despair and pain appeared on his face.

Yes, it was too late.

The enemies destroyed the city walls, and their guards suffered heavy losses.

At this moment, the number of soldiers that could still fight in Bloodhoof City had decreased to the point where they could not fight against the gray-colored dwarves anymore.

Even if the human lord appeared, nothing would change.

It was too late.

When Sel returned to his senses, he also noticed this.

He opened his mouth to say something to the figure in the sky.

But in the end, he could not say a word.

The hope that had just risen in his heart sank again.

He let out a long sigh and was silent for a long time.

It was the day Bloodhoof City would become history.

There was no hope.

The expression of the gray-colored dwarf chieftain instantly became extremely ugly.

They were about to crush Bloodhoof City, and someone still dared to cause trouble.

Moreover, what infuriated it was when it saw one person on the other side.

An ant below level 10.

It trampled on the dignity of the gray-colored dwarves!

“Lowly human! No one dares to provoke the great gray-colored dwarves.You are courting death!”

He wanted to capture this lowly human and turn him into the ugliest and most ferocious monster to torture him day and night!!

The moment this thought arose.

The hard rock on the ground suddenly turned into sand.

The mechanical platform was too heavy which caused it to sink a distance away and almost flipped over.

The gray-colored dwarf chieftain was furious as he stared at the figure covered in sand.

“You think you can stop the advance of the gray-colored dwarves with just these little tricks! Dream on!”

As it spoke, it waved its hand violently.

“I want him dead!!! No, bring him to me, I want to torture him for a hundred years!!”

Hundreds of self-destructing mechanical puppets rose from the ground and charged toward the humans in the sky.

But in the next second.

The sandy ground seemed to have lost its gravity as countless grains of sand floated up.

The scene was extremely spectacular.

Sel, who used his longsword to support his body, was delighted.

However, when he saw the grains of sand hit the mechanical puppet, it could not break through the defense.

The disappointment on his face was obvious.

The other members of the dungeon race were also in a good mood.

The scene was magnificent, but the lethality was too weak.

When the gray-colored dwarf chieftain saw this scene, it immediately mocked.

“Lowly human, are you using sand to tickle my ultimate puppet!”

The moment he finished speaking.

The sand that had already covered the sky suddenly emitted a red light.

The gray-colored dwarf chieftain suddenly had a bad premonition.

The next second.

As the first red light rose.

The sand seemed to have splashed with gasoline and encountered open fire.


In an instant, it burst into flames at an excessive speed.

In the blink of an eye, the flames followed the sand and covered the mechanical puppets and giant monsters hundreds of meters in diameter in the city wall gap.

The floating sand gradually turned red under the high temperature of the flames.

Under the power of the storm, it bombarded the mechanical puppets with ferocious strength.

The sand could not penetrate the heavy armor, but the mechanical puppets were not perfect items.

There were several large and small cracks at the joints.

Since it could not break the ring from the outside, the red sand entered the body of the mechanical puppets through the cracks.

This action immediately caused great damage to the mechanical puppets.

Gradually, the mechanical puppets emitted a series of sparks and could not move.

The distorted giant monsters were not any better.

Their bodies were charred black, and sand pierced through.

Their throats continuously emitted painful howls that made ones scalp tingle.

The scene instantly became very visually impactful.

Within the city walls, the soldiers of Bloodhoof City opened their mouths wide as they looked at the fiery sandstorm that a line separated it.

When they saw those sturdy mechanical puppets gradually lose their mobility, their hearts suddenly felt a tremendous impact.

So, this was the true function of the sand.

This human lord was too powerful!!

Sel was so excited that his hands trembled.

At this moment, a strong hope ignited in his heart.

Without that mechanical puppet, Lord Richard was also so shockingly powerful!!

Spellcasters were a strategic force on the battlefield.

A warriors battle was nothing compared to spellcasters.

Just when the soldiers of Bloodhoof City thought that Richard was going to use the Flame Sandstorm to completely kill the enemy, a soft voice rang out.

“Alves, crush them!”

As the voice fell, a high-pitched dragons roar came from within Bloodhoof City.

Everyone subconsciously turned their heads.

They saw an undead dragon that was covered in scarlet flames, It exuded boundless dragon might, with a wingspan of over 30 meters, and 30 dragons whose bones sparkled as rubies that flew over at high speed.

