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[Ding~ Unexpected event — You have successfully resolved the attack of the gray-colored dwarves.

You have obtained the friendship of Bloodhoof City.

Bloodhoof Citys favorability towards you has increased to respect.]

[Ding~ You have led your troop that defeated the gray-colored dwarves troop.

Together with Bloodhoof City, you have obtained a victory in a medium-sized battle.

You have obtained 50,000 experience points.]

The sound of two system notifications followed the sudden incident had come to an end.


The gigantic extraordinary hunter disappeared from the battlefield.

Richards figure appeared in the air.

It was finally over.

After two consecutive battles, the extraordinary hunters one-hour usage time had dropped to 35 minutes.

His heart ached terribly.

It was the time for 20,000 units of rare resources to pile up.

It was strong enough after activation, but it was too expensive.

Even if his family had a few mines, they could not afford them.

No, it should be that once one activated it, it would consume a few mines.

After Richard calmed down, he focused his attention on the ground.

Hundreds of giant alchemy cannons lined up at this time, and behind them were numerous alchemy bombs.

Excitement suddenly rose in his heart.

They looked supremely imposing from their appearance, not to mention the attributes of these giant alchemy cannons.

Their caliber was more than two meters.

With a diameter of two meters, it would be a cannon with a caliber of 2,000 millimeters on Planet Blue.

‘What kind of f*cking cannon could have such an exaggerated caliber

‘Was it used for star wars

The fantasy world, as expected, did not pay attention to science.

The barrel was about five meters long, like two iron barrels of different sizes.

There were curves on the outside, and a sense of technology filled it.

Several twisted and strange inscriptions were carved on the barrel.

At this time, it still emitted a faint mana fluctuation.

It was not an ordinary alchemy cannon.

Two special machines held the barrel below and made the cannon muzzle angled toward the sky.

Ordinary people that stood in front of this cannon seemed to have shrunk.

Richard explored the alchemy cannon with great interest.

He spent a lot of effort just to figure out the firing process of the giant alchemy cannon.

When he fired, he first placed the ammunition into the hatch at the back.

Then, he pulled the chain on the side.

He activated the magic array in the cannon chamber and fired the giant alchemy bomb.

The operation was simple.

However, the alchemy bombs with a diameter of more than one and a half meters still made his mouth twitch.

No wonder these cannons were so powerful.

A shell of this size could kill a group of people, even if it were a solid bullet.

The caliber of the cannon represented truth and power.

The truth was the cannons caliber, and the measure of the countrys size was the range.

Richard had always liked this saying.

A vast-caliber gun was a mans eternal romance.

Now, he could finally have the freedom to fire it.

With these hundreds of giant alchemy cannons, the current Twilight City could not fit.

He opened the attribute panel.


[Level: 3-stars]

[Range: 1,200 meters]

[Attrition Rate: If the attrition rate is higher than 40%, the range decreases by 30%.

If the attrition rate exceeds 60%, the range decreases by 50.

If the attrition rate is higher than 70%, there is a 50% chance of explosion.]

[Skills: Rapid Fire Cannon (B-rank) — Can store three alchemy bombs, fire them all within 3 seconds.]

[Mana Reinforcement (B-rank) — Increases the power of alchemy bombs by 40%.]

[Super Long Range (B-rank) — After storing energy for 10 seconds, it can increase the range by 500 meters.]

[Description: There are no flaws in the underground gray-colored dwarves masterpiece other than cumbersome.


[Alchemy Bomb]

[Level: 3-stars]

[Characteristics: Explosion (B-rank) — After a violent impact, there will be an explosion.

Maximum Damage Range: The explosion diameter is 30 meters]

[Exclusive Artillery Shell (B-rank) — Using a specially-made cannon can increase the explosive power by 40%.]

[Description: The exclusive artillery shell made by the gray-colored dwarves for the cannon.

Perhaps, you need to ask a few barbarians to help transport it.]

The ammunition and the cannon were a complete set.

They were both three-star weapons of mass destruction.

Richard was quite satisfied.

It was not realistic to carry this thing out to war.

It was suitable to be used to defend the city.

What Twilight City lacked now was the citys defensive ability.

After he took the inventory, he obtained precise data — 105 cannons.

The 12 among them were starkly destroyed and unusable.

The number of cannons was also not small.

