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“Great existence! That damned alchemist is in this mansion!”

In front of a mansion with faint blue shimmering plants inlaid at the door.

A few gray-colored dwarves pointed at the door with smiles on their faces.

“Its said that a big figure in Fortress City chased that bastard away.

We knew that he wasnt a good person!

“If you want to take revenge on him, you can do it now!”

As it spoke, it carefully raised its head and looked up at the human mounted on the undead dragon.

“Great existence, can you let us go We are not soldiers.

We are not a threat to you…”

When Richard heard this, he lowered his head and looked at a few supremely humble-looking gray-colored dwarves.

He didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

Although he knew that gray-colored dwarves and ordinary dwarves were not the same types of life.

These spineless still opened his eyes.

After they annihilated the troops guarding the city, Richard casually asked Alves to capture a few gray-colored dwarves.

Before he could speak, the other party knelt, kowtowed loudly, and said all sorts of information.

Without any difficulty, Richard obtained the information of the gray-colored dwarf alchemist.

From the mouths of these gray-colored dwarves, he knew that the alchemists craftsmanship was indeed not bad, and his reputation was quite astonishing.

Everyone in this city knew about the alchemist.

These spineless dwarves couldnt bother Richard, and he commanded Alves to fly into the mansion.

The few gray-colored dwarves immediately revealed ecstatic expressions when they saw this scene.

They instantly fled.

However, just as they ran out of a street, a skeleton blood dragon flew over their heads and spat out its dragon breath.


The gray-colored dwarves turned into blood and some brave died in peace.

“Lord, there is an aura of a soul under the backyard of this mansion.”

After they roamed around in the sky.

Alves empty eyes stared straight at the lawn in the backyard that emitted a faint light.

Richard lowered his head to take a look.

He thought of the dungeon where the dwarf hero had built a secret room underground.

“Tear open the surface of the ground, but dont hurt the beings inside.”

“As you wish…”


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“Lord Brown!! What is the background of those panic-stricken undead dragons Why did they destroy the city guards in such a short time

“Is it safe for us to hide in here Should we escape the city I know that theres an inconspicuous city gate that leads out to the city.

Usually, only the hounds enter and exit the city.

No outsiders will know about it…”

“Bastard, you want Lord Brown to go through a dog hole How can that be! Wheres that hole Tell me.

Ill go and take a look at the situation first…”

“Lord Brown…”

The gray-colored dwarves continued to worry…

In a secret room filled with machines and all kinds of alchemy materials.

More than twenty gray-colored dwarves talked about the fear in their hearts.

In the center of these gray-colored dwarves was a slightly plump gray-colored dwarf sitting in a wheelchair.

The plump dwarf wore single-eyed crystal glasses with only one lens and a long chain hung down.

One of its hands was naturally deformed.

It was only a few centimeters long, like bean sprouts that grew on its shoulder.

When the gray-colored dwarf heard the filthy words, it was immediately furious.

“Damn bastard! From now on, I will throw whoever dares to say one more word about leaving into the corpse pool today!”

With a furious roar, more than ten mechanical puppets in the shadows around them suddenly moved.

Their savage weapons were aimed at the gray-colored dwarves as if they were going to drag them away immediately.

Instantly, it was as if one pressed the pause button.

Everyone was silent and did not dare to speak anymore.

When the gray-colored dwarf in the wheelchair saw this scene, it snorted in satisfaction.

They raised their heads.

They said proudly.

“Great gray-colored dwarves, when have we ever been a deserter!

“No one can make us give in.

Never surrender is the motto of gray-colored dwarves.

“The noble character of gray-colored dwarves should be everyones pursuit!”

As it spoke, it glared at these dwarves.

“Look at you.

What do you look like Can you have some courage

“If you can learn half of what I know, you wont be so useless!”

When the gray-colored dwarf in the wheelchair looked at gray dwarves who were afraid to speak, it scolded them fiercely.

Its anger did not subside.