The flames from the leader of the undead dragons seemed to have been added to the dragons at the back.

It caused their auras to become extremely powerful.

‘Hu! Hu!

The damaged dragon wings flapped, and the undead dragons charged into the flaming sandstorm fearlessly.

The destructive Flame Sandstorm did not cause any damage to them.

Instead, it seemed to make the undead dragons attacks even more savage.


The leader of the undead dragons condensed scarlet energy from its throat and spat it out.

In an instant.

It drew out a dragons breath that was dozens of meters long.

The mechanical puppets on the ground that came into contact with the dragons breath melted like candles.

Their posture was exceptionally overbearing.

Under this kind of disaster-like damage, the mechanical puppets and giant monsters below couldnt resist at all.

They couldnt touch people at all.

And those self-destructing mechanical puppets had already become broken.

After the skeleton blood dragon entered the arena.


A vast and blurry figure suddenly appeared in the raging Flame Sandstorm.

It had a broken appearance, a malevolent weapon on its arm, and an extremely terrifying aura… … Sels face revealed an extremely excited expression.

That powerful mechanical puppet!

“Praise Lord Richard!”

When the extraordinary hunter joined the battle, the situation was no longer in suspense.

The moment the flames rose, the gray-colored dwarf chieftain on the mechanical platform activated the magic shield on the outermost layer that forcefully withstood the terror-stricken attack.

It initially wanted to wait for this terrifying spell to pass before retaliating.

But then, a group of undead dragons with powerful corrosive dragon breath appeared in front of its eyes.

Especially the leader of the undead dragons.

The strength of their dragon breath made it shudder in fear.

The dragons breath could melt those mechanical puppets with high resistance to magic.

This was simply abnormal!!

However, what caused it to collapse was the starkly shattered 15-meter-tall mechanical puppet.

The moment it saw that mechanical puppet, the line of defense in its heart was directly pierced through.

A layman was just watching the show.

With a vast troop of mechanical puppets, it was more proficient in machinery than anyone else.

Although that mechanical puppet was completely shattered, its exquisite manufacturing and master-level craftsmanship caused it to be greatly shocked.

A transcendent-level mechanical puppet!!

It would die!!

It looked at the broken walls of Bloodhoof City with extreme reluctance.

It released a low growl and walked to the control panel on the side and pressed a button.

A sharp horn sounded.

The next moment, the space around the mechanical platform suddenly distorted.

Before the gigantic mechanical puppet arrived, it disappeared from its original spot.


The next moment, the extraordinary hunter stopped above the enemy.

Richard frowned.

He had miscalculated.

He did not expect the enemy to have such a move.

He felt depressed.

It was like he had punched the air.

These damn gray-colored dwarves were too cunning.

As he looked down at the troop that had not left, he snorted and dived.

He began to control the troop of extraordinary hunters to slaughter the gray-colored dwarves.

“If I cant kill your heads, will I still be able to kill your scum”

The troop that had lost the command of a hero immediately turned into a pile of loose sand.

What followed was a one-sided massacre.

Whether it was the mechanical puppets or the modified monster troop, none of them could survive a round against the extraordinary hunters.

Their posture was overbearing to the extreme.

When the Flame Sandstorm subsided, it destroyed more than half of the dense mechanical puppet troop that wanted to charge into Bloodhoof City.

Not many of the monsters survived.

At the back, due to the sound of the gray-colored dwarves retreat horn, the initially aggressive troop dispersed in an uproar.

Others said there was a vast difference between the gray-colored dwarves and the dwarves of the fortress race.

If it was the dwarves on the surface, it was more likely that the other side would not retreat even if they fought to the death.

But when they saw the situation was not right, they all ran away faster than anyone else.

Giant alchemy cannons bombarded Bloodhoof City too severely and lost the power to continue chasing.

Meanwhile, Richard did not chase after them after he charged for a while with the newly born dragon hero and the skeleton blood dragon.

At this moment, the scene in front of him attracted his gaze.

Hundreds of giant alchemy cannons were too heavy.

The gray-colored dwarves could not drag them away in time, so they were left on the battlefield.

The giant cannon fire that destroyed the scene of Bloodhoof City was still in front of him…

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