Each had no less than 20 cannons.

The total number exceeded 2000.

If he counted it this way, it was an exceedingly enormous wealth.

These hundreds of cannons are impossible to produce without hundreds of thousands of rare resources.

These heavy weapons that could destroy the sturdy city walls of Bloodhoof City belonged to him now.

And what he had to pay was the ten-minute usage time of the extraordinary hunter.

At the very most, it was worth more than ten thousand rare resources.

In comparison…

This round was not a loss.

Richards smile gradually brightened.

However, he felt pain when he saw those empty ammunition boxes.

Those gray-colored dwarves were prodigal.

They needed to learn how to save some.

These were all his spoils of war.

Who gave them the right to abuse his spoils of war

Indignant, he would go to the gray-colored dwarves cities in the future and take back the rest of his spoils from war.

He couldnt let these insensible gray-colored dwarves spoil it.

While Richard was happily cleaning up the alchemy cannons, Bloodhoof City at the back finally regained some vitality.

People began to clean up the battlefield.

Sel Bloodhoof, a level-15 hero who had almost run out of oil after the battle against the gray-colored dwarves, finally recovered.

He brought a few subordinates to Richards side and solemnly bowed to him.

“Thank you for your help, Lord Richard.

“Everyone in Bloodhoof City will remember it.

“From now on, you will always be Bloodhoof Citys most honorable friend!”

Richards strong disposition in the face of danger undoubtedly won everyones awe and respect.

Without him, Bloodhoof City would have become history by now.

Richard smiled.

“Lord Sel, theres no need for that.

Ive said it before.

Were friends, arent we”

As he spoke, he reached out to help him stand up and patted his shoulder.

“I hope that Bloodhoof City can always remain strong.

Well have to carry out more transactions in the future.”

It was an inexhaustible gold mine.

Richard could not bear to see any city destroy Bloodhoof City just like that.

Sel gave Richard a deep look.

“Its an honor of Bloodhoof City to be friends with you.”

As he spoke, he extended his hand to signal the soldiers cleaning up the battlefield.

“Ive sent people to collect the mechanical puppets and the monsters corpses that died in battle.

These are your spoils of war…”

Richard smiled.

He was indeed satisfied with this sharp-witted lord.

“The rest are not very important.

I want to take these giant alchemy cannons with me.

“Twilight City currently lacks a guardian force.”

Sel was very clear about the current situation.

“These are your spoils of war.

We wont interfere in how to dispose of them.”

As he spoke, he glanced at the large cannons with the exaggerated caliber and said hesitantly.

“It is said that alchemy cannons need to be maintained frequently.

Otherwise, they will easily be damaged.

“Moreover, alchemy bombs also need to be produced specially.

“Lord Richard, is your territory equipped with relevant machinery workshops”

When Richard heard this, he also frowned.

From the attributes of the large cannons, it seemed to confirm Sels words.

It was true that this thing was powerful.

The cost of maintenance and usage in the later stages was also very shocking.

Forget about that.

The most important thing is that Richard doesnt have relevant talents on hand.

Even if he could afford the maintenance, no one would help him maintain it.

He could not turn the alchemy cannon into a one-time deal, right

For a moment, he could not think of a good solution, so he could not help but look at Sel.

“Lord Sel, do you have any good ideas”

As he spoke, he deliberately reminded him.

“Just dont tell me to attack Fortress City.”

He knew that the gray-colored dwarves had a complete set of production equipment, but he was not interested in courting death.

Although he had won this time, it was arduous to replicate the contingency.

Unless he had a complete version of the extraordinary hunter, there was a high chance he would attack the other partys lair.

Who knows if the enemy has inherited truth cannons from the ruins of their ancestors The one with a diameter of 20 meters

It was a magical world.

Anything could exist.

Without the truth cannon, with a 5-stars alchemy bomb, the one that could level everything would be difficult.

Sel shrugged.

“I want to say this.

You have to be willing to go…”

After he said that, he returned to the main topic.

“I know where a gray dwarf proficient in alchemy technology lives.

“The other party was once the production manager of Fortress City.

Later, a situation forced him to leave Fortress City due to a high-level struggle.

“The other party now lives in a small city.

Although its defense is not weak, it can not stop your mechanical puppet.

“As long as the operation is properly, it could carry on.”

Richards eyes delighted when he heard that.

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