In the end, they waved their deformed arms that looked like bean sprouts and snorted coldly.

“My basement is made of special materials.

Not only can it prevent magic prying, but it also has a strapping defensive ability!

“As long as we dont go out, even if the enemy destroyed the entire city, no one could harm us!”

When the surrounding gray-colored dwarves heard this, their eyes seemed to come alive.

All of them shouted.

“Praise you, Lord Brown! I knew you would have foresight… Your wisdom is comparable to that of a god!

“Great Lord Brown, your courage is enough to make people worship you.

You will become an exceptional existence in the underground world in the future.

“The great dungeon race is not something that lowly undead can compare to!”

They continued to flatter.

A series of shameless flattery made the gray-colored dwarf in the wheelchair feel very comfortable, and their smiles became even brighter.

Just as their voices became intense, everyone heard a piercing sound like a sharp weapon breaking glass.

Everyone in the room felt their hearts skip a beat, and they suddenly stopped.

They subconsciously raised their heads to look at the ceiling.

“Whats that sound”

The room was silent for a moment, and after they detected no movement, Brown, who was in the wheelchair, shouted.

“Bastard, no one can discover this basement! Shut your mouth!”

“So what if the enemy comes Great Gray-Colored Dwarf fears nothing!”

The voice had not yet faded away.


A sturdy white bone-sharp claw directly pierced through the ceiling.


All the gray-colored dwarves let out the most panic-stricken scream.

They scattered in all directions.

No one cared about Brown, who was under the dragons claw.


The next second, the dragons claw pulled back fiercely.

The scene fell into silence for the second time.

But at this moment, no one dared to breathe loudly.

Their eyes widened as they looked at the ceiling.

Then, under Browns horrified gaze.

The dragon tore open like paper the sturdy secret chamber he was so proud of and the ceiling that could withstand the impact of the catapult.

It was sent flying.

Large patches of soil fell from the edge.

At this moment, it finally saw the figure above.

A dragon.

A death dragon.

Scorching blood-colored flames shrouded the undead dragon.

The other partys empty eyes stared straight at the dwarf.

The dwarf only felt an indescribable chill rush from its back to its mind, and all its thoughts fell blank.

The surrounding gray-colored dwarves even covered their mouths tightly.

They were afraid the undead dragon would target them if they made a sound.

What made them even more shocked was that…

There was a human sitting on the back of that paralyzing undead dragon.

What kind of existence could enslave such a mighty dragon

As if the human sensed their presence, that human slowly floated down and gently landed on the floor.

In an instant.

An indescribably majestic pressure gushed out without restraint.

The dwarves felt as if they had seen a sandstorm that could destroy everything.

Under the terrifying pressure, all the gray-colored dwarves felt a deep fear in their bones.

“You are the alchemist who previously controlled the production of Fortress City”

The indifferent words sounded like the voice of a god sitting high in the sky.

Brown, the gray-colored dwarf sitting in the wheelchair, suddenly returned to its senses.

Then, under the hopeful eyes of the other gray dwarfs, it used its intact hand to hold one of the handrails and knelt on the ground with a bang.

It raised its head and spoke in a heated tone.

“Great Lord, Gray-Colored Dwarf Alchemist, Brown, your humble servant sends its most noble greetings to you.”

As it spoke, it bent down and pressed its forehead against the other partys boots.

The scene immediately became quiet.

Richard turned his head and looked around.

He found that the expressions of these gray-colored dwarves seemed to be quite complicated, but he did not take them seriously.

He opened the attributes panel of this gray-colored dwarf alchemist with some curiosity.

After Richard glanced, he couldnt take his eyes off it.


[Hero Unit]

[Level: 12 (Advanced hero, the attributes of alchemy items produced increased by 30%.

The success rate of developing new alchemy items increased by 20%.)]

[Potential: B-rank — Increases the production speed of alchemy items by 40%.]

Class: Dungeon Alchemist (Special, 50% increase in alchemy bomb production success rate.)



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