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In the underground passage, while Gunter instructed cave workers to widen the cave, it suddenly turned its head to look at the cave entrance.

The next moment.

‘Whoosh! Whoosh!

Blood-colored skeleton dragons flew into the cave one after another.

Each of these undead dragons carried a wooden box bound with chains.

It seemed they hid many precious treasures inside these boxes, judging their weight.

The tremendous skeleton blood dragon wore a white robe with golden edges.

It was particularly striking.


Gunter bowed respectfully.


Richard turned around and nodded a bit when he saw no accidents.

“Gunter, stop the construction of the base temporarily.

“Immediately pick ten commanders from the cave workers and let them manage three squadrons of cave workers.

“At the same time, leave the red-colored mummy to guard them.”

Gunter did not hesitate at all.

It should start selecting suitable candidates later.

Richard initially wanted to build an underground base in the tunnel to increase his influence on the underground world.

However, after they captured the Gray-Colored Dwarf City, they found that its thoughts seemed slightly conservative.

The gray-colored dwarves strength was not as exaggerated as thought.

Or rather, Twilight Citys strength was even sturdier than he had expected.

Not to mention the extraordinary hunter, just a few A-rank heroes and Twilight Citys troops alone were enough to conquer a city with stark defensive power.

In the current situation, there was no need to build another underground base.

The gray-colored dwarves had already built a ready-made one for it.

It would be unwise not to go and live there.

He would be letting down the other partys hospitality.

As for safety, later on, he could build a war fortress on the surface of the earth to cut off the connection between the surface and the underground.

This way, the underground world would be starkly in the hands of Twilight City.

Not long after, Gunter picked out ten cave workers.

Richard did not waste any more time.

After the other party had arranged everything, he let all the troops return to their teams.

Then, he went straight into the depths of the tunnel.

Brown, the remarkable dungeon alchemist, sat on the back of a skeleton dragon with a few gray dwarf apprentices.

At this moment, its mood was very complicated.

It also did not expect it would experience the feeling of someone sitting at home and causing trouble from the sky.

It had initially thought that being chased out of Fortress City by that damned gray-colored dwarf chieftain was already bad enough.

Now, he didnt even have his only residence, and he still had to go to an unknown surface territory.

That broke its heart.

It immediately stopped when it saw that heroic figure.

Lord of the gray-colored dwarves.

It still wanted to live a few more years.

A few gray-colored dwarves apprentices spoke in a low voice.

They were afraid and curious at the same time.

“Lord Brown, what is the surface like Is it like the legends, where there is food and clean water everywhere”

“Will that human lord kill us”

“Lord Brown…”

When Brown heard a series of questions, it pretended to be disdainful and ignored them.

How would it know what the surface looked like Had he ever been there

But legend had it the surface was 10,000 times richer than the underground world…

As it listened, a sense of anticipation rose in its heart.

‘I wonder if the human territory called Twilight City will be like the legend.

‘Lord of the gray-colored dwarves, I hope you can bless your humble believers this time…! Or else Ill change my faith to the god of forging!

Because most were ground troops, the speed was sluggish.

When Richard saw this, he asked Gunter and Gray to stay behind to lead the troops.

He took the box of spoils of war from the Gray-Colored Dwarf City with the skeleton blood dragon and returned to Twilight City first.

After he got used to the extreme speed of flying, slow travel was torture.

“The Lord is back!”

With a cry of surprise, the entire Twilight City was in an uproar.

When Richard heard the cheers from below, the corners of his mouth could not help but curl up.

It had been such a long time.

He had long regarded Twilight City as his home.

Every time he went out and returned, he had a special feeling.

It was the territory he had personally established.

And he had a unique sense of achievement.

The skeleton blood dragon slowly landed in the Lords mansion amidst the residents cheers below.


One vast chest after another emitted a crisp sound of metal colliding.

In the end, Richard commanded Alves to land.

Its enormous body with a wingspan of more than 30 meters made everyone feel indescribable pressure.

The dragons might unintentionally released made the residents feel like an enormous rock that weighed a thousand pounds and pressed their chest.

Even breathing became arduous.

But even so, the residents still felt that this giant dragon was a supporting role.

Their ruler, their lord, shone with a brilliance that no one could cover.

His unique superior temperament made Richard look like the stars in the night.

He was dazzling.

It seemed he was the center of the world wherever he was.

The domineering Alves became his foil at this moment.

When it looked up from the residents perspective, there was a blue sky behind Richard.

There were no clouds in the sky.

There was an undead dragon below him that burned with blood-colored flames.

Its existence became more and more extraordinary under the infinite blood-colored light.

This scene was like an ancient mural passed down from a church wall.

“My Lord…”

“Good day, my Lord…”

A greeting of respect continued…

After the residents regained their senses, they immediately placed their hands on their chests and bowed.

Their attitude was respectful and humble, and passion shrouded their eyes.

Richard turned his head and looked around.

The atmosphere was not bad.

And this scene was especially suitable for a few words to say.

After he thought for a while, he said in a clear voice.

“Our troop has just conquered a powerful underground city.

“We have seized several treasures and alchemy cannons.

“This is the victory of the troop, and it is also the victory of each and every one of us!

“The troop has used victory after victory to tell everyone that Twilight Citys glory is rising.

“My people, you must remember today.

In the future, you will see more glory and hear more trumpets of victory!

“Twilight City will become the dazzling starlight in the desert!”

In this atmosphere, anything was appropriate.

The moment his voice fell, a loud cheer sounded.

Richard did not say anything else.

He turned over and let the surrounding mummy guardians carry all the boxes that the skeleton demon and blood dragon brought back into the Lords mansion.

Richard looked at the boxes a few people could carry.

He immediately showed a satisfied smile.

He had never thought he could obtain such a great harvest in that city…

“Lord Richard…”

A sudden voice from behind interrupted his thoughts.

He turned around and saw that the wrinkled Karu rushed over.

The other party greeted him and said excitedly.

“Have you found the underground world”

Richard looked at the excited Karu.

He was in a good mood.

Richard briefly told Karu what had happened in the underground world.

Finally, he gestured to a few gray-colored dwarves who had just come down from the back of the skeleton blood dragon.

At this time, they were not comfortable being watched like monkeys by the residents.

“That gray-colored dwarf with a naturally disabled arm is an alchemist.

It is skilled in alchemy cannons and alchemy bombs.

“Arrange for them.

“In addition, I have already established a cooperative relationship with Bloodhoof City.

In the future, I will have to conduct long-term trade with them.

“You settle the matter of the food workshop and the winery as soon as possible.

I need qualified people to become heroes.”

The three certificates of heroes in his hands had not been used up until now, which made him quite depressed.

In the future, if Twilight City wanted to gain more profits from the trade, they had to have products that they could sell.

Although they had the yellow sand robe now, the production of this thing was limited.

Just selling it to the Phoenix-Tail Flower Chamber of Commerce was already in short supply.

Not to mention other things.

This time, Karu did not show a troubled expression.

Instead, he said with a bright smile.

“Lord Richard, the seminar and literacy class these two days are worked.

We have selected five talented people from them.

“Perhaps, we can start our plan now.”

‘The seminar and literacy class had worked

Richards eyes lit up.

“Call them over.

Ill take a look.”


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